The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1617


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The investigation of the deformed Vajra caused quite a stir among the core members of the battle clan.

In Cultivation World, there are many kinds of spells that are easy to change. Many times they are used to explore Secret Realm and the world’s loose cultivators during group expeditions.

Unfamiliar cultivators don’t know each other, so it’s common practice to apply identity actions for security reasons.

Someone used a thousand faces to team up with different people to explore Secret Realm. When this story was revealed, the term “man with a thousand faces” became popular in Cultivation World.

But a thousand-faced man certainly has a thousand faces, no matter what he looks like, everyone sees the same face at the same time.

Unless there is a spell that is more powerful than “Thousand Faces”, otherwise it is impossible to create a situation where everyone sees things differently.

This matter is a bit superb for the core members of Zhanzong.

Fortunately, two new eternal advisors have recently been welcomed among the core members.

One is Li Xian, a star wanderer who is always able to move summon meteorites.

The other is Zhang Zizi, who is known as the father of Chevala.

The two were the first eternal powerhouses released by Wang Ling from the Supreme Shroud map, and as soon as they came out, they successfully completed the tasks set by Wang Ling at the time.

Now, I have officially settled down in Songhai City, and I have started to learn a little bit and adapt to the life of a modern cultivator.

The place to live was arranged by Odd Zhuo.

It is still Wei Zhi’s cadre apartment.

Previously, after Liu Qingyi and Wang Zhen moved out, the original lively atmosphere was instantly deserted and occasionally made Wei Zhi feel lonely and lonely.

He was not used to living under the same roof with strangers.

But now I am getting used to it.

The main reason is that he has too many pets.

Lack of money.

The Zhanzong gave it too much…

It’s just that a few people live together in the living area, and he can solve all his feeding expenses, not to mention that he is still very rich.

This is a very good deal for Wei Zhi.

The only drawback is that Wei Zhi found that the two newly moved uncles seem to have just entered the city, and they often do strange things.

“Senior, this thing is called a refrigerator…you don’t need to snow at home, look at my gu gu chicken, it’s green,” Wei Zhi blushed with shame.

“Okay, I’m sorry, Mr. Landlord.” Li Xian scratched his head and apologized from the bottom of his heart

Currently, he and Zhang Ziqi are destined to have a long time to learn about the use of electrical appliances in cultivation life.

The attitude of admitting mistakes is good, but Wei Zhi is actually not taking seriously.

As for the details of the two, he didn’t remember to ask until Li Xian and Zhang Zipi moved in.

Because the Zhanzong’s money is too much.

The money caused Wei Zhi to be dazzled for a short time, and he agreed without even thinking about it.

“Well, brother Odd Zhuo…what is the origin of these two uncles?” Wei Zhi called and asked at the time of lunch.

He just saved the world again.

Because there is a Heavenly Dao durian in the family, Li Xian and Zhang Ziqi are very curious.

When Wei Zhi discovered that the two were smashing the durian with a meteorite, he quickly stepped forward and popularized a wave of durians.

That’s it.

The poor spirit of the earth escaped once again…

“Oh, it turned out to be Brother Wei Zhi. Do the two uncles you mentioned refer to Li Xian Senior and Zhang Ziqi Senior?” Odd Zhuo said with a smile.

“Yes. I think they are weird…”

A few days ago he heard the two talking in the room.

It turned out to be something he didn’t understand.

“Dao is Tao, very Tao. Brother Ziqi is a bit too persistent, he has had attachments, let go of attachments… is the right way.

“Existence precedes essence, let me ask you, what is the essence of Tao?”

“Then how to define existence?”


In a few words, Wei Zhi was a little confused.

I still feel dizzy when I recall.

On the other side of the phone, Odd Zhuo couldn’t help laughing immediately after hearing Wei Zhi’s complaints.

“Blam me. I forgot to tell you. Li Xian Senior and Zhang Ziqi Senior have been in retreat for a long time, so they are not very familiar with modern cultivation life. Arranging them to move in at your side also wants you to spare time Guide them more.”

Odd Zhuo said: “Why, did it trouble you?”

“It’s not too much trouble to arrive.”

“Zhanzong will double the compensation for any losses caused to you during the stay of the two Seniors, please rest assured.”

“A lot of the rent has been paid…” Wei Zhi raised his forehead, showing a bitter smile.

He’s actually not that caring person.

I just want to know more about Li Xian and Zhang Ziqi.

After all, I still have to live together for a long time.

If you can understand your temper, you can avoid many unnecessary conflicts.

On the phone, Odd Zhuo thought about it, and then said, “You have been working hard for the past two days, Brother Wei Zhi, and I will let Erha visit you in a few days. You haven’t seen it for a while, right?”

This is a reassurance for Wei Zhi.

“Ah! Ergouzi!” Wei Zhi exclaimed.

It’s true that he hasn’t seen Erha for a long time. When I went to find Erha before, I heard that Erha had been in retreat.

Of course, the past few days Erha didn’t come to Wei Zhi, it was not because of retreat.

It has long since been promoted to a beast.

It’s just recently that Wang’s mother gave birth to Wang Nuan not long ago, and needs care.

As a mature dog, Erha also began to learn to wash clothes, cook and change diapers for the warm girl…

“Then it’s a deal, Odd Zhuo brother!”

Now that Erha is coming, Wei Zhi is immediately happy.

I feel happier than receiving the rent.

After the call was interrupted, he was planning to go out to the Spirit Beast market to buy some beef bone sticks and big meat flies to come back to make special dog food for Erha.

This is a food specially invented by Wei Zhi for Erha.

Using the “Bone Crusher” to crush the bone marrow inside the bone, then insert a vacuum suction tube on the side of the cow bone to suck out the bone marrow and mix it with the big meat flies, put it in a juicer, break it up, and mix it one by one. Sprinkle the nutritional powder packet.

Finally, it was successfully accomplished by re-injecting it into the complete beef bone stick for baking.

Only when Erha comes to the door can you enjoy this Imperial Family treatment.

As one of the few friends in the Erha human world, Wei Zhi is really interesting.

While changing shoes at the door, Wei Zhi suddenly saw Zhang Zi stealing over: “Mr. Landlord, if you can, can you bring the old man with you?”

“Where is Lee Hyun Senior?”

“He was planning to go out with me, but he just received a call from Sect Master, and he is busy.”

“That’s OK. Senior just follow me. If you don’t understand anything, don’t rush to shoot…” Wei Zhi said.

“I understand.” Zhang Zipi smiled, confidently promised.


The two took the bus from the cadre’s apartment all the way to the Spirit Beast market.

On the bus, everything is harmonious.

Let Wei Zhi also slightly relaxed.

But when we got out of the car, Wei Zhi suddenly found something was wrong.

Because he found that Zhang Zizie had an extra sack in his hand, which was filled with coins…

“Senior you…”

“Sorry, I couldn’t hold back for a while.”

Zhang Zizhao touched the back of his head awkwardly: “How can I return this sack?”

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