The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1614


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Facts have proved that women’s thinking is absolutely reasonable and can be judged, although Shou Chong is addicted to his own laboratory and various weird inventions.

However, in order to earn research funding and successfully sell my invention, it was also possible to keep the position in the circle of rich women.

A long, long time ago, he was once called the “woman killer.”

If it weren’t for age, it couldn’t withstand the lethality of steel balls.

Shou Chong felt that he could fight for another 500 years.

So becoming an internet celebrity spreads his inventions by making online videos to create virtual economic value.

This is the idea of ​​​​a last resort.

His research fee earns those middle-aged women who have been from the very beginning and transforms into rich Eldest Miss like Jiugong Liangzi and Sun Rong.

It is true that Eldest Misses are rich.

It’s in the hearts of teenage girls.

Shou Chong found that he couldn’t figure it out.

Of course, it may also be because he was once obsessed with women’s relationships.

It led to the solidification of today’s thinking.

Instead, I can’t figure out the thoughts of these Young Lady…

After interrupting the call with Sun Rong, Shou Chong was also complaining about the weirdness of this incident.

I’ve seen a ghost. I was still fighting secretly a while ago. Isn’t this reconciliation too soon?

This time, the plan to get in line with Sun Rong to contact Odd Zhuo has also failed.

This incident has been changed through Sun Rong and Jiugong Ryoko, and Shou Chong felt that his actions were indeed a little rash.

After mainly contacting the two sides, Shou Chong began to have a vague intuition.

He thinks that these two Eldest Misses may now be in the same boat.

If this is the case, it would be very dangerous to exchange information about meeting with Odd Zhuo by shaking Jiugong Liangzi’s illicit information.

Compete with the Eldest Miss of the two chaebols with his own power and impossible.

“It seems that there is only other way.”

Shou Chong sighed silently.

The assistants in the laboratory also showed shocked and pale eyes.

“Does the Teacher want to…”

“You can only take out the trump card baby. As long as you can establish contact with No. 60 Middle School, finding Odd Zhuo is only a matter of minutes.”

Shou Chong lighted a cigarette and held it in his mouth, and then said: “And in this way, you can also screen for one move, two gains to see if there is any hidden deep in the No. 60 middle school students. People…”


Wednesday, December 23, the day after the cultivator animalization incident ended.

In general, Wang Ling’s study and life have returned to normal order.

Although there are still some people who have not come to school, they are harmless.

It is said that there are several teams of psychological teachers who specialize in Sect in No. 60 Middle School and come to give psychological counseling to those students who have become completely animalized.

Chen Chao was envious: “Ah! Teacher Yang Han, the director of the psychotherapy room, is beautiful because of Teacher! It’s really cheap, Lao Guo!”

He heard that Teacher Yang was going to Guo Hao’s house for a home visit, and he started to hype the matter in the class since his early self-study.

Obviously in the animalization incident, the most comfortable person is Guo Hao.

Playing with the anthropomorphic imperial sister Dopey at home with whip and candle play, I don’t want to go to school because of the psychological shadow!

Chen Chao held his arms in the class with indignation and grinned.

Wang Ling continuously wipes sweat on the side.

If someone else said it, Wang Ling might not believe it.

But from Chen Chao’s mouth, the result is different.

In this morning’s class, the old Pan was unprecedented and did not ask to write the formula of the characters and seals as soon as he entered the door.

Instead, he held a stack of notices and asked Little Peanut to help send them down.

“National cultivation Academy ranking system update notice”, the gray notice was stamped with the black stamp of batch copy of the school, and the huge title suddenly caught everyone’s eyes.

“As you can see, all the nationwide cultivation Academy ranking systems will be updated.”

Old Pan stood on the podium and said to everyone: “The five-dimensional test will be conducted mainly through mentality, strength, speed, knowledge, qi and blood, and then comprehensively evaluated, and the test results will be published on the list. You can see your real-time ranking.”

“…” Wang Ling stared at the notice.

I always feel that the content of these dimensional tests seems a bit familiar…

After all, he just recently tested it from the outside God Palace.

And the values ​​have reached positive infinity.

If this test is going to be done in No. 60 Middle School now, this makes Wang Ling feel a bit of a nuisance in an instant.

Someone raised their hand at this time: “Then Teacher, are our rankings and those of Gold Core college students in the same list?”

“The rankings of high schools and universities are independent. But it is also a reference for subsequent advancement. Students with high rankings must be easier to enter a higher education. I hope everyone can pay attention to it.”

Teacher Pan said: “However, this system has not been updated so soon, and it is still in the stage of internal testing. The Ten Thousand Schools Alliance is bidding for a suitable test system for scientific enterprises across the country. Only after the universities cooperate with the test can it be launched nationwide.”

“It turned out to be like this.” Everyone was nodded.

Wang Ling looked at the notice in his hand, and he understood what it meant.

It seems that the Ten Thousand Schools Alliance has received submissions from several technology companies.

And Sixty Middle School seems to be carrying out experience activities for one of the test systems to see if the entire test system can operate normally.

Of course.

The point that Wang Ling cares most about is not the test system itself.

It is the person who developed this test system…

“Everyone has seen the notice. The system currently allocated to our school is a masterpiece developed by the very popular scientist Shouchong master on the Internet.” Old Pan said. Yes, but in my heart it is actually calm and composed. Even if you listen carefully, you will feel that the language has several points of eccentric.

She never pays attention to those Internet celebrities, and she has no interest in defending.

As for the title of master, it is only a polite title…

What no one knows is that Old Pan actually has a very disgusting emotion towards Shou Chong.

It’s not because of Shou Chong’s weird inventions.

It is Shou Chong who deceived her many women’s circles by inventions…

So this time the surging test system is put in the sixty.

So Old Pan felt that he would catch revenge.

At this moment, she was standing on the podium and filled with indignation: “Classmates! I hope you all will cooperate with you to take the test this time! Who can find out the bugs in this system! Later, she has the right not to participate in the dictation! Plus a mysterious head teacher A big gift package! Guaranteed value for money! It will definitely make everyone here want it!”

“Big gift package? It’s not homework, right…” Someone couldn’t help laughing.

“I pledge with my personality and my classmates that it is not an assignment.” Teacher Pan said with a smile: “Moreover, there are many gift certificates in the package.”

“Gift certificate?”

“For example, it is not called a parent voucher. As long as it is not a heinous principled error, this voucher can save parents from coming to school.”

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