The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 4525


Chapter 4516 Wang Shou

Jiang Chen’s face is extremely ugly.

He didn’t even know the name of the Law Protector, and didn’t expect the other party to sacrifice himself, but the other party did the same.

Even if you know that the other party is obeying the emperor’s order.

The emperor did not present, and in the Forbidden Land not far away, there were signs of fighting.

Waiting for Jiang Chen to catch the past, it was discovered that the emperor shot and broke the Forbidden Land, and those women like ghosts turned upside down.

The nightingale is not an emperor’s opponent, it looks very different.

“How dare you collude with Demon Race on the 10th Layer.”

The emperor said angrily.

“In my realm, I can do whatever I want, even more how I know that Demon Race is here, and you brought me trouble.”

Nightingale said angrily.

After his words fell, many innate talent gods appeared not far away, and hurried over, people who are included Buddhism.

“Emperor, how dare you shoot at our gods.”

These people are all called the gods of the realm, but they are also the gods of the emperor, but because his strength is too strong, they are opposite to the Buddha of Buddhism. These gods of the realm take the opportunity to remain neutral.

If anyone dares to attack them, they will take refuge in the other side.

“Demon Race presents her Forbidden Land and kills me, Law Protector.”

The emperor is also a rare anger. Although he ordered Law Protector to protect the safety of Jiang Chen, he did not want to sacrifice so soon.

“That’s your affair, even if the nightingale and Demon Race are colluding, that’s our God of Lands clearing the sect!”

There is a person who is most excited in the realm,


The emperor held back the anger, moved towards Jiang Chen, and let him talk about what was going on.

Just now, Nightingale did delay time deliberately, just as Demon Race appeared.

“You said that my Forbidden Land was fragmented, and I will help you find it. The result is the Demon Race, which has caused me the Forbidden Land to be severely damaged, and is still being destroyed by the emperor.” The Nightingale is also indignant, as if suffering no harm.

“The bronze door can be present everywhere at will. Why can it be concluded that it is a nightingale?” the man also said.

“Why did you choose this point so well?”

“Emperor, this is the end, it is not important whether Nightingale is suspected or not. The person who killed you is Demon Race.”

In the realm, an old man stood up.

“No need to argue anymore.”

Jiang Chen opens his mouth and lands in Forbidden Land.

At this moment, Yin Qi is not present here, temporarily disqualified as a Forbidden Land.

Jiang Chen can walk freely, and at the same time, he sees the sign of the portal, a broken Crystal Stone.

“The Demon God did not teleport through the bronze door, someone set up a teleportation point here in advance.”

After saying this, Jiang Chen waved his hand.

Time goes back and forth, and people see the area of ​​this transmission point continuously playing back.

First, the Demon God appeared.

Then a white clothed woman looked in the sky, then threw a piece of debris on the ground.

Obviously, he saw Jiang Chen and Law Protector and then notified Demon Race.

The nightingale looks pale, and immediately catches the white clothed woman in the sky.

“It doesn’t matter to me, it’s the Lord Nightingale who asked me to do it.”

White clothed woman Seeing the iron evidence like a mountain, immediately looked towards the nightingale.

“I still need your help with this kind of affair? If it were me, you would never see this trace.”

The words behind the nightingale were addressed to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen looked towards the emperor.

The emperor slaps the white clothed woman to death, the gods of the realm are taken aback, but they dare not say anything else in front of the iron evidence.

Immediately afterwards, the emperor left.

Jiang Chen is planning to leave.


The nightingale called him away and threw a piece of it, which surprised Chen Chen. It was a very huge piece, and the volume was only half of what he collected before.

In this way, the outline of Primal Chaos looks very complete, leaving only a small gap.

Jiang Chen does not need to be injected into Divine Power, Primal Chaos exudes a peaceful breath, and can still keep itself unchanged.

Jiang Chen is not in a hurry to shoot this time.

He wants to fully consolidate the power of present within the body and stop going outside.

Wait until he needs to go to Heaven Realm to find the sun Sacred Beast to get power.

At that time, Yuan Yijing will also be reached.

“Why didn’t the Heavenly God column just work?”

At the same time, Jiang Chen did not forget this.

“A word-level knowledge of World Law, his small world can just make a Magic Treasure ineffective. Apart from this, Magic Treasure in Heaven and Earth is not only us, you better be mentally prepared.” Nine Heavenly God pillar’s little four told him.

Jiang Chen returned to the emperor’s statue of King Buddha.

“I hope you can remember what he has done for you.” Emperor Jun said.

“What’s his name?”

“Don’t you even ask me along the way?”

“He doesn’t at all mean to talk to me.”

“That’s really his style, he’s called Wang Shou.”

“Let ’s run around with several Magic Treasures. It is an irrational affair after all. If I were alone, that would be fine, but there is too much involved in present. I decided to seclude cultivation.”

“You can stay on the 10th floor, otherwise.”

The emperor is hesitant. He has something to tell Jiang Chen, but he doesn’t know where to start.

Jiang Chen Strangely, a woman in the distance expressed panic and grief.

The moment he saw the other person, Jiang Chen fully understood that this woman should be the daughter of Wang Shou.

After getting the answer from the emperor, she courageously didn’t cry, a pair of tears eyes only stared at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was looked at in this way, but he couldn’t get angry.

“Don’t let your father die.”

The emperor spoke, comforting the woman.

The woman is lightly nodded, still looking at Jiang Chen, saying: “So, in the eyes of your son of heaven, what is my father’s death?”

“I will avenge him, I will kill myself.”

“Sora is almost immortal in the realm, especially the bronze door. You still need my father to protect him, what to kill him. When you grow up, I am afraid the entire realm has fallen.”

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