4042. Chapter 4036 Chapter of the Primal Chaos

Chapter 4036 God of Primal Chaos

The meteorite also touched the ground at this time, even if the surface is a hard rock, under this rock is also unable to withstand a single blow.

With the loud noise of hong long long, the terrifying explosion came.

A mushroom cloud rises.

Jiang Chen has a feeling that the world has been blown up.

He curled one’s lip and set off the Startling Waves Stormy Seas in his heart. If there is such a meteorite in the Taiqingtian or Shangqingtian, it will be enough to destroy half of the world.

But the world is much harder than he imagined. The earth withstood the attack of this meteorite.

After all the dust settled, Jiang Chen slowly rushed past, but after a little closer, he felt a burning sensation forced him to open defense.

Because his Law Body is not wearing a demon god, the defense is not as good.

After Jiang Chen came to the site of the explosion, he found that the meteorite fragments were scattered around all, and the strange energy contained in it was continuously infiltrating into the earth’s surface.

If this continues, the judgment day scene of this land will change.

So is the transformation of the world from these Beyond the Heaven Meteorite?

Jiang Chen couldn’t help thinking.

Suddenly, he felt something again, immediately covering his breath and retreating to the side.

Not long after, there were a few silhouettes coming here, coming down at the fastest speed to grab those meteorites.

They are all people of power, so despite the conflicts in the process of robbing, there is no conflict, but with complaints and insults.

Jiang Chen looked at them and understood that they were crossing.

Estimating their strength, Jiang Chen appeared to lock this Heaven and Earth with Flying Sword.


This group of people was shocked.

When I saw that only Jiang Chen was alone, I breathed a sigh of relief and then explored his realm.

The language they speak is lingua franca.

“Which is the temple you are?”

Seeing Jiang Chen’s strength, the future confidence is still very good.

“I only need one person to leave the memory in his brain, so if you say a nonsense again, I will send you all back.” Jiang Chen said coldy.

“You are not a person in the temple?!”

This discovery has caused several of them to complexion greatly changed, and then exposed the panic. If Jiang Chen is a camper, he does not need any worry.

But if it is an enemy, the strength of the person is very terrifying, because they can not see through.

At the same time, they showed their killing in their eyes.

“You sinner.” One of the tempered people roared.

Feeling the hatred and disgust in his eyes, Jiang Chen frowned, Flying Sword broke through the chest and pierced his chest.

“We are the people of the temple.” Others immediately indicated identity.

“So I killed one, but if you continue to talk nonsense, I will kill each and everyone.”

The rest of the people look at each other in dismay, one of them wants to ask for help, but finds that the information is blocked.

Then Jiang Chen was another sword and killed this person.

The remaining three people are finally scared.

Jiang Chen is an embarrassing character and is not present in their time temple.

“Because I walked over privately, so the man said that I am a sinner, right?”

The three people are nodded and dare not have any sophistry.

“But you are here to search for resources and use time to gain personal gain.”

Jiang Chen sneered, as he and Ye Xue thought, the temple of time is a group of hypocritical people.

The faces of the three men showed anger and did not allow others to say their own temple, but they still gave in to death, and they could not say a word.

“I just crossed over, so tell me the situation of present. The more clearly I say, the better.”

Then Jiang Chen separates the three people and lets them separately describe the emotions here and then identify themselves.

Gradually, the Primal Chaos world opened its mystery before his eyes.

Primal Chaos The world is boundless, no one knows how big.

Every time they go out, they are careful, afraid to get lost here, return not past.

Because the substances here can interfere with communication, even if they carry tokens, they will lose their way.

In this way, Jiang Chen thought of the situation that Taiwangtian had just recovered, and it was the same situation. The southeast and northwest could not be distinguished.

The situation of the Primal Chaos era is ten million times more complicated than that of the Emperor.

In addition to this, the Primal Chaos world has people who have their time temples, as well as people who have crossed in.

Includes Primal Chaos Life and the Spirit of Primal Chaos.

The people of the time temple have been careful to avoid them, not afraid to interfere with the time behind.

But these lives that can survive in the Primal Chaos world are tenacious and powerful, and they are very hateful to foreign invaders.

Because the three people have not been dealing with each other, these are all told by the temple, so there is not much known.

“what are these.”

Jiang Chen asked them about what they are busy with.

Primal Chaos Shen Jing.

The name is obviously taken by themselves. Shenjing is Shenjing, and then because it is a commonly seen in Primal Chaos, it is called this name.

Its role is dozens of times that of Shenjing, and the effect is even more wonderful, able to incubate life.

After learning this, Jiang Chen took all of these Crystal Stones.

Seeing his movement, the three people reacted differently, and then Jiang Chen found one of them, showing the expression of loosened down a breath.

Jiang Chen Jiang Chen immediately mentioned him to him and asked him what he meant.

This person began to argue.

But under Jiang Chen’s death threat, tell the truth.

“As long as you take these Crystal Stones, you are the equivalent of a camp with us, and the god of Primal Chaos will treat you as an enemy.”

Equivalent to some extent, they and Jiang Chen stood in a camp.

“You can pass through here to show that your strength is good, you can consider joining us, I recommend you.”

This man is hot and trying to recruit Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen just glanced at him and let him fall to the side.

Suddenly, three people complex greatly changed and asked Jiang Chen to unlock the imprisonment for them.

Primal Chaos Life is coming!

They are screaming in horror!

Oh! ?

Jiang Chen also felt a terrifying breath coming to this side.

Not this breath is not only terrifying but terrifying.

Jiang Chen did not let go of these three people, and they flew away first. Once they regained their freedom, they would tell the time temple, and he and Senior Sister would not be safe.

Because of the different positions, plus the Slaughter they saw at the beginning.

So Jiang Chen has no burden.

(End of this chapter)

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