The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 4365

    Chapter 4357 Status of the Hong Kong Temple

    “Isn’t Senior Brother Jiang Chen using a sword?”


    disciple face of the Huang Temple was unknown, quickly under blade light, where three Great Monster heads were killed.

    The rest of the demons are scattered.

    “Is that great?”

    The girl disciple on the road joined the Hong Kong temple after the new era, and he was not very well aware of it.

    “Junior Sister Qing, this is Senior Brother Jiang Chen, the best man in the eight gods with swords.”

    Previously, reckless men disciple introduced.

    Her disciple eyes are bright, and her weapon is a sword.

    Huang Churchiple was fun. She wanted to be Jiang Chen’s followers.

    From then on, she was curious about Jiang Chen.

    I didn’t expect to see you here today.

    “You go back first, and I’ll explore the forest of the demon.”

    Jiang Chen looked at the unrealistic forest sea, and thought of Hundred Thousand Great Mountains that had been waiting for.

    The forest is even bigger, deep in purple light to soar, as it is late, revealing evil.

    That’s substantive Monster Qi.

    “Senior Brother, be careful.”

    These disciple have no comments, and impatient returns to the Hong Kong temple to tell others the good news.

    Jiang Chen flew over the wild forest and soon learned to be great.

    And whoever is near a hundred miles, the monster sees him as an enemy.

    Once he dares to stay, the Great Monster will go without the slightest hesitation.

    Great Monster is like God, with a strong weakness, and the top three of them that just died in his hand are Initial Stage.

    Within the forest, the number of Late Stage in the middle is countless.

    For present Jiang Chen, these Great Monster are nothing.

    On the other hand, several disciple returns to the flood.

    “Fan, aren’t you going after the snake demon? How’s it going?”

    Someone’s coming up and asking.

    “The snake demons have been resolved! Do you know who’s back? Senior Brother Jiang Chen!”


    soon as you say, Your Highness Huang is boiling.

    Before the new era, Jiang Chen Big Findfame became the top powerhouse of Heavenly God in a short time.

    Then the United States Government opened up, and others went in there.

    As a result, Heavenly Courts appeared, not only to interrupt the United States dollar, but also to transform Heaven and Earth, many of whom lost contact.

    It also includes Jiang Chen.

    You want to come back here.

    In the Highness of Hong Kong, we came first to ask for details.

    “He’s going to explore the wild forest? Didn’t you tell him where dangerous was?”

    Ming, as Jiang Chen’s Senior Brother, listens to him where he’s going to be so dangerous, frowning.

    “Senior Brother Jiang Chen is well aware of the wild forest.”

    “So he’s still going?”

    We don’t understand.

    “Senior Brother, Jiang Chen, don’t you worry?”

    There’s disciple next to him saying, “We’re right here waiting for him to come back.”

    Nodded, we’re going to tell Big Palace Master and Elder about them.

    “Is this Jiang Chen, the man you’re talking about, who dares to kill, who is guilty of half the power of the eight gods?”

    At this point, a group of men and women flew from a beautiful mountain.

    Both people reveal out of the ordinary, muscle beauty, which is not intended to be created, as is the case with birth.

    Over the years, there have been a large number of people in the Huang Temple.

    All the pets of the new era, born out of the ordinary, have very strong innate talent.

    Men and women are similar, a gentle, a sun, a pair of siblings.

    “Yes, you heard of him too?”

    Unlike past indifference, his attitude reveals contradiction.


    atmosphere between the previous flood hall disciple was reconciled and mutually reinforcing.

    Even if there is a contradiction, there will be peace on the ground.

    But since these days of proud accession, it has become completely different.

    They pulled the gang out, did good work, fought innate talent, bullying some of the fancy base’s slow disciple.

    “You talk about how he is, and they don’t want to hear it, and it’s hard.”

    Girl jokingly said, a pair of peach eyes turned into a monthly tooth, and said, “Hopefully he won’t let me down.”

    “Why don’t we go to the Marble Forest to see him?” Men propose.


    Women are very interested.

    I didn’t want to take care of these two people, but I heard it, and I’m not happy: “What are you gonna do?”

    “To meet sect disciple, is there a problem?”

    After all, two people left with class.

    They say it’s all right.

    It’s just the people here who know that they’re gonna do it.

    As men have said before, Jiang Chen has been asked to identify who is the voice of the Hong Kong temple.

    “I went to the Grand Palace Master.”


    Jiang Chen’s over here, he’s flying in the woods for a minute, and he’s still missing.

    In addition, it’s an incredible mountain range to the inside.

    Sichuan is under purple Monster Qi, like giant beast to bare fangs and brandish claws.

    Jiang Chen stopped and the intuition told him that it would be dangerous to fly inside again.

    Even if he was Entry Level Sect Founder, there was no return.

    “Let it go on, I’m afraid Heavenly Troops and Generals to calm down.”

    Jiang Chen said.

    This reminds him of one thing, Heavenly Court, what’s the force?

    The abandonment of Celestial Emperor is certainly the strongest force and the Undefeated War God.

    That was before the age, when the new era came, it was not certain that there were any variants.

    soon after, Jiang Chen returned to the wild forest and flew to the flood temple.

    The Hong Kong Temple remains at the World World World, but there is an additional Spirit Vein under the ground, connecting the wild forest.

    “No one can survive.”

    Jiang Chen, as a member of the Hong Kong Temple, certainly must be in order to be distressed.

    Just thinking, there’s a team right now.

    He slightly smiled, thought it was the Huang Temple who came to pick himself up.

    He joined the many forces, and the flood temple was the most comfortable environment.


    However, the people he saw were strangers, and no familiar face existed.

    “Are you Jiang Chen?”

    The first two men were flame.

    “Are you disciple of the Huang Temple?”

    Jiang Chen did not ask, and in the impression that the Huang Temple disciple would rarely do so.

    “Yes, I’m Wentian, this is my younger sister asking.”

    Man, that’s Wentian, whispering and looking at presumptuous, said, “How are you, the first man in the eight gods, and our Senior Brother, who doesn’t know if you can teach one or two?”

    “Go back to the Huang Temple.”

    Jiang Chen was unaware of the situation and did not want to do so.

    “Is this fear?” Ask for a mockery.


    Jiang Chen laughed and didn’t speak.

    He flew himself in the past, the earth, the whole group couldn’t stop.

    “I said,” Lead one, two! ”

    Suddenly said solemnly, he was pissed off, and the people around him immediately kept a distance.

    “You said I was gonna listen?”

    Jiang Chen didn’t stop, asked.

    Ask coldly snorted, forcibly sell.

    Jiang Chen brows tightly knit, what does fellow want to do?

    The Hong Kong Temple disciple has been consulted with one another, Ordinary, but if one does not respond, the other is attacked.

    Don’t you fear the punishment of the Huang Temple?


    There is no doubt that Jiang Chen thought about restraining fear, a pound of air and a heavy hand.

    “You found it yourself.”

    Jiang Chen’s eyes are cold, not intended to be welcome.

    (This chapter is over)

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