The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 4555


Chapter 4546 Ending Everything

After explaining the affair clearly, Jiang Chen returned to Glacier World again.

At this time, he noticed that many eyes were secretly looking at himself, it should be Saint behind.

The bronze door cannot be opened. If Jiang Chen wants to go in, he must pass a Time and Space passage established by Ye Xue. After arriving inside, let the Primal Chaos bell sound and kill everything in front of him.

“How many gods are there?”


The holy gods behind Heavenly Court, the sun goddess of the West Queen Mother and Ye Xue herself.

In addition to the two people I saw last time at Glacier World, six others have not seen it.

“Get started.”

Jiang Chen doesn’t want to be too sensational, otherwise it seems like he can’t come back.


Yet Ye Xue had tears in his eyes and opened the passage with despair.

Standing outside the passage, Jiang Chen can feel the glomyy and cold breath from the other side, which is to warn him not to act blindly without thinking.

Jiang Chen stepped in.

As his silhouette disappears and the sadness on Ye Xue’s face, Celestial Emperor of Heavenly Court feels comfortable.

The problem that had troubled him for a long time was finally resolved.

What he is worried about is that if Jiang Chen fails, the trouble will be more serious.

For the first time, he wished Jiang Chen success in making an affair, and at the same time called back Undefeated War God to Heavenly Court.

Once Undefeated War God returns, Fairy Zixia comes right away.

This time, it is no longer a long-distance view, and it is beside present War God.

Celestial Emperor didn’t think much, he knew the story between Fairy Zixia and Jiang Chen.

If Zixia hadn’t been reporting the situation all the time, Heavenly Court couldn’t make the time so accurate.

Fairy Zixia, who returned to Heavenly Court, became deserted, apparently suffering from the heart. Present learned that Jiang Chen would die, perhaps because of guilt or other reasons.

On the other side, Jiang Chen came to a very disgusting World.

Above heaven under earth are all bloody meat pieces, as if entering other people within the body.

These pieces of meat are shaking, as if breathing.

The gap between the pieces of meat forms a passage, allowing Jiang Chen to walk in it.

To the end of the passage, a cave-like space appears.

There is a human figure trapped in the flesh.

For Jiang Chen’s arrival, this person struggled to come out of the flesh and looked very distorted.

But over time, it turned into a temperamentally incomparable evil charm man.

Step by step into Jiang Chen. At the same time, a whisper appeared in Jiang Chen’s ear.

With these voices, he understood the meaning of the other party.

Wisdom thinking is the kind of fire, but it is born within the living being, because the instinct of life is polluted.

The cruel and ruthless ones who make them wise.

The perfect thing is that the destination should be a tree, a grass, or a vine.

There will be no Slaughter in a World like that.

Without the order and rules of the victor, everything has no rules.

He is trying to create a harmonious World, but this harmonious World, his thinking is erratic like a mist.

Every life, like walking corpse, walks around the world.

The ultimate purpose of this is to ensure that the World will not be destroyed.

Present is the ninth epoch, when all is said and done.

After the ninth era cannot be sustained, World will return to one point.

At that time, there will be no order or disorder.

Jiang Chen understands the meaning of the other party, Jiang Chen doesn’t know where to start.

What Bronze Gate has done over the years is that it thinks it is saving the world.

Present to convince Jiang Chen to stand on their side and make World fall.

Jiang Chen doesn’t have much time to consider, and there won’t be any great batte here. Once a man walks towards him and touches him, he will fail.

“All of what you said is really attractive, but unfortunately I am the life that you think is created in an orderly way, even if it is the world annihilation, I also think that the way he and I know is destroyed.”

After hearing Chen Chen’s words, the disordered god stopped before him.

This is different from those previously represented. Some people will not believe it, and some people will be persuaded to stand on his side.

People like this often have dissatisfaction and attribute all misfortune to World’s fault, so they believe what he said.

Jiang Chen, he saw the same characteristics.

Jiang Chen was an enemy of his life and encountered many injustices and anger.

The dissatisfaction in my heart is the same, but Jiang Chen’s dissatisfaction is not cynical, nor is it worldly.

Even after the end of the ninth era, everything will be destroyed. Before that, he has enough time to reunite with his friends and family.

The disorderly god realized that the person in front of him could not be shaken at all, so he accelerated his pace and rushed up in a running way.

Before he arrives at Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen takes out Primal Chaos, and injects all his power to sound this.

With the bell, the disordered god howls and turns to ashes.

All blood clots were scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, and the entire World of Bronze Doors was cleaned.

Similarly, this also consumes all the power of life of Jiang Chen.

His power is exhausted. Power of life is derived from power. Power has dissipated, and it cannot support itself, as the power of the world dissipates.

He also started scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, and did not give him any chance and time to find a way.

Everything is irresistible.



Saints observing in secret immediately noticed the changes in Heaven and Earth.

The bronze doors of each and everyone disappeared, and Three Realms seemed to be clear.

Similarly, Celestial Emperor immediately let people check Jiang Chen’s fate and make sure he has been erased.

“Is this really smooth?”

Celestial Emperor thinks that this result is too easy. I can’t help but wonder if there is any confusion. I can carefully review every detail and conclude that there is an accident in impossible.

First of all, the Holy Spirit would not deceived him, and secondly he watched Ye Xue’s reaction carefully.

Ye Xue’s temperament will not deliberately pretend to be so sad, unless it is impossible to deal with.

In this way, there is no threat from the bronze door, and Heaven Real Court decides all three Realms.

His Celestial Emperor will be the supreme ruler on the bright side, and whatever choices Saint will make behind him will be executed by him.

The first thing he did was let the Undefeated War God go to the realm, and uproot the power that Chen Chen deployed there.

Undefeated War God executes the command unconditionally as usual. At the moment when he descends, his footsteps are slightly hesitated, and a light flashes through his eyes, but soon he recovers as before and continues to move forward.

Not far away, Fairy Zixia stared at him silently, with ray of comforting rays in her eyes.

(End of this chapter)