The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1589


Along with the appearance of Wang Ling’s mental identification value, the entire dry forest burned out in a golden fire sea instantly, and the owner of the dry forest died terribly.

He confidently entered this bet with Wang Ling, and he didn’t expect such a result until the moment before his death.

In fact, Wang Ling didn’t expect that the rule system of Inside the palace is relatively fair.

After the old man lost, he was directly punished by the law, and there was no room for negotiation.

Is this the confidence of the outer gods in the ancient universe age?

Don’t even let yourself go.

Wang Ling couldn’t help but let out a helpless sigh in her heart.

For a powerful foreign god, this is really just a game.

In the game of chess, any piece can be discarded.

However, this place is someone else’s land after all, and the rules of the game are the final decision.

Wang Ling only hopes that since this is the set rules of the game, it should be followed.

He can afford to play this game.

But some people may not be able to afford it.

This dry forest disappeared in the golden flames, but not nothing was left.

Wang Ling found a golden cube with six sides.

Three sides are whiteboards, two sides are 1 point, and one side is 3 points.

Wang Ling judged that this should be an additional item reward obtained after passing the withered forest level.

And when he focused his gaze on this golden cube, a string of golden explanatory text also appeared on the top of this cube immediately.

[golden magic block]

【It can be used before any basic ability judgment of “strength, mind, knowledge, speed, blood” is performed, and the number of thrown points is a multiple of the basic ability judgment. If it is a whiteboard, the judgment result is: 0, the golden magic block can only be used once, and the magic block will automatically disappear after use. 】

Wang Ling accepted this magic block.

Although he doesn’t know what the reward is for him.

He is already +∞, even if it is a few times more, it seems not bad.

On the contrary, this thing held in his hand is a double-edged sword for Wang Ling. After all, there is a whiteboard. If it is thrown on the whiteboard, it will be very dangerous for him.

He is an honest child.

I still want to play the game according to the rules.

Turn up the table if you can’t afford it…

Is Wang Ling such a person?

After solving the dead wood incident, there are three more doors in front of Wang Ling that are covered by golden light.

He didn’t hesitate and chose the middle door directly.

The new Small World that appeared in front of you was a large swampland, and the purple reeds were several ten zhang high, which obscured everything.

Such a scene is full of wild and primordial flavors, and quiet and terrifying.

Based on Wang Ling’s own experience, there must be creatures in the depths of this large swamp. Wang Ling made a seal with one hand and split up several sentries with his own aura to test all around.

When these sentries passed by the middle area of ​​Small World, a strange wave appeared there, and they gnawed directly at his sentry.


A scream came, almost astonishing.

But this scream is not the scream of the sentry released by Wang Ling, but the scream of the creature lurking under the swamp.

The creature wanted to pounce on the sneak attack and directly crush the sentry, but it didn’t expect that the sentry was too hard! Its steel teeth were hit hard!

Then, the two siblings of Wang Ling and Wang Nuan felt the anger of this creature from a distance…

In this swamp, no one has ever dared to tease him like this.

Next, the swamp in this Small World began to bubbling, exuding a foul-smelling smoke, and it boiled with the breath of the swamp creature’s rage.

In the next instant, a black glow emerged from the ground, coming from Wang Ling’s back sneak attack from a mysterious angle.


Wang Ling’s six senses are bright and he doesn’t even turn his head. He just raises the sword and swings it backward. In an instant, the sparks ra­di­ate all around offset by the light shot by the swamp creature.

The temptation of this blow has allowed Wang Ling to ascertain the general strength of this swamp creature.

The opponent’s overall battle strength is not strong, but the strange thing lies in the extremely fast speed.

In this swamp world, this creature has the ability to move to any position, move quickly, and then launch a new offensive under the overlapping foul silt.

Wang Ling gently tiptoed, floated her body, volleyed.

At the same time, Wang Tong turned around, and the eternal flame released from Wang Tong drowned all the reeds under his feet that obscured the line of sight, and burned thoroughly.

After losing the shelter of the reeds, the trajectory of this life can be described as unobstructed.

Seems to realize that he has been exposed, and this mysterious creature hiding in the swamp ground finally revealed his own identity.

It is pitch black and round, three meters in diameter, with hair and tentacles, it is actually another eyeball.

Wang Ling knew at a glance that this eyeball was probably one of the old dominators, and was of the same race as the hunters who had previously dealt with them outside, but it seemed a little different.

At this time, this eyeball came to Wang Ling instantly, eyes slightly shrink and let go! Then a black light forced a shot at Wang Ling with a brutal killing intent!

This is an extremely flaming pillar of fire, giving Wang Ling a sense of sight that An Qi has opened up.

Wang Ling wanted to block it, but the girl warmed up at this moment.

This little girl seemed to be really hungry, she couldn’t let go of anything. She opened her mouth on the spot and swallowed all the black flames in front of her with the power of the shadow.

This eyeball is obviously also shocked. It has lived so long, has never seen such an arrogant baby.

A pair of gnashing teeth, flustered and exasperated looks: “It’s a pity, I am not at the peak period, only a few organs are left. If you are completely physically, your two dolls will undoubtedly die.”

The eyeballs sounded in Wang Ling and Wang Nuan’s mind.

After finishing speaking, the eyeball turned his own eyeball slightly, Wang Ling was surprised to find that there was an engraving on the eyeball that was the same as the outside of the God Palace.

It was actually the eyeball from an outside god?

Wang Ling is looking thoughtful in her heart.

At the same time, this eyeball is also bitter.

It used to be at the peak period and is indeed a powerful foreign god.

Be aware that the outer gods are the most powerful race among the old rulers.

And after the outer grave god finally completes its transformation, what he becomes is the outer god.

However, it is a pity that in the long history of the past, the eye fans fell in love with people betting…As one of the few gambling dogs in the foreign gods queue, he lost his left arm, right arm, Left leg, middle leg…

Up to now, only part of the organs and eyeballs remain.

However, the eyeballs are still obsessed with betting.

The pair of siblings in front of me can come here. As far as power is concerned, the eyeballs think they can’t get a bargain.

Just now, it has been tested.

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