The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1590


As one of the powerful foreign gods among the former dominators, his eyes are extremely confident in his own speed attributes. In terms of speed, he believes that there is no opponent in this world that can rival him.

The civilization of the ancient universe has been annihilated for too long. At that time, they were the leading creatures of this universe.

As for the human cultivator that was later derived, in the eyes of the old dominators, it was just a feed that could provide nutrients that’s all.


However, unexpectedly, Wang Nuan laughed at this moment.

This sudden laughter made Wang Ling also startled.

He suddenly realized that Nuan Girl was completely different from himself.

Perhaps he discovered earlier…this girl’s expression and emotions are much richer than his own.

“Little Brat, how dare you laugh at me.” Wang Nuan glanced at it, and it glared at Wang Ling with a scorn.

At the same time, it has several points of mercy.

As a human cultivator, few people can actually get through this level. From the eyes of the eyes, it is not easy for Wang Ling and Wang Nuan to pass the dry forest in front of them safely.

From the perspective of a human cultivator, this pair of siblings is definitely at the top of the food chain.

But unfortunately, they are going to be buried here soon.

So, with pity and sorrow in its eyes, it looked straight at Wang Ling and Wang Nuan.

Sneered in my heart.

Laugh…just laugh…

It will be your siblings’ turn to cry soon.

After Wang Ling agreed to perform the “speed attribute” identification.


Same as the previous scene in the dry woods, a six-sided dice appeared in the sky.

The attributes of this level are based on the “speed attribute” of the eyeball.

In other words, Wang Ling’s speed attribute must exceed the eyeball’s speed attribute.

The six-sided dice now appearing in the air are actually the [golden magic block] effect obtained by the previous Wang Ling.

This is a double-edged sword.

Because Wang Ling is likely to throw to the whiteboard.

But in fact, even if you don’t cast it on the whiteboard, your eyeballs won’t have the slightest fear.

It waited quietly for the result.

Until the [golden magic block]’s dice face freezes at 3 o’clock, it suddenly laughs: “Boy, triple attribute bonus. Your luck is still good. But well, hehehe…”

It laughs very crafty.

Three times.

It admits that it is indeed Wang Ling good luck.

But what about three times?

Its attribute is +∞!

You are an Earth cultivator, even if it gives you ten times! Eighteen times! Thirty times! Can you beat me?

The eyeballs don’t believe in this evil at all.

It sneered.

Soon, the golden light in the sky began to publicize the speed of the eyeball.

is a “+∞” symbol.

Wang Ling was not surprised by this.

He actually knows that his eyeballs dare to bet against him, he must have strong confidence.

At this time, the eyeballs laughed again: “Boy, didn’t expect… From at first you are impossible to surpass me. You siblings should be able to provide me with good nutrients.”

It tone barely fell, and the result of Wang Ling’s speed attribute announcement appeared.

Wang Ling’s appraisal result: ﹢∞﹢∞﹢∞﹢∞……

Because there will be three times more attributes.

Wang Ling has three additional “﹢∞” symbols based on the speed attribute.

in the sky, a huge golden talisman, blinding the dog’s eyes on the spot.

Eyeball suck in a breath of cold air: “Ah this…”

Such results are unacceptable to the eyeballs.

Only an instant, its pupil shrink, bloodshot, red as blood, exuding a kind of light that makes the void twisted.

It can’t believe that a low-level creature from Earth can far surpass it in terms of speed.

But unfortunately.

It was handsome for only three seconds. In the sky, a line of golden ancient characters appeared, shining brightly, with a certain extinction pressure, and then banged, and a punishment unrolled bolt of white silk landed directly, like a Lance, across the sky!

An unstoppable blow!

Under such pressure, the proud speed of the eyeball has failed, and it constantly changes its position, but this lance has already locked it, with a certain tracking power.


Black’s blood splattered all over, the eyeballs were pierced by lance, and the ophthalmology exploded on the spot, like a pierced watermelon.

Then it quickly began to annihilate, and along with the swamp below it, it turned into a pile of dust and dissipated in Small World…

In the place where the eyeballs disappeared, leaving a black space hole, Wang Ling could clearly hear the resentful eyeball voice: “Sotos…you wanted to kill me… …But I was so insulted…you will definitely get retribution and punishment…”

With the last words of the eyeballs falling, the light of punishment in the sky golden disappeared, and tranquility was restored in Small World again, the swamps and reeds were gone.

And in front of Wang Ling’s eyes are three brand new doors.

What was said before the eyeball left, has been lingering in Wang Ling’s mind at this time.

This outer God Palace is indeed unusual to Wang Ling.

Since the other party wants to kill himself…

Then you can cheat and let him forcefully lose the game.

Now from the results, Wang Ling always feels that there may be deeper and more complicated reasons behind this.

The origins of these old rulers who were banned in the outer God Palace as the masters of the customs are extraordinary.

Although his eyeballs are weak, he was once an outside god of to rebuke Heaven and Earth.

But for what reason did they fall to this point…

This reminds Wang Ling of one thing.

That is the shroud of Wang Daozu.

He thinks that this method is similar to Wang Daozu’s routine of forcibly sealing those unfamiliar powerhouses in the Supreme Shroud.

At this time, Wang Ling called Zhang Ziqi in his heart.

Now the picture of the Supreme Shroud is in Wang Ling’s hands, and Wang Ling also used the method of changing the law to change the picture of the shroud.

In other words, Wang Ling is now the master of this Supreme Shroud.

When he saw Zhang Ziquai see his Wang Tong, he looked thoughtful.

Now that Wang Ling remembered, this thief might know something about civilization in the ancient universe.

The experience and knowledge accumulated by the powerhouse is terrifying.

Zhang Zipi has his own vast knowledge.

“You finally remembered me…”

Hearing Wang Ling’s call, Zhang Ziqua sighed immediately.

Wang Ling: “…”

At this time, Wang Tong and the Shroud Picture had a Divine Chain connection.

Only Zhang Ziqi in the picture saw what was happening outside.

The sight in front of him made Zhang Zipi slightly frowned: “This is…how do I look at it, it looks a bit like the God Palace outside?”

“En.” Wang Ling nodded indifferent expression.

When Zhang Zi heard this, he immediately hair stands on end: “Why are you so courageous! This is where there is no return!”

But he tone barely fell only to realize that the situation in front of him didn’t seem to be what he thought.

As far as he knows, entering the God Palace outside is bound to die.

But now…

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