4041. Chapter 4035 Chapter Primal Chaos Era

Chapter 4035 Primal Chaos Era

Just at this time, Jiang Chen is preparing to go to the Primal Chaos era.

Although it takes only two minutes for the people here, the preparation for the previous period is needed.

Ye Xue also needs the power of this first pass.

Jiang Chen works with her.

To go to the Primal Chaos era, first build the Gate of Space, and then give the door the ability to cross, which requires two people to work together.

The Gate of Space is a good start, with a focus on Ye Xue.

After half an hour, a door leading to the Primal Chaos era was built on the first sign.

At the same time, Jiang Chen felt countless powerful breaths.

“what happened?”

Jiang Chen looked into the sky, as if there was a true god, Army killed.

This made him puzzled and dispatched such a powerful power. Why?

After thinking about it, he understood that he was doing affair.

I want to come to these gods with warnings of Divine Artifact or means.

After Jiang Chen and Ye Xue decided to go to the past, they had a series of influences that made them feel the crisis.

This is also a good thing. It is proved from the side that the result of this trip can be rewarded enough to threaten the other party.

“Every immortal sect came to the news and said that I saw countless true gods coming to me.”

Shen Xiao rushed over to tell this.

Present Shangqingtian is nominally compliant with Jiang Chen, so after discovering the enemy, he will immediately report it immediately.

“I already know, don’t worry.”

Shen Xiao heard her say this, and put her heart in her stomach, but immediately saw Jiang Chen leave again.

Subconsciously think that Jiang Chen is going to take the limelight.

Then what about the source of his source?


Jiang Chen couldn’t tell him too much, but his firm eyes made Shen Xiao dispelled his doubts.

Before the arrival of the enemy, the crossing gate is completed.

Jiang Chen and Ye Xue look at each other and enter.

Time is continuous and this is still going on.

Divine Slaughterer, Law Body, and Sanqing are all sent together by the most powerful team, and moved toward the source of Tianmen, because it is Jiang Chen’s home base.

Jiang Chen’s breath has disappeared.

Suddenly a bad news came.

“Unplug all the power he developed.”

They didn’t reconciled and they didn’t return. They had to pay for Jiang Chen to get rid of all the meticulous care he had in Sanqingtian.

At the same time, Jiang Chen and Ye Xue went through the long journey to the Primal Chaos era.

I have calculated it almost a billion years ago.

Haven’t waited for them to look at the world, they feel the hot temperature, not because two people are presenting the volcano

It is the world that is.

The ground under the soles of the feet is not soil but rocks, black, and magma is still in the distance. The thick layer of clouds in the sky contains various terrifying energy.

Two people seem to come to the end of the world.

Jiang Chen and Ye Xue look at each other and are not eager to explore, but enter a space to restore power.

After such a long time of crossing, the impact on itself is still very large.

In the process of recovery, Jiang Chen let his Law Body begin to explore the road.

In the process of flying, it was not as smooth as it used to be, and it could not be passed like a lightning. On the contrary, it was as if there were countless hands pulling themselves, and the speed was extremely slow.

This is because this Heaven and Earth contains not only Spirit Qi but also many substances. The energy of these substances is even above Spirit Qi, but it cannot be directly absorbed.

These invisible substances are equivalent to forming an energy wall.

Make this piece of the world incomparable sturdy.

It is also very dangerous.

Because these substances will strengthen the energy response in Heaven and Earth.

For example, a lightning strike, even if it is far apart, the electric mans can spread along these substances, and will be hit with a little carelessness.

Jiang Chen is not coming for adventure and experience.

For these things, I don’t care too much about how he cares about how to promote his strength.

It depends on what he lacks.

As you know, Divine Power must be introduced into itself to make its Divine Sea constantly enhanced.

But Divine Sea is capable of storing Divine Power limited.

You need to constantly dig yourself to be able to accommodate more energy.

Need Divine Meridian.

Speaking of this, Jiang Chen thought of the initial start of his own Supreme Divine Meridian was deprived.

Of course, the Divine Meridian at the time was different from the Divine Meridian presented.


Just as Jiang Chen thought it was different, there was a bold idea in his mind, that is, the mysterious world, the complete world that was built after being broken.

The power of the laws that people have there will play a miraculous effect in the whole world.

So your own Supreme Divine Meridian, will it be one?

His Supreme Divine Meridian became part of the body through a variety of changes and promotion.

The original mountain range first changed to Supreme Divine Body and then changed to the Divine Body.

After a series of changes, the importance of Divine Meridian has gradually disappeared.

Jiang Chen present I think that the two Divine Meridian will not be the same.

If so, they have a natural advantage.

In his heart, it is more certain that destroying the Emperor’s purpose is not bad, but a good purpose.

Otherwise, Jiang Chen will present any complete world, even if it is too clear, and there is an accomplishment of present.

To determine this, you need to explore Divine Meridian.

This is not something you can explore if you want to explore. You need to find enough energy to activate Divine Meridian.

For example, Shen Jing.

God is only the most basic resource, a resource of omnipotence, and its value depends on the quantity.

The quantity determines the time.

Jiang Chen can rely on the god of the Shangtiantian vein to reach Heavenly God.

The time that can be needed is long, and any encounter with a problem will seriously affect the progress.

He and Ye Xue came here to shorten this process, in other words, to meet opportunities.

For example, what he had encountered in the Holy Mountain before.

In other words, Jiang Chen continues to explore the Primal Chaos world.

There are scenes of the judgment day everywhere, and it is impossible to enter.

At this time, what did Jiang Chen feel? Looked up towards the sky and fled at the fastest speed.

After determining far enough, he looked towards the place where he just stood.

The clouds on the top of the head are tumbling violently, and through the outline inside, there seems to be something huge falling down.

Hong long long !

With the last fragile sound, Jiang Chen saw an incomparable huge stone that fell like a hill.

This meteorite blazed a raging fire outside, which was rubbed out, but the color of the fire turned out to be blue.

This is due to the energy contained in this meteorite.

Finally, Jiang Chen estimated the weight of the meteorite and retreated a distance until he came to the end of his sight.

(End of this chapter)

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