The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1591


As far as Zhang Zipi’s knowledge is concerned, he knows exactly what kind of place this God Palace is.

As early as that year before he entered the shroud, he heard people say that Wang Daozu had sent his true identity to explore this mysterious ancient universe palace.

Then, none of the Avatars came back.

Since then, Zhang Zizi has started to investigate all the information about the palace.

Later, I gradually learned that this is the outer God Palace.

At first, he did have the idea of ​​breaking in, mainly because he thought there might be something worthless in the ancient universe palace, and he could go in and make a fortune.

He even deliberately released a lot of fake secret maps to lure some eternal powerhouses to explore the God Palace.

As a result, no one came out…

Since then, Zhang Zizie has completely dispelled the idea of ​​going to the God Palace outside to be a porter.

Now Wang Ling is standing here in the God Palace with good grace, and the expression on her face doesn’t show the slightest panic, which makes Zhang Tzu very surprised.

Judging from the basic speed attributes and mental attributes that have been revealed so far, young people are all “﹢∞”.

To be honest, Zhang Ziqian thinks this is a bit outrageous…

“What a troublesome kid…”

Zhang Ziqi sighed silently in his heart, and then opened his mouth and said: “I can only tell you what the old man knows. I have heard many things about God Palace, I have never seen it with my own eyes.”


He held his arms and deliberately put on an old-fashioned look: “Although you haven’t completed the task I set up as a condition for exchanging information… But this situation is a cooperation of compelled by circumstances. old man I have to help you. After all, if you die here, the old man’s desire to find younger generations will be lost.”


Wang Ling didn’t expect, this old man is quite arrogant.

But in a sense, he thinks Zhang Zizi is still a very interesting person.

Using Wang Tong and Wang Ling to transmit all the battle scenes, Zhang Ziqi paid particular attention to the name that the eyeball said before his death.


Zhang Zipi frowns saying: “It seems that the one outside inherits the bloodline of this outside god.”

“Why?” Wang Nuan asked.

It’s baby language, but what is amazing is that Zhang Ziqian understood it.

I saw Zhang Zipi nodded and said: “It is indeed very strong. This external god, ranked second in the ranking of external gods that year, claims to be omniscience and omniscience, knowing everything. It can connect time and space. One piece, and not bound by time and space.”

“Eye yeah?”

“Yes, all the information that the old man knew was from Wang Daozu’s notes. Although Daozu’s real Avatar did not come out of the outside God Palace, the investigation of the outside God Palace worked. I’m afraid. Before he died, the information was passed on.”

Zhang Ziqian said: “You have to be careful…this Sotos is not easy to deal with after the outer god Ranked 2nd. This outer God Palace is his hinterland. In order to gain powerful power, he Even at the mercy of enslaving his own people. The eyeball just now is the best example.”


Wang Ling nodded.

He can actually feel it.

This outside God Palace is actually a huge “pig farm”.

And this foreign god named Sotos is probably an old factory father.

Using one’s own outer God Palace, some old dominators are kept in captivity here for enslavement, and then they continue to absorb energy from the outside, allowing these enslaved old dominators to swallow these foreign creatures.

Until the day of fattening.

These enslaved dominators will eventually fall into this abyss.

And this is what Wang Daozu said in his notes, the outside god pig raising plan…

The era of the ancient universe is essentially the same as before the establishment of modern human cultivator civilization. It is an era of disorder.

It is the old “weak are prey to the strong” rule.

The foreign gods occupy a corner of the universe and compete with each other.

“It’s really cruel.”

Wang Ling sighed inwardly, expressionless.

However, his trip to the God Palace is not to give free feed to the old rulers here, but for the three-petal Golden Lotus hidden in the palace.

He asked like Zhang Zipi, but Zhang Zi scratched his chin and thought about it for a while. He didn’t have the slightest clue: “Do you mean the three-petal Golden Lotus? Well… it seems to be from the ancient universe I have seen it in Wang Daozu’s notes, but unfortunately the record of Golden Lotus at that time was very limited, and there are no more clues.”

At one time, Zhang Zipi broke into Wang Daozu’s residence several times in order to search for his “treasure.”

In addition to stealing the heart of the “old god”, what Zhang Ziquai thinks is the most valuable thing in his hand is the notes about Wang Daozu he saw after he broke in several times.

He didn’t go to peek into the privacy of the notes.

Because Wang Daozu’s notes usually contain newly generated secret realm coordinates in the universe. For cultivators who are eager to seek immortality, these Universe Secret Realms are Heavenly Paradise where each and everyone can quickly improve the realm.

So, what Zhang Ziqi really wants is the coordinate information of these Universe Secret Realms.

Then as long as he draws a treasure map and sells it, it is enough to keep him from falling into the trap, and he can live a richer life than most eternal cultivators.

These things Wang Ling only heard Zhang Zipi mentioned now.

He didn’t know that Zhang Zipi had such a history.

What made Zhang Ziquai also didn’t expect was that Wang Ling didn’t even forcibly search his memory without telling him.

Just ask a young man who doesn’t even care about the God Palace outside.

If you really want to forcibly retrieve your own memory, what about is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain?

But the boy in front of me doesn’t at all do that…

Zhang Zipi believes that he has lived forever and he has seen too many so-called powerhouses standing on top to rebuke Heaven and Earth and looking at people with their noses.

They are aloof and remote, and they are all in the posture of a dead mother.

Since Zhang Ziquai got to know Wang Ling, he suddenly discovered that the powerhouses he had known in the past are not as elegant as 1/10000th of Wang Ling.

“True powerhouse, are you gentlemen…” Zhang Zipi smiled bitterly at this time.

He has to admit that he has a good impression of Wang Ling in his heart.

Although the teenager seems not at all what to do to him.

In modern terms, the boy in front of him is an old Asashi.

“Go ahead. If the old man knows anything, he must know everything.” At this moment, Zhang Ziqian said, and he closed his eyes again in a fearless posture.

The new owner of the shroud in front of him gave him a great sense of security.

Anyway, he is already dead.

This business is nothing more than surrendering his life to accompany the gentleman…

If you die, don’t lose money.

If Wang Ling can walk out of this God Palace alive, then he will be a witness to history, and at the same time this matter can be told for a lifetime!

——I walked through the God Palace outside, and came out alive!

At this time, Wang Ling is selecting the next entrance.

In the sky, there is a purple feather gathering, and then falling down, slowly staying in Wang Ling’s palm.

This is the clearance reward for the second test [Chaos Shenyu]

Wang Ling was slightly surprised.

This time, the reward is not a one-time item.

It is a permanent Primal Chaos Artifact!

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