The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1586


Although the final hunter looks almost like an octopus from a distance…

But when it comes to appetite, Wang Ling won’t have it, even if he’s hungry, he won’t have such thoughts.

However, Wang Nuan obviously didn’t think that way. Wang Ling looked at the hungry child next to him, feeling inexplicably complicated.

speaking of which Nuan girl has hurriedly fought against this tomb god who claims to be the “overlord of the universe” without even drinking a mouthful of warm milk since she was born.

Wang Ling thinks his sister is really not easy.

Since I am hungry…

Then just eat it.

But will the “End Hunter” that looks like an octopus taste really good?

Wang Ling has always questioned this.

Boom rumbling!

There are more and more terminal hunters who are useful from the nameless fog ahead, and the number is no less than tens of thousands.

They were shrouded in a layer of faint black light, and their evil compound eyes were covered with red bloodshot eyes, and they were filled with huge eyeballs that looked like grinding discs.

In addition to this, there are other old creatures that are constantly using them from the cracked ground.

Drilling Earth Demon insects, macrophages worms, ancient wood xuan worms…These existences that only appeared in ancient universe gods have all appeared now. Densely packed insects are springing up from the earth like bamboo shoots after a rain.

At first, there were only a few sporadic animals, and then there was a blowout burst in an instant.

It was just to protect the evolving tomb god, and it actually triggered rounds of gods that only appeared in the ancient universe.

In this scene, everyone who is in Wang Tong’s vision sharing state from a distance is shocked.

Sun Rong covered himself with his hand and opened his small mouth slightly to conceal his astonishment.

This scene is definitely a nightmare of intensive phobia…

These terrifying ancient creatures, she has never seen unheard-of, just looking at them has a disgusting feeling that makes hair stands on end.

Especially when the millions of Demon Insects, worms, and black worms on the ground are accelerating forward with their bodies bowed.

Sun Rong can clearly see the viscous purple green mucus on the abdomen of these insects.

When the insects are next to each other, the nauseating mucus is intertwined into a ball, which has a terrifying wire drawing effect when separated.

In this scene, Wang Ming’s scalp numb was also seen.

These old rulers of the ancient universe are beyond his cognition, and as the most powerful brain on Earth, Wang Ming is also trying to understand what is happening in front of him.

At this moment, the monk Jin Deng, who was healing, also got up, and he saw what is happening in the supreme world through the “卍字曈”.

“Looking at the monk’s current expression, it seems that what is happening now is a bit beyond your expectations.” The crisp noodle Taoist saw it really, as a “real Avatar”, although he is an independent individual, but as long as Wang Ling agreed that he can also share vision after he applies for access to Wang Tong.

In fact, there is a certain difference between the crisp noodle Daojun and Wang Ling, but when the two faced this apocalyptic scene, they showed that my calmness was surprisingly consistent.

The monk frowned: “This poor monk probably thought that he had gained some of the power of the mystery. Maybe he wouldn’t die so easily. But it really didn’t expect that this man actually had the bloodline of the ancient universe god…”

The civilization of the old ruler era, the monk once had a one-sided understanding of the teachings of Wang Daozu.

That era happened a long time ago, far beyond the civilization of human cultivator, but for some reason, that deep ancient civilization was completely annihilated.

No one knows what exactly caused a civilization that was so strong in ancient times to be destroyed in an instant.

As a symbol of the civilization of the ancient universe, the “mystery” discovered by Wang Daozu is one of them.

“In those days, Master Daozu knew the dangers of the secrets, so he tried to seal them.” The monk said, “It is said that when they found it, it was just an ordinary stone. Dao Zuda people collected this stone by his side. After a while he heard a heartbeat from inside the stone.”

“heartbeat?” The crispy noodles Daojun touched his chin, and felt that he heard something very interesting: “So this secret thing named Mandate of Heaven is actually left by an external god in the ancient universe. Heart fossil?”

“This…this poor monk is not clear…”


On the other side, in the supreme world shrouded in chaos, the battle continues.

The densely packed insect on the ground made Wang Ling a little uncomfortable. He took a deep breath and the Niwan Palace shook in his mind!


An invisible loud bang spreads around Wang Ling and reaches the minds of every living creature in the highest world.

For a time, space freezes, and even time seems to have stagnated.

Everything in front of me stopped. Those final hunters who were baring fangs and brandishing claws in the air, including the worms constantly moving on the ground, in this brief moment all seemed to be petrified and motionless.

This is only 5% of Wang Ling’s mental pressure, but when released, it is enough to deter the audience!

These pressures are all Wang Ling’s stresses when he is usually working as a function body, and he is afraid of destroying the world with too much force in his life.

It doesn’t seem to be too much pressure, but after accumulated over a long period of time, it can reach a very terrifying level.

However, Wang Ling didn’t expect that he only released 5%.

The ancient universe creatures in front of each and everyone were shocked by him.

After a few seconds of silence, the insects that emerged from the earth retreated one after another under this huge pressure. They re-drilled back into the earth, with the same steps, and they were very careful…

And these old dominators named “Final Hunters” who flew in the sky crashed from the void and fell to the ground.

Later, Wang Ling jumped down the ancient mountain and began to examine these “final hunters” who had passed out under tremendous mental pressure.

Wang Ling squatted down and poked one of the final hunters with a finger.

Whether it is the touch, or the fishy smell that resembles seafood on the surface.

All this seems to be no different from grilled squid in a barbecue restaurant…

The most important reason why he used the method of releasing mental pressure to shock the audience is to ensure the fleshy quality of these ancient universe creatures.

After all, if you directly use Wang Tong’s ability to release rays, these guys will all die and turn into fly ash on the spot, and your sister may not even be able to eat a piece of meat.

At this time, Wang Ling sighed deeply, he was not polite, he directly pulled out one of the tentacles of the final hunter, and then used the most basic “palm flame technique” to burn the tentacles. .

In a short while, a scent has spread.

Without any seasoning, the warm girl “ao wu” took a bite and bit directly on the tentacles.

But after just chewing for a while, Wang Nuan vomited the meat out of his mouth.

Because the meat of the final hunter is not delicious.

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