Chapter 4121 Five Stages

“We will support you, you can rest assured.”

When I heard this, Sanqing God was very disdainful. I thought who would be relieved of this affair. When you kicked me off, wouldn’t it be a black pot?

“So we are appointing you to shoot, not to imply that you are shot, this is related in the middle.

But if you don’t want to risk this risk and don’t want to kill Jiang Chen, then I can leave. ”


Let’s talk about Jiang Chen.

The resources that Divine Slaughterer will build over the years have been very strong.

But in Jiang Chen’s next cultivation, one third is consumed directly.

It also caused his realm to jump from the Middle Stage 1st Heavenly Layer to the 4th Heavenly Layer.

If you don’t sprint in a short time, the resources you consume can make his realm higher.

But because it is not her own resources, Jiang Chen is very willing to cultivate in a luxury way.

Not only squeezing resources, but also squeezing their potential.

This was seen by the people of Divine Slaughterer, and the Startling Waves Stormy Seas were picked up in each and everyone. They have never seen the movement of someone cultivation so exaggerated.

And look like this, Jiang Chen is going to keep going.

At that time, the resources accumulated by Divine Slaughterer will be used by Jiang Chen alone, and realm will probably only go to Late Stage.

So some people bravely ran to find Jiang Chen, I want him to cherish resources, and cultivate.

Jiang Chen said that he would not be cultivation like the one just now, not because of the problem of resources, but because he could not stand it.

At this time, he came to Da Luotian and had been past for a year.

The people who Hongdian came to pick him up have not yet moved.

So Jiang Chen contacted Hong Dian again because of the limited number of times, so he directly indicated that he was able to display Divine Technique.

And asked if there was any investigation into the whereabouts of Ye Xue.

The reply received made him very angry.

Hong Dian did inspect Xiaoxue, but because of the special nature of Ye Xue, it takes a lot of manpower and resources to find it.

In the year of Hong Dian, the efforts made are rewardly symbolic.

More like an explanation of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen can’t blame them yet, and whoever makes him present in Hong Dian is not too high.

“What level is there on the signature section?

And what requirements can you reach? ”

Jiang Chen asked him.

The reply was sent soon.

The status of Hong Dian depends on his own control over Shinto.

Hong Heavenly God is divided into several levels.

After the Entry Level, the first level that was touched was the freedom to apply to Divine Technique.

Jiang Chen present just reached the first level.

The second level is not only to use the Divine Technique in Shinto, but also to use the Shinto freely to engage people.

One foot and one foot has the reddish Divine Technique’s formidable power.

To reach this level is the entrance hall of Hong Dian.

The third is to master the field in Shinto and to display the Divine Technique at the bottom of the pressure box.

The fourth and fifth is to touch the core of Hong Dian.

If Jiang Chen reaches the fifth level, he can launch the power of Hong Dian.

However, the woman who contacted him also told him very well that the fourth and the fifth level are almost all big Heavenly God can achieve.

Jiang Chen still has a long way to go.

This makes Jiang Chen’s desire for strength once again urgent. Although he is invincible in this moonland, it is not enough to look at the whole Luotian.

At the very least, you should reach Heavenly God.

Then pass the Great Dao.

Jiang Chen thinks of the fastest way to constantly engage with people, so that the great Dao that he has mastered will inspire his potential.

Because of the Great Dao invented by the god of Hongmeng, not only can it be used for combat, but also promote realm.

“To find the trouble of the god of law.”

Jiang Chen knows that the god of law behind the Heavenly Dao League is also in this heaven, but this time, the other side’s performance is particularly low-key, as if it does not exist.

Obviously, I just don’t want to attract the attention of Jiang Chen.

But how can Jiang Chen forget, after all, he will even find Divine Slaughterer.

However, he did a lot of restraint this time, and did not go directly to the door.

Instead, he issued a challenge to Heavenly God in the God of the Faith, and he fought with him to understand the past grievances. If it is not possible, then irreconcilable until death.

As soon as the news came out, the people in this heaven were in vain.

I thought that the affair of Divine Slaughterer would be over. I didn’t expect Jiang Chen to find another temple.

To know that Dao Technique does not have an internal strife, the two Heavenly God are still the strength of the victory.

Jiang Chen may not be able to swallow it because Divine Slaughterer would have been fratricidal and depleted his combat power.

Of course, people also heard the grievances of Jiang Chen and Law Body.

Divine Slaughterer and Heavenly Dao all had previously offended Jiang Chen, or was an enemy.

Present Jiang Chen is coming to revenge. After understanding this, people are gearing up, because such stories can always attract people’s attention.

Especially according to Jiang Chen’s realm, it is obviously a counterattack, which is what many youngsters would like to see.

The Law Body, also known as the Heavenly Dao League, is good at Barrier and Array because of their Heavenly God Mastery.

Among their shrines, Heavenly God held the scepter and looked at the upper level below.

The Heavenly God is a very old image, but it is also very wise.

“We didn’t go looking for him. The result was that he thought it was weak, and present dared to challenge.”

Another Heavenly God is angry.

“Since he is challenging, he is not sure if his strength can really be an enemy of us, and he will say that he is not willing to provoke the enemy. We can promise it.”

Then, Heavenly Dao decided to make a decision.

Sending Heavenly God and Jiang Chen to fight, not their Law Body, but the Deputy President.

However, they have a request, that is, they are not open, and they will fight in a place where no one knows.

Jiang Chen promised to go down and then, under the arrangement of the Fashen, they came to a big lake.

“You want to understand the grudges, or to get rid of us.” Deputy President Little Heavenly God said.

“It depends on what attitude you are. If you are no longer embarrassed with me, I will not find you again.”


Between Divine Slaughterer and our gods, our Heavenly Dao ally is against you. You present killing their Heavenly God, but will you still have to shake hands and talk? ”

“Handshake and talk? You are too optimistic. It just won’t kill you like Divine Slaughterer, but there should be some revenge and compensation.”

“You need more resources, you are sprinting your own realm, Divine Slaughterer will not have enough resources for a temple?”

“This has nothing to do with you.

If you can show enough strength, then I will consider treating your Fashen, and will measure it again and again. If you are unable to withstand a single blow, don’t blame me for being ruthless. ”

(End of this chapter)

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