The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1123

When Wang Ling would not have been able to become a small transparency estimate in 60 years, the events now seem to have been somewhat contrary to the “low-profile human being” strategy developed by the original Prince’s parents for him.

Wednesday, 12 November.

That night, Wang Ling took one of the parents’ books and two tickets.

Because it has been upgraded to a national contest, the Church Committee in the Shanghai City decided to pack the next hotel by the time to provide the parents of all students in the Shanghai municipality with a floor tour. Prince and Prince’s mother were naturally invited, but this beating of living couples had not participated in Wang Ling’s parents’ assemblies since the beginning of the first half of the school, and had been looking for others, for example, once in the first half of the semester, Wang Ling was looking for Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal.

So Wang Ling thinks King’s parents really don’t have to be here…

“Yo, it’s a big event, and there’s a ticket.” When Wang’s father received this statement of lading and two tickets, he was thinking.

The ticket, which school has sent in advance, went to or did not go to the parents’ own business, would not be carefully monitored, nor would Teacher stare at which parents came or which parents did not come.

The problem is, however, that physical exchange activities such as that of the Prince’s father do not, in fact, facilitate the mediation of the patriarchal activities of their spouses.

In recent times, the prince’s father and her mother have been working carefully on “fetal education”, and the prince’s mother has been working around her stomach, and his father has been following around, and they have visited various human museums about the repair of true history, trying to calm the king down with artistic fumigation. “In theory, the girl should be more silent, but in view of Wang Ling’s post-birth situation, the princess’s parents still feel that this silent breeding work is important!

Wang’s dad was staring at the report sheet and the ticket, and finally decided to reject it: “Would you like to go or find Little Ray?”

Wang Ling: “…”

He knew it!

“Don’t look at you now very quiet, reluctant to speak, actually, when you were born. I and your mother have always doubted that the prenatal activities were not well done. I’ve been taking you younger sister to the Human Art Show for a few days. I just hope you younger sister can be quiet.” The father says, “What if you get your younger sister fumized violence?” Your mother and I can’t beat you. ”

This is a shock to Wang Ling: “…”

What do you mean you can’t beat him?

I can’t beat him since I was born!

And it is crucial that Wang Ling do not feel that this static fetus teaching exercise will limit his or her ability to younger sister.

As long as it was known, Wang Ling had been given enough trouble during the summer holidays, when Wang Ling had been warmed up in the heart of Wang Ling, although his lovely younger sister had not yet been born, his younger sister had been judged by the difficult extent of the shadow that he was not sure he was someone who she was easy to deal with.

Wang Ling took the tickets from the hotel and then he signed it on the notice list.

Honestly, Prince’s parents don’t go, but for Wang Ling, there’s a sense of dissolution, and as long as they think they’re going to watch their own performance in the game, they always feel nervous as a party to the child.

The other night, Queen’s mother was wearing a menu, and he and Dad were talking about the national race: “You really want to see it.”

“…” The princess’s father was watching the newspaper and silent.

“On the day of the big game, I was going to go to the street with a couple of sisters, and you don’t have to worry about me. They always looked after me.” The king’s mom says.

My father put down the paper, sat straight, and listened to his mother and said, “This national contest is very difficult, making it so often so low that Teacher can be elected, which proves that this child still likes Teacher very much. You look at it, and you father and son don’t usually say a few words, and this is a good opportunity for you to try to talk to your son and stay close to each time you use the zero money. It is also good to see what the order is, how much more emotional and understanding can be done in the competition.”

“Cough… but…”

“The order has taken the ticket to the entrance, right?” Mother laughed, she opened the drawer and took out the ticket: “I got it from the order.”

“…” The prince’s father took the ticket, and there was some trembling inside.

“You’re arrogant.” Royal Mother evaluation.

“Hey, you think I’d like it!” Wang Dad broke his mouth.

This gym exchange, Father Wang really wants to see, on the one hand, as his mother said, how Wang Ling is going to play. On the other hand, it is also intended to obtain material.

This is not much collected by the Prince’s father of the Arts Exchange, a national big game with 102 high school competitions, and the full matrix has left the Prince’s father unhappy.

Sources of material derive from life, the collection of people around the world and social news, the integration of the materials into the novel, which reflects the sense of the age of novel, is also one of the main writers of the King’s father’s mandate.

Just like a webmaster and fruit farm incident that happened the other day, the King’s father wrote a paragraph into the book the following day.


cause of the incident was the fact that a fruit farmer set up a shop on the Internet, because of a handshake, $26,450 g of Orange commodities was set up as $26,450 kilograms, and the error immediately raised concerns about the so-called “34181; Mao Mao Party” on the network.

A brilliant webmaster, broadcasting this error openly into his own fan, called on the fans to order orders on the Internet, and they expected the seller to be unable to deliver the goods, and immediately chose a collective complaint to receive 10 per cent of the compensation in the form of a complaint.

The poor fruit farmer was ordered by tens of thousands of dollars a night, and tens of thousands of bonds in the store were empty.


Such acts are no longer 34181; sheep hair, but sheep cutting… Such misappropriation of the profits of others does not seem to be shameful to anyone.

However, in view of the compatibility of the subject matter, the first response was to take into account the reasonableness of the change when he saw it. As a composite novelist, such modern operations appear in their own repairs and novels and have not been spared some ambiguity.

So, in the King’s story, he re-edited this 34181; sheep’s story…

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