The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 4366

    Chapter 4358 Setup up up array

    Ming Ming and Palace Master are in a hurry to rush this way.

    Wentian had no weight in his hand, and his character as Jiang Chen would certainly not be low, and he would probably be dead by now.

    They stayed in the United States when Jiang Chen’s realm stayed.

    Jiang Chen was already the big Heavenly God, perhaps present to God.

    Even the Great Peak, not Wentian’s opponent.

    Wentian and his younger sister were born with Paragon bones and Ling’s hearts, respectively.

    Wentian has taken full control of the spell of the Huang Temple to the point where all people see the other riders dust and no hope of catching up.

    Even the big Palace Master must not have his level.

    Jiang Chen will definitely eat a lot of money.

    Until they rush in, and see this scene, it makes them unbelievable, and the losers are Wentian.

    Jiang Chen realm is not halfway Sect Founder, it’s Entry Level Sect Founder.

    Not even how Wentian’s innate talent is stronger.

    So, under his three-dimensional knife, Wentian persistently supported, even younger sister joined the battlefield.

    “Since I knew I was your Senior Brother, I should remember.”

    Jiang Chen did not bring people to death, but the siblings were also tragic, all of them drenched with blood.

    Look at Jiang Chen soon, look at Jiang Chen. I don’t know what he’s thinking.

    The situation is not complex, Jiang Chen is oppressing people with absolute realm, unlike the enemies who were previously defeated by trump card.

    “Are you really that Jiang Chen?”

    Wentian dealt with the wound and asked.

    He’s not reconciled because Jiang Chen realm has taken precedence over him, and two are not an era.

    The problem is Jiang Chen’s Senior Brother, who is the deviant, and Wentian defeated.

    Why did Jiang Chen’s strength grow so fast?

    Jiang Chen did not meet his curiosity, look at the alienation that came over there, pick up his weapons and smile.

    “Who are these idiots?”

    Jiang Chen asked.

    People say we’re fools, two siblings dare not speak.

    “Your present realm is stronger than I am.”

    Big Palace Master sigh with emotion.

    Jiang Chen followed them back to the Hong Kong temple, so there was no reason for both of them.

There has

    been little change in the flood temple, built between mountains and centred on a number of beautiful peaks.

    “Where’s the Lord Hung?”

    Jiang Chen asked.


    soon as he comes back to see God, generally disciple has no such right, but Jiang Chen is different, and he is already Entry Level Sect Founder.

    “The meteor is down.”

    However, Jiang Chen received a message to make him complexion greatly changed.

    It was also the first nightmare he had ever heard since the new era.

    “What’s going on?”

    “At night, there was a horror in the forest, with all the lives of darkness devour.”

    Speaking of this, leave behind incomparable sentiments.

    It was then the Lord of Hung who took that terrible repression at the expense of his own lives.


    goddess of the Temple of present Hung are clouds, women of the four former cabinets.

    Jiang Chen saw her, when Wang Hoperish together, was there.

    It was the heart of the Huang Temple, and it was appropriate to take over the place of God.

    After that, Jiang Chen heard a lot of bad news.

    Probably because of the location of the flood temple, many of the previous disciple fails to link.

    Jiang Chen also wanted to find his own friends through the Huang Temple, but it seemed that there was no chance.

    On the contrary, the present flood will need his help.

    Jiang Chen was called past, saw the clouds.

    Two people’s realm is the same.


    clouds are a little cloudy, and she and Jiang Chen have seen a few sides, and the first and second sides are too bad.

    This also attests to the fact that Jiang Chen was to be nurtured in any event.

    “Can I help you?”

    “present, we face two choices, one is a switch, the second is a solution to the problems of the wild forest, what do you think?”

    Jiang Chen asked what was the battle at the present Hong Kong Palace?

    After knowing about it, Jiang Chen felt that attacking a demon forest would only be completely annihilated, but that place could not be removed.

    Because there’s a forest pulse down there, that’s why the forest is as strong as it is.

    “The present 10,000 demons are growing, and if we don’t go, we will not have the opportunity to leave.”

    “The monster is a monster, and we have our own advantage, that is, wisdom, where Array and Barrier can be installed, especially using Spirit Vein below.”

    In so doing, demons can be isolated in the wild forest.

    “Can you do that?”


    Hear Jiang Chen so confident, Cloud slightly nodded.

    She believed Jiang Chen, no other reason, because he showed up at this time, as if it was arranged.

    Jiang Chen’s placement of Array to mobilize a lot of resources and bureaucracies requires the following.

    It was then a meeting of the Hong Kong Temple, which brought together important members of the present Hong Kong Temple.

    At the meeting, Jiang Chen saw many familiar faces and strange faces.

    Jiang Chen noted that one of them was full of hostility.

    the person is very similar to the two earlier siblings.

    It’s a forings father, who does not have any specificity in itself, because of the growth of two children, who are in a high position in the Hong Kong temple.

    He did not pursue Jiang Chen and Wentian’s fight.

    After Jiang Chen said his intention, he immediately rejects it.

    “You put a Barrier in a position to get the demon out of here, why? You’re just…”

    Speaking of it here, he’s never been able to say it.

    “Just what?” Jiang Chen smiled at past.

    They also looked at Jiang Chen in front of their eyes, but seriously thinking about it, and they found that his present realm was almost the strongest in the flood.

    “There is no better place than here, and there is no better advantage than here, and there is no choice to give up here that would have been the end.

    The forest is like a sea, and we build a wall here, and they’re going somewhere else, and they’re not coming to us. “

    “So not Array can block the forest?” Somebody asked.

    “That can be understood.”

    If that were the case, they felt feasible, indicating full strength cooperation.

    Jiang Chen sigh with emotion strength is still strong or convenient if its economic strength is not as current.

    To convince those present, absolutely impossible is so easy.

    (This chapter is over)

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