The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 4406

    Chapter 4398

    those sides suffer, but they are reluctant to see their Heavenly Court plan failing, so they send hope to their original identity.

    Whether we are or that dark power, we represent Heavenly Court success. ”

    Which means, present Heavenly Court, those Divine Immortal, not inheritor, or disguised!

    Jiang Chen would also like to know affair about dark power.

    “Bronze door.”

    Old Monarch Taishang only provided such an answer.

    Jiang Chen thought about the bronze door in the fog forest, and the evil power that was traumatized by the spirit.

    He felt responsible for the rest of his life.


    fight between the original and Heavenly Courts was lost even if it was lost. No wonder, but if the present loses, I’m afraid the world will suffer.

    “The use of Origin Qi, founded, is not simple for plunder people alone.

    When the smaller the number of identities is, the rest are actually able to share this power.

    Otherwise, the more part of the killing goes to Late Stage, isn’t it?

    “Old Monarch Taishang said another thing.

    “Hung, too early, Primal Chaos, you only have Primal Chaos, this is Origin Qi Great Dao.”

    Old Monarch Taishang stretched his fingers, and a spark of Mars hit Jiang Chen’s eyes.

    inmediately, he received a pound of information!

    He looks like he saw a man open the world!

    After the melting, Jiang Chen started beating around, eyebally-hot.

    “Don’t look, it’s already wasted, and there’s no Magic Treasure and Medicine Pill, but this Pill Furnace can help you refine, as long as you have material.

    In addition, there is no easy exploration elsewhere in the GuHeavenly Court, and those powerful Divine Immortal pledged not to be disturbed. ”

    Jiang Chen nodded, Pill Furnace’s fire was extinguished and returned to the beginning.

    It’s like everything didn’t happen.

    Jiang Chen picked up Pill Furnace and returned to the second Heavenly Court.

    The woman is not present and should be exploring other places.

    For Jiang Chen, this Secret Realm experience is over.

    After a minute, everyone went back to Kunlun Mountains, except to explore the bad luck ghost of Prince Approaching Heaven.

    Except Jiang Chen, there was nothing else in it, but after it came out, it was found to be filled with peaches and sizes.

    Jiang Chen’s peach is the biggest!

    He looked at the Sister’s mother over there, who looked at him, and the two people had a brief exchange of views, and then, if nothing was separated, it was a tacit understanding that would not be able to talk, it would have been captured by powerful Magic Treasure or powerhouse.

    It is good to know in your heart that your heart will not be declared so that it will be able to hide from its causes and destinations.

    The peaches take it down. And this event ends.

    It was not as intense as people thought, but it was also reasonable for a congratulatory event.

    People left, Jiang Chen came back to Saint City with Jiang Ching.

    Saint City continues to be so excited that people can leave and continue to interact here.

    Some have agreed to go to practice and explore crises.

    Jiang Chen didn’t have any leisure.

    Azure Dragon Race and Dragon are going to visit the door.

    This is a pity between Dragon Race, and Azure Dragon, as a betrayal, led the rebels to confront the old Dragon King in seabed.

    The sea is vast, so the conflict is not too intense, and a large party withdraws to other seas.

    But affair changed with golden little dragons, that is, Little Chen.

    golden giant dragon, top of Dragon Race!

    Once Little Chen grows up completely, neither Azure Dragon nor the old Dragon King shall resist his orders.

    So Azure Dragon and old Dragon King wanted to pick up Little Chen from Jiang Chen.

    Little Chen refused to stay with Jiang Chen, so they became Jiang Chen.

    Jiang Chen received assistance from Azure Dragon and the old Dragon King, respectively.

    It’s not too hard to face two Dragon Race Paragon.

    “Why do you have to compete with Little Chen incarnation giant dragon when the ocean is vast, north-east and north-west, and you expect Dragon Race to be beaten into a barrel?”

    Jiang Chen speaks straight.

    Unfortunately, the world is not that simple.

    Old Dragon King does not allow Azure Dragon, a rebellion to sit in peace with himself.

    He raised with pride the Magic Treasure and genius treasures that had previously been provided to Jiang Chen.

    Jiang Chen didn’t forget.

    “But I did not promise you to eradicate Azure Dragon, and you did not listen to me, so I can only promise not to interfere with your affair.” Jiang Chen is truthful.

    This is a situation acceptable to both sides, but there will be some not reconciled.

    How angry Little Chen was hit by Jiang Chen on the day of his death.

    “There’s one more thing.”

    Old Dragon King and Azure Dragon did not leave, and seriously said, “The sea has recently seen a giant animal, using Dragon Race as food, killing dozens of heads every day.”

    Jiang Chen heart startled, dozens of Dragon Race were eaten one day?

    This is unbelievable at present.

    “Why did you tell me?” Jiang Chen doesn’t understand.

    “The beast is probably Phoenix Clan.”

    Old Dragon King said, “You and Phoenix Clan have a very good relationship.”

    Dragon Phoenix?

    Jiang Chen thought that it would be better to capture that beast before saying that he would go to Phoenix Clan.

    “Fleet speed, wings, direct flied out of 10 Million Li, we can only see a shadow if Giant Golden Dragon Force is enough.”

    “All right.”

    Jiang Chen probably knew what old Dragon King meant to do, trying to get himself through it.

    “I am not asking you, but I just think there’s a secret in it, Azure Dragon, who has found Phoenix Clan out there, has planned to wage war against Phoenix Clan, and this fellow only knows to do it.”

    Before the old Dragon King left, he didn’t forget to step on Azure Dragon one foot.


    The men of Phoenix Clan were also found in Saint City, Jiang Chen, who had dealt with the last time.

    Because it was known that the Sun Goddess no longer targeted Jiang Chen, the Phoenix King’s attitude to Jiang Chen was extraordinarily enthusiastic.

    “Dragon Race’s personal visit, Phoenix Clan’s hospitality, this Jiang Chen is not easy.”

    Saint City’s people saw the scene, the debate, and believed that Jiang Chen’s name would be opened in three Realms soon.

    “Dragon Race also accused us? Many of our fellows were attacked by Dragon Race, not a shadow, a real dragon.”

    Jiang Chen said the old Dragon King said that he didn’t think of the shock of King Phoenix.

    And they can also be sure it’s Dragon Race.

    “The recent death of many treasure will have occurred in silhouette, Dragon Race, which had been at a point before, but the results were good, Dragon Race irreconcilable until death, and the murder of treasure took away.”

    Jiang Chen understands that the present will speak for Dragon Race and will definitely be considered as a group.

    He doesn’t know if Demon Race screwed up behind his back, because demon Race was excluded and the fighting between the strong was inevitable.

    In other words, the problem is that they themselves, Demon Race, are doing just a push.

    Jiang Chen was thinking about whether to do it or not to avoid two ethnic injuries, Origin Qi.

    (This chapter is over)

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