Wang Ling actually thinks he’s still very well suited to the performance circle, and after all, the little meat in this year’s art circle is because it’s not an actor in itself, because it’s time to be blamed for bad performance.

Happy reaction: glamour.

An angry reaction: a glamorous eye;


response to panic: the face is staring.

Disturbing reaction: paralysis

It’s the most powerful face paralysis formula, and it’s the perfect answer for some little meat in the exercise circle. That’s why Wang Ling thinks he can fuck him.

However, this sense of the main performance, Wang Ling is temporarily and physically impossible. He can use Hero Guo’s light to play a dragon set that is well known.

Before the second scene, the executive director found Wang Ling: “Comrade Wang, tell you about the second scene. The second play is a play. I don’t know where you’re going to lie.”

Wang Ling: “What?”

“That’s it, lying in different places, at different prices.”

The executive director opened the site map and Wang Ling patiently said: “This green region, which is basically safer, has been calculated in the course of the actor’s fight and the law of release, and will not reach the green region. Laying in green is $80-100 a day.”

“The yellow area is a medium hazard area, with a daily payment of $100-500. Because there may be substantial energy shocks over the course of the play, as accurate calculations usually do not pose a risk, but it needs to be said that there can be no turbulence once laid down. No matter how quiet it is, how loud it is, there can be no movement on the ground for fear, because it may cause disturbance. Sometimes actors blamed yellow areas for money, and they overestimated their psychological viability, and half climbed up, and then broke their legs. There is no major obstacle to the region as long as it does not move.”


“The red region, where remuneration is 800-1000 a day, depends on the performance of the actors. The red region is the intensity of the attack, and the actors lying there need very high psychological and vocational qualities. Because it will be covered by the law, it may be lightly burned in the course of lying. But this wound is controllable. We have a special cold cream, smelling the wounds on the first time after the film, and not leaving any scars. But on the assumption that it hurts.”

The executive director said, “In addition, we have green golden light masks in the red region, and green golden light masks will be automatically opened in the immediate aftermath of the legal bombing and will not pose a risk to our lives. But if there’s a turmoil, it’s likely to turn into a ashes.”

Wang Ling doubt: “green?”

“The green golden light masks can be removed once and for all.” Hero Guo explained.

Wang Ling: “…”

Executive Director Nodded: “In any case, the three regions above, the most important concern is: no disturbance! As long as you don’t move, there’s no danger to life! Comrade Wang, which one do you choose?”

Wang Ling expressionless: “red.”

His body was already Sage body, and the highway law couldn’t go to him, and even a few explosions in the area.

The executive director was bad, and he screamed, “The director! Finally, someone is willing to go to the red area!”

Wang Ling: “…”

And after listening to this decision, Hero Guo was nervous: “Wang Ling, too, you’re too hard to choose now?

“It’s okay.” Wang Ling’s face calm and composed.

Hero Guo had previously heard that Wang Ling seemed to be in need of money to buy younger sister gifts.

It’s just that Hero Guo didn’t even think that Wang Ling could do this for his younger sister.

About 20 minutes later, Wang Ling was placed behind his back with some 20 green golden light masks lying in the designated position in the red area. That is to say, he is going to endure almost 20 attacks, and the usual actor will not stand to be able to shake his face when he sees the shock fluctuating on his face. Besides, a high school student in the district?

Many therefore questioned Wang Ling’s next job.

“Young, really born calf is not afraid of tiger.”

“A good man has to die.


old dragons in a couple of theatres were arguing behind the back that they thought Wang Ling was dead, and that several of them had been acting for more than a decade, and that, in the face of a connected shock, the face was hard to sustain. And Wang Ling, this time, is a dead dragon suite, which means Wang Ling’s eyes are kept in a state of silence… is this really possible?

“The Dragon Glove is in position!”

“The actor is in position!”

As a result of several of the directors’ orders, the dragons are lying in their pre-established positions.

And then the actor went to the scene.

It’s an actor with a doll face, named “Child Spirit.” In fact, age has grown, but because of special means of maintenance and special cultivation technique, the physical condition is maintained at a child’s level, which appears to be only eleven to twelve years old.

This is a dramatic exercise in which Odd Zhuo, twelve years old, was cold and despised after having absorbed the magic, and finally, in the presence of an outbreak due to anger, there would be a huge explosion scene, and Wang Ling was a villager who died after being affected. In fact, this villager was not killed by Odd Zhuo. It was Demon Path’s plantation that wanted Odd Zhuo to be abandoned by the world.

“Brother Childhood, this is a trick, please.” Executive director is following the child’s spirit.

Childhood spirits put their own cigars down and changed their costumes with the help of their assistants, while turning their eyes into areas in the field. This drama has been delayed for a long time by the presence of the Big Bang and the fact that the red corpse area has not been willing to live. Of course, the theatre team tried to use fake people, but the overall effect was too fake to be identified even after a later stage.

This time, the red region is lying in a high school student, which makes the child suddenly feel a little interesting: “Is this kid voluntary or are you forcing?”

“Certainly voluntary” executive director wiped sweat.

He smiled: “Did he not know there were 20 waves of big explosions in that area? Does he really have a ability to do anything? Did you buy insurance? If I get hurt, I don’t care.”

“We have signed an agreement with him, and we promise that he will not be in danger of life as long as he does not move…”

Childhood Spirit: “hehe, I hope so.”

The first cow calf is not afraid of the tiger. You want to make some quick money, you’re gonna get mixed up? When an actor, where is it so easy? Even a dragon glove, it’s technical.

And then, lightly smiled, he suddenly wanted to catch Wang Ling.

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