The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 4526


Chapter 4517 seclusion left seclusion

Under the emperor’s asylum, Jiang Chen seclusion cultivation went smoothly and no one could disturb.

The power of the world is being formed by little by little accumulated within his body.

This is a long-term seclusion. Jiang Chen is as true body seclusion cultivation as before, two Law Body comprehend spell and Sword Dao.

After so long, his Sword Dao’s real combat has gradually matured and is about to change.

Apart from this, in addition to spell itself, the power of World is even more important.

Like the spells of the realm, they are mainly based on the Divine Power.

Jiang Chen found that there can be changes within the World, focusing on the overcast, and the spell in the realm will burst out of the unimaginable formidable power.

He remembered that there seemed to be a spell called Jiuyangfa at Heaven Realm.

If you can learn, you can gather Jiuyin and Jiuyang through the power of World.

His present power is dominated by two poles.

In this process, the emperor can accurately see the results of his cultivation, and the breath that he can feel every day is growing.

This is a shock to him. If he secludes cultivation by himself, it will also accumulate drop by drop, and in the end it will promote the strength with explosive results.

Jiang Chen is more like opening up a river. Power is rushing day by day and will eventually converge in the sea.

What kind of cultivation method is this? Wouldn’t there be no limit if given enough time?

The emperor is more and more surprised.

This power is the power of the Sacred Beast, which is the shade of the sun and the sun.

Over time, the emperor stopped paying attention to Jiang Chen because the bronze gate began to invade the 10th Layer.

As the emperor’s people are worried, Demon Race like a hot knife through butter. Undefeated War God temporarily suppressed their limelight. Now Undefeated War God returns to Heavenly Court and Demon Race is back.

The 10th Layer, which was originally the most stable, soon fell into chaos, and the fog was spreading everywhere. Every day, people died and every day they fell.

As a last resort, Buddhism closes each layer space.

Trapped Demon Race inside, while trapping everyone.

I don’t know how long the past was, Jiang Chen was interrupted from the state of seclusion.

Fortunately, his cultivation is gradual, if the result is explosive, then the previous efforts will be wasted.

Jiang Chen once again sigh with emotion present of Unique and Unmatched. If he does not go outside to provoke a strong enemy, give him ten thousand years to sweep Heaven and Earth, provided that the power of Taiyin and Taiji is sufficient.

But the question is who interrupted him. This is the emperor’s territory.

Jiang Chen seclusion is located in an enclosed space inside a Great Mountain, and the entire mountain has now closed down.

This affects him in the space, but people outside shouldn’t come at him, otherwise it won’t be that much.

Looking outside, Jiang Chen noticed that the statue of Emperor Jun was as high as the Great Mountain.

Jiang Chen heart startled, it seems that affair is much more serious than he imagined. In addition, he did not find the emperor’s breath here, but was knocked on by someone else.

It’s strange that he didn’t find the Breath of Demon Race here, let alone the bronze door.

Among the hands-on people, there is a person is the god of the realm.

Jiang Chen the reason why I saw it, I saw it last time.

The people who deal with these people are the emperor. One of the women is the Law Protector daughter he saw before Seclusion.

Jiang Chen came to her and startled her.

When you can clearly see it is Jiang Chen, the expression is complicated.

“How could the gods of the land come over?”

“You really don’t know anything.”

“How long have I seclusion?”

Seclusion cannot have the concept of time, otherwise it will shake the heart.

You must have the determination to stay on track.

“36 years.”

“What happened to affair?”

The woman didn’t answer. There was a man rushing over in front of her, killing intent resolutely.

Jiang Chen frowned, and showed no mercy, and gave a heavy blow.

The number in the palm of my hand jumped to nine, and the Yuanshi realm was frozen immediately.

This is a Peak realm that Jiang Chen could beat before.

But this is far from easy.

Looking at the frozen frozen sculpture, the woman was shocked, and then she took a decisive shot and broke it into pieces.

“Do you succeed in seclusion?”

The woman was very surprised, and thought that Chen Chen would be stunned by being awakened.

Jiang Chen also wants to say that she will definitely avenge her father’s revenge, but it is not easy to mention it.

“The emperor is working with the Buddha to suppress Demon Race and the bronze door, but these people desperately want to leave, so to find the key to open the passage is actually plunder.”

The woman was unwilling to answer, but the emperor’s team saw that there was a person powerhouse to help and immediately came over.

“Why don’t you let us leave and keep us here to die? What’s your name? Did you just figure out the situation and present the territories of despair? Do you have to wait to die? Only leave here Rely on Heavenly Court. “

The god of land that Jiang Chen knows is the man who tried to protect the nightingale last time.

“If Passage is turned on, Demon Race will be overwhelming, and the whole land will fall.”

The emperor’s side is determined.

“What do you say?”

The gods of the realm looked towards Jiang Chen.

“The common enemy is the evil Demon Race and the Bronze Gate area are in line with my position. You better leave now, otherwise don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Jiang Chen said decisively.

“I just want to make you stand, do you really think we need to rely on you? You still need others to protect the fellow’s life and death.”

The gods of the realm disdain to speak.

He said that everything else was fine, but he even mentioned the death of Law Protector.

The facial expressions of the women around Jiang Chen changed slightly.

Jiang Chen looked at the past and remembered that he was arguing before, and the other side also complained to him and the emperor.

Then there is nothing to say, Jiang Chen directly lights up the sword.

It is worth mentioning that Primal Chaos Divine Sword has a slight change in his sword light, interweaving rune and symbols, as if writing the laws between Heaven and Earth.

The god of the realm is lightly frowned. Compared with the last meeting, this fellow has changed a lot.

But the two were not at the same level, and he didn’t take it seriously at all.

“The gods of the realm are all Yuan Yijing. They are not afraid of the restraint of Primal Chaos. No, you do n’t have Primal Chaos.”

The woman said.

She did not see Jiang Chen handing the Primal Chaos bell to Tianzang, but Buddhism used the Primal Chaos bell when fighting against the bronze door.

“Not needed.”

Jiang Chen is standing in front of the emperor’s people, and glances across the life led by the god of the earth.

“If you take a step forward, kill them all,” he said coldly.

(End of this chapter)

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