The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 4363

    Chapter 4355 Human Dragon!

    Heavenly Court must be on this special cloud.

    Jiang Chen stood on the cloud and was informed by Heavenly Court and excluded.

    He left this blessed cloud, and golden light on top of his head again appeared.

    Taibai Jinxing said that he loved no help.

    Jiang Chen then left them and returned to his own venue.

    When affair is resolved, there is no crisis in their venue.

    “It is a shame that King will solve our problems as soon as he returns.”

    “present, we should call Sect Founder, not a real monk.”

    “Only the person he has taken as Direct Disciple can be called Sect Founder, and we will call it the host.”

    Life in the field begins arguing how to call Jiang Chen.

    Jiang Chen taught the rules, and he was not accepted as the culprit of disciple.

    Several Eldest Disciple called a teacher.

    Flight is the strongest battlefield, except for him.

    Because of the horror of the bloodline, the potential is infinite, trying to break in the new Heaven and Earth.

    Jiang Chen expressed support for having access to opportunities only through outbreaks.

    Jiang Chen gave him the jewellery he got before.

    “Emergency situations can also be used as Medicine Pill, while other uses are to look at yourself.”

    This jewellery is extracted from Yuan Child in the body.

    Jiang Chen would have kept it for himself, and then found it useless.

    It’s just a little excited, it’s Supreme Treasure.

    Earth Dragon next door looked at incomparable envy, and he invited Black Snakes to join, and it was better than himself.

    “If you’re diligent, you can also inspire your own bloodline like him.”

    Dragon hasn’t reacted at first, until it’s clear that expression is excited.

    “Can I be as black as I am?”

    “I’m not called Big Black.” Flying reminds him of his own name.

    “Okay, big black.”

    “Your bloodline is not much worse than flying, but you have to practice.”

    “disciple must live up to Master’s expectations.”

    Jiang Chen Microslightly nodded, deal with affair on the lane, and start thinking about finding his own family.

    First he let Dragons take himself to Long Family.

    After the night, the world’s face changed significantly, basically together.

    Long family was under the flood, trying to get away from it.

    The dragons left Long Family for a while, and they’re going back to see.

    At the same time, Jiang Chen sent Black Dragon back to the sea.

    Black Dragon is confused.

    “I’ve reached Entry Level Sect Founder, and it’s not the proper course.

    Besides, I have your motive in the sea. ”

    Black Dragon listened to him like that, knowing that there was no deal and going to the sea.

    Dragon and Jiang Chen were happy to leave the hall all the way.

    Long family is far from the sea, deep in Continent, surrounded by mountains.

    The situation was not cut, it was still that face, and it became stranger only after a distance between flied and out.


    the past, there was a neutral separation between the various sectors.

    Through the intermediaries, all of the current intermediaries disappear.

    For so long, they’ve never found the temple, and the temple has not contacted them.

    Of course, the present has been gone for almost a decade, and perhaps this time it will be harvested.

    Jiang Chen last came to Long Family, and it didn’t change much here.

    Dragon present is Long Family Patriarch, when everyone comes back to meet.

    “Is there any movement in these years?” Dragon Yu asked.

    “We found city IX.”

    This is an accident, and city IX was the core of the eight gods before, and was set up for the Ninth Temple.

    it became an empty city, and it was also occupied by a Great Monster.

    Great Monster.

    what the devil dares to say is that there is a certain strength that can easily be killed.

    That’s a bear demon.

    the strength, unlike other demons, was not dominated by Slaughter and the eating of human beings, but merely treated the city as its own land and denied access.

    “Heard the bear wanted to be immortal, so visiting West Sect Lord, not to kill.”

    Suddenly, Long family remembers one thing.

    During this period, Long Families were linked through the bloodline in the new world.

    Long family was under every day of the eight gods.

    they intend to build a complete Long Family.

    The goal is to become a great force in the back.

    The question is, who’s here to be the family of Long Family, who’s the main bone?

    It was a coincidence that the joint meeting on Long Family would begin in a few days.

    The dragon corpse followed Jiang Chen cultivation base advance by leaps and bounds, as well as ambitions.

    She knew, however, that Jiang Chen needed help.

    Jiang Chen has nodded, and he’s interested in making the dragon handsome.

    the strength’s strongest Long family was originally under the emperor, so he also called himself the Dragon family.

    Sounds very likely, but it’s just that someone else’s name is used.

    The Dragon Race Youth, who was last seen under the sea, came from this family.

    The venue of the party is in the Valley of Bandung.

    Patriarch of the Dragon family is called the Dragon Tsunami.

    It was a ambitious man who saw the new era start, not reconciled like before.

    So the first Step is to unite all Long Family.

    It’s no difficulty, most Long Family is funny, only one, that’s Dragon.

    He heard his son say affair under the sea, because Dragon Jon knew Jiang Chen and was rewarded in Dragon Race, which might be his hidden.

    “affair under seabed, what we say on the ground.”

    The Dragon Tsunami doesn’t want to listen to people.

    The party begins, and the dragon corpses have never been traced.

    “There have been no traces for years, and the moment when they came back, it was deliberate.” The Dragon Tsunami looks not very good.

    “The Dragon Race, we don’t have anything else to say, and if you can send down this dragon corn, we follow you.” The rest of Dragon Race have no opinion and will follow the strongest.

    “Jiang Chen, this time this is our Dragon Race’s affair, what are you doing, interfering with our Dragon Race!”

    One hat will be given to Jiang Chen every day.

    “present Dragon Race should be known as the human Dragon family, because the true Dragon Race has emerged.”

    Jiang Chen not to be outdone’s response, “As to why you said I was qualified to come here, it’s good to say.”

    Down, Jiang Chen made golden Little Dragon show up.

    These Dragon Race in the body’s Dragon Blood are boiling in the instant, and a buffer that makes them hate the golden little dragon menu, which is an instinct.

    “How did he bring golden Dragon Race around?”

    The Dragon Tsunami is also muddled.

    “This can’t explain anything.” He’s still reluctant to admit mistake.

    Jiang Chen showed his realm strength directly, not to argue about it, but to let him know directly who was the man who had the right to speak.

    Sect Founder!

    Although Jiang Chen complained that Sect Founder had become everywhere before, it was not true that it was all over the street.

    Sect Founder Level strength, who was only the second rate force, has not come to that level.

    (This chapter is over)

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