Chapter 4120, Sanqing

“Twenty bottles.”

The fire is no longer taking care of him, but the look at towards Jiang Chen has raised a price.

Jiang Chen doesn’t know what God Jade is, but he is so excited to see each other.

“One hundred bottles.” He was indifferently said.

When the two women heard this, their eyes were straight, and the feeling of Jiang Chen was more greedy than the spirit.

“As you said, I am too lazy to take care of the place, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t give it.”

Jiang Chen is not a greedy person, but he does not want to be regarded as a fool by others.

“Let’s go back and discuss.”

Two women can’t do the Lord and have to leave.

After the scope of the flooded temple, they were very upset.

“That spirit is really hateful. If it weren’t for him, we might be able to get a bottle.”

“Others are the disciples of the Temple of the Emperor, even if you present him with a bottle, when he finds that he is deceived, we will be like Divine Slaughterer.” Yuelan said.

The fire heard her talking to her, and she gave her a meaningful look.

“You are attracted to that person, right?”

“What about nonsense?”

One hundred bottles exceed the permissions that two women can agree, but they also let them loosened down a breath, at least no longer have to make their own decisions, go back and tell the above.

Negotiations like this have been happening. From time to time, people from the temple come to Jiang Chen to scrape the Divine Slaughterer.

Anyway, Jiang Chen impossible stayed here to develop.

These sites are sold by carcasses, which is also the most reasonable.

However, Jiang Chen did not agree with others.

Because there is a dispute with the place in Shui Yue Palace, and it is approaching, he present no energy.

But other places are different.

“Who said that I don’t plan to grow for a long time?”

Here, as the first stop of the Sanqingjie flight, Jiang Chen naturally has to do the same.

Establish your own power here.

But there are five stars in this world.

Jiang Chen is thinking about the Commander off the entire moon.

Of course, present is just an idea.

Jiang Chen continues to use the features of his own shopkeeper.

Yuan Fei also managed to manage Divine Slaughterer for him, but because strength is only the Initial Stage, it is impossible to let the people of the temple obey.

People only think that he is the speaker of Jiang Chen.

But only this, Yuanfei is already satisfied.

Time is a day and a day.

On this day, the spirit received a letter from Zixia.

Thousands of doors did not intend to make friends with Jiang Chen, but they did not intend to engage in evil, but to maintain a neutral attitude.

The spirit also said that people who have a moon in the temple have come to their door, which may be related to Jiang Chen.

It is understandable that the people of the Yueqing Hall are investigating, after all, this is their moonland.

“But if they know your strength and the origin, they should not be against you.”

“Sun, moon and stars, one set, one may not be the host of the gods behind the moon and the temple where I am.” Jiang Chen said.

“But you have not revealed which temple you came from.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the expression of Jiang Chen’s smile.

“I said myself somewhere before, but this is not the point.”

“We are still selling the resources of the temple as soon as possible, and the resources we have are the best.”

The spirit proposed.

Jiang Chen nodded.

It didn’t take long for the two women to return and bring him a hundred bottles.

This is a good thing, and it is a valuable resource for the name of the moon.

Can make Jiang Chen’s realm constantly promote.

All he has to do is to wave his hand and decide to give up a controversial site.

The people at Divine Slaughterer saw their own territory and were used by Jiang Chen as a bannerr to make a deal. They felt aggrieved, but there was no way.

Until Jiang Chen gave each senior level a bottle of Shen Yu liquid, their mood became more complicated.

“If you are dissatisfied with me, you can present and leave, and you will be at your own risk.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Adult, do you really want to take over the temple? If so, we are willing to work for you.”

The people at Divine Slaughterer want Jiang Chen to be an attitude.

“If there is no accident, this will be my first site in the Moonland.”

With this meeting, it seems that the future of Divine Slaughterer will also be decided.

However, when Jiang Chen showed his willingness to stay here, those who were incomparable with enthusiasm and who had to negotiate with him all changed their faces.

“You can’t hold it here!”

It is even more people who put down their words.

If Jiang Chen is willing to cede this place, everyone will welcome and both parties will be happy.

The situation that made Divine Slaughterer present was caused by him, and no one would feel wrong.

But he present to hold the Divine Slaughterer.

That nature is completely different. Many people want to share a piece of cake. People who come late are dissatisfied.

But they don’t have act blindly without thinking.

Instead, wait for someone to take the lead.

After all, Jiang Chen strength is still there, able to offset a Heavenly God, who can be called with it, and only the Moon Palace.

If the Moon Palace does not decide to interfere, then this affair will come to an end.

However, during this time, Yueqing Temple was running around, all around Jiang Chen.

After a month of intelligence gathering, they made a decision and began to make plans.

Qing Xuan Gong is not the place where Divine Slaughterer will be, but another place.

So all this seems to have nothing to do with them.

On this day, Qingzheng discovered that there were people from the Yueqing Temple.

Clear expression, a hi, because he listened to his own Heavenly God said that if the people of Yueqing Temple came to him, it would indicate that Jiang Chen would shoot, if not, the affair will come to an end.

The people from Yueqing Temple are a middle-aged man. They used to go to the thousand gates to ask Jiang Chen’s affair.

Heavenly God, who was driven out of Sanqing by Jiang Chen, met the middle-aged man.

“You already know that he is from the Temple of the Emperor, why not report it in time?”

Middle-aged man Obviously have some understanding of the affair that happened.

Sanqing said, “I also learned that he came to Da Luotian not long ago. Before that, the affair of the heavens below reported this, I think you will not pay attention.”

Middle-aged man is silent.

“Yue Qingdian intends to release Jiang Chen?” asked Sanqing.

“Why should we shoot him? Others are the name of the Temple of the Emperor, and if you just stick a finger, you can crush us.” middle age person said ill-humoredly.

Sanqing mysterious smile.

“But the Temple of the Emperor in this world is not only a family, but Hong Dian is the farthest away from us.”

“It seems that you have been waiting for us for a long time, then we present you to appoint you to take it. If you can kill it, you will definitely have to thank you.”

Sanqing frowned.

“What if the people in Hongdian look for us?”

(End of this chapter)

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