The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 4362

    Chapter 4354, I’m going to Heavenly Court!

    The man taught Elder to come to the sky and surround Jiang Chen.

    “You let your people come to my scene to strutted around, and you expect what’s going on.” Jiang Chen is frank.

    “As Sect Founder, you’re not ashamed of him!”

    They think it’s Jiang Chen.

    “That would disappoint you.”

    Jiang Chen said with a sneer.

    Along with the people who went, disciple taught Disciple to talk about affair.

    Several Elder understood that they were less skilled than men.

    each and everyone are very hostile.

    No way, that’s the contradiction between disciple.

    Unless Jiang Chen wants to continue looking for trouble.

    Five Elder didn’t talk, let him go down.

    Jiang Chen doesn’t matter.

    In a palace, Jiang Chen saw their Sect Lord.

    Sect Lord is a young face, cultivation base is not low, and Sect Founder.

    Self-name is too Sect Lord.

    “On the west side of your channel, it’s Primal Chaos, behind which we’re on your side.”

    Wen Sect Lord says.

    “Is that why you’ve been needing each other all these years?”

    “No, we just feel wasted, because of your personal relationship, life in your arena will benefit.”

    “I don’t care, you’re hurting for me.” Jiang Chen’s good say with a smile.

    “We want to consult you.”

    Mrs. Wen Sect Lord told him that the parties could establish a coalition to take care of this piece of Heaven and Earth.

    The aim is to see the sun landing in Jiang Chen.

    “We can get disciple into your venue, or you’ll recruit some Demon monster, which is really not moving.”

    Jiang Chen’s eyebrows are tight, and it’s interesting to have each other’s attitude.

    Sounds like eating yourself.

    “Well, if I don’t say anything, the previous conflict will definitely intensify, right?”


    “That’s coincidence. I came here to ask sins, so don’t say shit.”

    Jiang Chen cold coldly smiled, showing his own hostility.

    This sect is not even a Lesser Dao field, and that rampant must be to kill a hundred.

    “My Elder here, although not Sect Founder Level strength, holds Executing Immortal Array.”

    Mrs Wen Sect Lord not to be outdone, coldly said: “Would you like to try something good?”

    Jiang Chen was wondering if this Executing Immortal Array wasn’t the one he thought.

    If so, this sect is actually skill.

    “Then come on.”

    Jiang Chen took out the three sharp knives, the hectares, great hall couldn’t stand him.

    Elder’s not here to beg, get up to array.

    Jiang Chen was placed in Array at his own venue and was very mysterious.

    Every opening will produce natural phenomena, Heaven and Earth.

    The same is true of Executing Immortal Array.

    The whole great hall took off to high altitude, and continued to rotate.

    This is in the eyes of the sect, so they can boil.

    Lington woke up to see this scene and thought it was their Elder and Sect Lord who were going to avenge themselves.

    “Even Array has started, and there is absolutely no way back.”

    Think of it here, Linden’s heart sucks out.

    The heaven’s palace in the sky began to change, and it was clear that it was a quartet, but it was just like a faculty, and it was crushed.

    Neither has it been sustained nor has it been known how it is.

    Seeing so intense, disciple taught is really hard to deal with Jiang Chen.

    What they don’t know is that Jiang Chen is more than hard to deal with.

    In the palace, Jiang Chen was trapped in Array. But his performance goes beyond expectations. No Array.

    “I really think of Array, but you’re too low to play 10%.”

    Jiang Chen also has a little crush on their Array.

    Elder has no threat to Jiang Chen because it is not affected, and the remaining text is Sect Lord barely Sect Founder at Entry Level level.

    Wikipedia: Wikipedia: Lord not reconciled, and Jiang Chen great batte.

    Jiang Chen, however, did not take it seriously, so that absolute strength was used to crush it.

    The whole palace exploded.

    People’s disciple saw their civilization Sect Lord being crushed by Jiang Chen’s trillion knife and bleeding out.

    “You said that, at your level, you’d come to me, and you’d be allied with me.” Jiang Chen doesn’t know what they’re thinking.

    Wen Sect Lord remains unhappy, not to say a word.

    Jiang Chen is going to chop his head off.

    At that point, the golden light in the sky was flashing, which meant that Heavenly Courts were landed.

    Look up, Jiang Chen’s face changed slightly.

    This Divine Immortal isn’t easy.

    Taibai Jinxing!

    Jiang Chen thought of an old Divine Immortal.

    But that Divine Immortal impossible survived the present, and Heavenly Court’s class had changed considerably.

    Taibai Jinxing would have been a star fantasy, Divine Immortal, which had been converted under the persuasion of the human being.

    So it’s similar to Ordinary, not to say it’s a imitation.

    “Jiang Chen, he’s disciple, I don’t make it. Can you leave a way out?”

    Jiang Chen was conscious.

    “I said,” How can an Entry Level Sect Founder build a human being, and so did rampant, which was Heavenly Court behind it. “

    I hear Jiang Chen’s mockery, too much Sect Lord is right, and I want to say that when you set up your own podium, realm is just real.

    It’s too white to speak.

    Jiang Chen thought about it, put his knife away.

    Too white is a special Divine Spark, not a seal, from Divine Spark.

    “Many thanks.”

    Too white, nodded, let Wen Sect Lord leave.

    “As a matter of thanks, don’t mind if I ask you a few questions.” Jiang Chen suddenly spoke.

    The white smile that was supposed to go was somewhat bare, because it was more sensitive to know that Jiang Chen would ask.

    “Heavenly Court has one of the same Divine Immortal as me, right?”

    “You know and why you must ask again.”

    “Why didn’t he come to kill me?”

    “This is Celestial Emperor, I don’t know.”

    Jiang Chen frowned.

    “Although I can’t answer your question, I can tell you what’s interested in affair.”

    Jiang Chen came to interest and wanted to hear what he’d say.

    “Your daughter is serving in Heavenly Court.”


    Jiang Chen said not a name, but a god.


    Jiang Chen actually had predictions on the day when he knew his life.

    “Take me to Heavenly Court.” Jiang Chen suddenly.


    Even though it’s too white, it’s scary to hear it.

    As an informed person, he understood what Heavenly Court represented for Jiang Chen.

    “All say Heavenly Courts are defending three Realms, who, as fellows, want to go up and see no.” Jiang Chen said.

    “If you really want to, I won’t stop.”

    Too white has the right to bring Jiang Chen to Heavenly Court.

    “Then go.”

    Jiang Chen didn’t say anything.

    “Come to me.”

    It’s too clear that two people stand on a cloud.

    Almost at the same time, golden light on top disappeared.

    Too white startled, helplessly said, “This is not allowed to enter.”


    Jiang Chen laughed, his guess was almost confirmed.

    (This chapter is over)

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