The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1587


Wang Ling has discovered a serious problem.

That is, although she and Wang Nuan were both born from the same womb, the taste of what she eats is really different from her own.

Why always stare at something weird looking?

And don’t know why.

He always felt that the girl warm had just eaten the tentacles of the hunter.

It seems to be a little bigger than before.

Wang Nuan looked like he had thrown up that piece of tentacle meat, but he actually ate part of it.

Girl Nuan still has her own picky pursuit of meat quality.

The part that was spit out is relatively old.

The battle is coming soon, she knows very well that her poor and thin body needs to be recharged in time.

Who made her just a weak baby girl?

At the same time, in order to ensure that she will not continue to become a weak woman when she grows up, Nuan girl suddenly realized a new skill.

That is… tonic!

I think when Wang Ma was pregnant with her, she had eaten all kinds of supplements and high-nutritional food.

speaking of which, Nuan girl is now labeled “foodie”.

In fact, there are also prenatal education elements of Wang’s mother.

When Wang Nuan’s eyes focused on the flesh of the incomparable gigantic grave in front of which was exuding the light of revival, the grave Divine Idol also felt a bit dangerous.

Although now, the grave god is just a huge mass of meat, but he actually possesses spiritual wisdom.

This piece of meat is actually an embryo of an external god!


This is the most powerful lineage among the rulers of the ancient universe!

In Wang Nuan’s eyes, the golden-yellow rays of light, which are like salted egg yolks, are a signal of revival, flashing repeatedly on the huge body of the grave god with a heartbeat-like frequency.

It seems to be a kind of holy light, especially in this dark and boundless supreme world, the existence of the tomb god is like Gods Vestige.

Everyone who saw this scene was shocked by the scene before them.

“It’s far beyond the height of a human cultivator…” It was the first time that even the monk saw the ancient universe and the resurrection of the outer gods.

A huge Ancient God Palace, like a mirage, has spawned, and it appears as if the call of the god of the tomb has been recruited.

This Ancient God Palace looks like nothingness, and it seems to exist. Every ancient pillar and wall are carved with obscure runes. Remember, it is full of Heaven and Earth, exuding a kind of terrifying brilliance. .

Wang Ling rolled up his sleeves and wanted to smash the God Palace with a punch, but at this moment, he used Wang Tong to see inside the Ancient God Palace that there was a three-petaled tentacled root. Golden Lotus.

This made Wang Ling’s idea of ​​smashing the Ancient God Palace with a punch instantly dissipated.

Because these three-petal Golden Lotus seem to be closely related to his Wang Tong, whenever he releases his strength, there is such a three-petal Golden Lotus blooming in his pupil.

But from the appearance, there are some subtle differences between the Golden Lotus in the Ancient God Palace and Wang Tong.

Can I only go in and take a look…

Wang Ling has explored Wang Tong’s problems for many years, and finally found a clue that may be a clue, so she didn’t plan to give up easily.

A Nuan, sorry.

At this time, Wang Ling reached out and rubbed the younger sister’s head.

Exploring the Ancient God Palace will undoubtedly take time, which means that A Nuan may be hungry for a while.

To be on the safe side, Wang Ling selected the dead hunters on the ground who had the most tender flesh and put them into Wang Tong.

What if there are seasonings in Ancient God Palace…

Maybe this final hunter will taste better.

“Outside the God Palace…” At this moment, through the 卍字曈, the Golden Lantern monk also saw this horrible scene.

He had seen this similar building from Wang Daozu’s public notes, so he observed it for a while and recalled it.

“What is Ling Zhenren doing…absolutely can’t go in! It’s too dangerous!” The expression on his face changed drastically, surprised.

Because it was written in Wang Daozu’s notes.

Outer God Palace…

That’s where went but never returned.

Wang Daozu once sent several real Avatars to explore the God Palace outside the temple, but none of them came back, all of them were lost in the palace!

This is more terrifying than the supreme world!

It is equivalent to walking into the rules of others!

And the most terrifying thing is that the outer God Palace at this moment is in the highest world within the realm. If Wang Ling walks inside…equivalent to is double yoke!

The monk has never dealt with the creatures of the ancient universe, but when that kind of heart-palpiting breath was felt by the monk for the second time since the last battle with Wang Ling… Monk Jin Lan had already felt it before his eyes The situation is very bad.

On the other side, the grave god didn’t expect that the young man in front of him would take the initiative to walk into his own God Palace.

The Supreme World + God Palace outside.

Such a combination of pressure is incomparable gigantic. He didn’t know if Wang Ling was stupid, but he took the initiative to walk into the “cage” he arranged.

And that’s all when I came in by myself, I even brought my younger sister in.

But this way, the grave god felt that he saved him a lot of things.

Heh, what a funny two Little Brat……

At this moment, it is about to take shape and completely evolve into the tomb god of the outer god, feeling that he has a clearly understood power of all things in the universe.

He stared at the two siblings who stepped into the God Palace outside.

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