The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 4405

    Chapter 4397

    “How can he remind us of this? The impossible, of course, is a fraud.”

    The people at Primal Chaos Avenue did not follow Jiang Chen and look at the greatest palace, stupid.

    Think Jiang Chen was trying to trick them off and then come back.

    “Not really dying anyway, see how.”

    With this idea, several disciple at Primal Chaos Avenue entered it.

    The woman disciple at the dry Gon Avenue hesitated at the place of origin, and Jiang Chen’s reaction was not like fake.

    Primal Chaos disciple entered the Prince Approaching Heaven.

    In a couple of seconds, there’s a scream in it.

    Then a few disciple surrounded by blood was beaten out.

    The people at the dry Gon Avenue were surprised to find out that they didn’t disappear and become cold body.


    It scares people very easily.

    Isn’t this Secret Realm, created by the Sister’s mother?

    But the Sister didn’t tell them that when they came in.

    Because she’s not sure if the danger in it would go beyond her abilities.

    But Queen Si is one of the most powerful among the gods.

    He can’t even talk to his contend against power. Where the hell is this? Why did you let them in again?

    At the time of their shock, Jiang Chen had crossed the Prince Approaching Heaven and entered the GuHeavenly Court.

    It is here, as he imagined, that only those shattered palaces have restored the glory of the past.

    I want a ceremony, and I want to be part of it.

    Deeply that mysterious and powerful power is recovering.

    The whole Heavenly Court seems to be a huge Imperial Palace, divided into many palaces.

    The most famous of you is the Prince Approaching Heaven.

    But in all Divine Immortal’s hearts, there is a special presence.

    That’s the pocket palace.

    It’s not easy to go to this palace, because it’s in the depth of Heavenly Court, over thirty-three days.

    If this ancient Heavenly Court has and so on, that must be there.

    Suddenly, Jiang Chen noticed what, looking back, found a woman coming.

    It’s the woman at the dry Gon Road.

    “Fellow Daoist, didn’t you say we were working together? How do you get us to move first?”

    Woman said with a smile.

    “This is very big, you don’t have to follow me.”

    Jiang Chen wrinkles, in exploring the Gu Heavenly Court, he didn’t want anyone to follow.

    The woman didn’t let him do what he wanted, and she was still close with it.

    Jiang Chen’s heart wants to dry the Gon Avenue, since there is a suspicion before the ice is released, there is no need for too radical and acquiescence to follow each other.

    Think of it in the back.

    Soon, they will surely come to the path of destination.

    A staircase to the fog.

    It’s just in this staircase that’s a man’s king.


    was surrounded by ashes and couldn’t see his face, but Jiang Chen felt familiar breath.

    He doesn’t know if this person is energy cohesion, or stay here.

    According to his initial investigation, Divine Immortal of the GuHeavenly Court had fled Heavenly Court and left Huang World.

    The other side is unable to communicate, and when they are near, the soldiers in their hands rise.

    “This is at least a level!”

    Girl cry out in the surprise: “Where are you taking me?”

    And the strength of two people can’t cross each other at all.

    “Don’t go back with me.”

    Jiang Chen’s heart moves, signifies.

    A woman will believe in it and withdraw from the distance.

    “You’re not going to be alone?” Women aren’t sure to say that.

    She knew Jiang Chen was strong, but did not represent a response to such crises.

    He didn’t expect a scene to happen, as Jiang Chen walked towards that king.

    The emperor, who was in the midst of his guard, fell down his own ranks and felt no more hostility and offered to leave the road.

    Even women feel respectful.

    It’s from Jiang Chen.

    Can’t women believe that this Secret Realm was prepared solely for Jiang Chen?

    Others can’t deal with the crisis here at all.

    She tried the past, but she was warned immediately.

    Jiang Chen went up the stairs and came up to the top floor.

    This is called the first Heavenly Court, and next is the second Heavenly Court.

    In a shadow of clouds, he saw that pocket palace, as it was for giants, the closer it was to feel the smallest of himself.

    Jiang Chen moved forward without a previous sense of crisis.

    He pushed the door in, almost as much as in the impression.

    A very visible Pill Furnace put it there.

    Thousands of Magic Treasure and Divine Tool came from this Pill Furnace.

    Jiang Chen walked up and used three flavors of True Fire to flash Pill Furnace.

    Everything comes out of natural instincts.


    flames raised in Pill Furnace quickly changed into a personal form.

    Jiang Chen recognized it as Old Monarch Taishang.

    One of them!

    On Celestial Emperor.

    In many legends, this is the presence of Supreme.

    Almost all Divine Immortal was his identity.

    It also includes a separate identity.

    But that’s what folk say.

    The believers always make a strong example of their own worship, Divine Immortal.

    In fact, three disciples are one of Old Ancestor’s three disciple.

    The Heavenly Court was also established by Old Ancestor for the management of cultivator.

    Old Ancestor gave it to his own child, and it was then the Royal Great Emperor.

    According to the forces of secularity, three are quite Elder Yu.

    That’s why Jiang Chen came here.

    He’s gonna figure out the truth about affair!

    I thought Heavenly Court was just a special existence of its own small world, but it was in the whole Great World of the new era.

    When the Emperor was crushed into countless pieces, Heavenly Court was born to be his senior Sister.

    Thereafter, Heavenly Court changed, thus selling silent anonymity until Jiang Chen restored the Emperor’s integrity and reintegrated into one of the lower lines of Dawn.

    the present drive turns around and goes back to the way it was.

    Old Monarch Taishang did not speak, and his flames began to shake, transformed into a picture, showing him the message of past.

    Heavenly Court is a small experiment, as Jiang Chen knows.

    Although power does not have a large world presence, the rule of law involved and Profound Truth are the highest, which is beyond reach and a fight against Heavenly Dao after the World’s complete recovery.

    Only the Lord innate talent has the original rule!

    “In the absence of an accident, the present Heavenly Court, all handsome in the world, has failed even to resist the gods in order to prove our success.”

    There is no emotional voice in the fire.

    The only one with access is that the person at the seat of Heavenly Court is not the one they think.

    That man should be the founding spirit.

    there are only two remaining members, Jiang Chen and Undefeated War God of Heavenly Court.

    undefeated War God is under the control of Celestial Emperor.

    “Heavenly Court plans to be watched by a dark power, with our plan, beating somebody at their own game.

    Heavenly Court, at the last moment, all Divine Immortal each and everyone were replaced and no one noticed.

    Until the end of the great batte, unfortunately it was too late.

    (This chapter is over)

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