The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 4364

    Chapter 4356

    “The dragon corpse is my followers, and she’s the person in my podium, and I’m here for her. Of course, this world still has power to talk, and you come to a comparator who wins Long Family.”


    Dragon Tsunami has to abandon the struggle, and Jiang Chen has given him an unexpected statement.

    Jiang Chen present declared the dragon maize master and no one would speak in the presence.

    is this what you want him to fight with Dragon Yu?

    Dragon corn as his Junior, realm has been chasing.

    However, he still has a sense of expert equality and thinks he needs to be stronger.

    “All said, Jiang Chen, you promised a trillion, so I believe you.” The Dragon Night, like a face, is very kind of a attitude towards Jiang Chen.

    The people of the eight gods knew who Jiang Chen was, and he said he was credible.

    Jiang Chen went to the Dragon Point next to Nodded, the latter standing out.

    She followed Jiang Chen cultivation for so many years, and it’s not a long time ago.

    Look at the powerhouse that used to be Long Family, she’s a jumper.

    The age of the two people varies considerably, but the dragons occupy the wind.

    As a result, it was unexpected that Jiang Chen cultivation had been followed for so many years and received his inheritance.

    The cardiovascular uniforms of the Dragon Tsunami fall under these factors.

    The dragon corn became the patriarch of the human Dragon family, and the first generation of patriarch, and what the human Dragon family would do in the future, which is unknown.

    Jiang Chen Chen Fujie touched Guangxi, asked these Dragon Race about the new world, and then knew a lot of affair, such as the location of the temples, including the flood temple.

    However, the flood temple is in a bad position and is not lucky.

    In the new World position, next to the Marble Forest.


    ‘s Great Monster in there, even Monster King.

    Jiang Chen was pleased that it would be easy to find someone around the temple as long as it was found.

    “The rest is for you.” Jiang Chen said.


    The dragon corpse, though unthinkable, has no reason to leave with Jiang Chen.

    “Jiang Chen is no longer the new show we thought before, and he has grown up, and I’m afraid it’s not the gods of the temples.”

    The dragon watched him leave, sigh with emotion.

    The gods had been the highest realm before, but the first of the four major realm ever since the appearance of the Divines and Heavenly Courts.


    The Hong Kong Temple has been a bad year, and after the end of the night they are located in the new world.

    There is still a complete field, just as neighbors around are not friendly.

    In particular, the forest that emerged after the new era, with countless demon monsters, Great Monster countless, violent.

At the

    outset, the Hong Kong temple also thought that it would be possible to give its own disciple experience.

    The losses of these years have exceeded expectations, as demons have grown much faster in the wild forest than in the imagination.

    On that day, there was a Great Monster coming out and wounding countless people.


    disciple of the Huang Temple is not going to let him go, chasing the forest all the way.

    “Senior Brother, if he goes in, he’s in the woods.” A woman disciple suddenly walks in.

    “Right away, we do it quickly if we’re outside.”

    “This may be seduction, and if we’re in the middle, we’re dead and wounded.”

    “The demons are camping each other, where they are so smart.”

    One contest, the first one to kill, and the other disciple has to follow.

    Said it might be a trap of women with dark anxiety, and she wasn’t afraid, just feeling uncomfortable.

    As he feared, there had been a number of powerful demons in power, and the situation had immediately changed.

    “You human race believing oneself infallible will never change.” The snake they chase is a five-colored snake, whispering.

    And with the last woman suddenly pushed out by the same sect Senior Brother.

    “Go back to the rescue.”

    Hear that, the woman didn’t hesitate to fly away immediately.

    Women know they can’t hold on long enough to do everything they can.

    Without flied out, she saw a silhouette in front of her face, not a single change, hold your breath and hide her breath.

    “Are you a Huang Temple man?”

    I didn’t expect Jiang Chen to feel much more than he expected.

    Women are sure she is not Monster Race, but Monster Qi, who feels depressed, will only be with Monster Race for a long time.

    “I have something to do with you, not with you.”

    Girls don’t split up, just leave.

    Jiang Chen frowned, and he wants to bring the other side along.

    Suddenly, he noticed a dark shadow in the direction of the forest next to him.

    “Do you think you can ask for help?”

    There’s a monster chasing up.

    The strength is the weakest among all, and there is no battle force.

    “If you go to the Huang Temple, tell the situation quickly.”

    The girl died as a living horse, yelling at Jiang Chen.

    Jiang Chen made a wrinkle, and he felt Slaughter’s breath from this monster, suggesting that no one had eaten.

    Jiang Chen’s podium has a lot of demons, but there’s a bottom line, and women are the people of the Hong Kong temple, and they can’t ignore it.

    This monster looks at Jiang Chen, or is it a face that doesn’t matter until the power of the person appears to be somewhat terrifying.

    Unfortunately, he did not have the opportunity to escape and was shot by Jiang Chen.

    “You!” The woman startled, the man is much stronger than I imagined.

    “It’s all right, I’m disciple of the Huang Temple, but I haven’t seen that you’re new?” Jiang Chen said.

    The woman’s nodded, but she’s thinking about something right now, even if she’s busy with Jiang Chen.

    Jiang Chen, look at her face, and guess what.

    Beyond the wild forest, several people who have been deceived are being supported by persistently.

    Hopefully, a woman can move to rescue the soldiers.

    I didn’t expect her to return so quickly, but it brought only one person.

    They were desperate, but one of them looked at Jiang Chen’s face.

    “Jiang Chen!”

    He was surprised by yelled, Jiang Chen’s high visibility in the Hong Kong Temple, and there were many people who knew him.

    They don’t know exactly how Jiang Chen present strength is.

    I’m not sure he can handle these Great Monster.

    But after that many things, Jiang Chen was reassuring.

    As long as he shows up, it doesn’t matter.


    few Great Monster are confused.

    “It’s another mortal who came to die.”

    “His blood is so flourishing, Spirit Qi, it’s a Spirit Body.”

    “It’s definitely a big deal! You don’t want to rob me.”

    These Great Monster almost didn’t fight for Jiang Chen.

    soon after, Jiang Chen saw a snake, an eagle, a bad dog pointing himself over.

    In the eyes of cold light, the three sharp knives came out of the present hand, robbing them before the Hurricane disciple reminds them.

    (This chapter is over)

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