The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1621


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In the middle of the night, Li Xian and Zhang Ziqi came downstairs to the apartment where Jiang Yingying lived.

Originally, Jiang Yingying lived in the cadre’s apartment. Jiang Lord wanted to take care of her granddaughter’s diet and daily life, and develop habits. Young people nowadays know how to order takeout, which is particularly unhealthy.

But after Jiang Yingying transferred to No. 60 Middle School, she begged him to move out and chose an apartment closer to No. 60 Middle School.

Of course, this is mainly from Jiang Yingying’s own selfishness.

She wanted to stop Wang Ling on the way to school.

In the countless youth manga with youth campus theme that Jiang Yingying has seen, there are almost all such sections.

For example, I ran into each other on the way to school, because they were late and they were going to bump into each other…near and because of this wonderful fate, there was love…

Jiang Yingying couldn’t help her face being hot every time she thought of this place, she held her face and slapped her slender calf on the bed, wondering about it.

She thinks that if there is such a plot, it must be very romantic.

But in fact.

If you really collided with Wang Ling.

It will definitely not be so romantic…

Because it is obvious that this will be the scene of a car accident.

To Jiang Yingying, the impact brought by the backlash after he actively collided with Wang Ling was like being repeatedly crushed by a heavy truck of dozens of tons.

Then there is no more.

There are all kinds of liquid on the ground, but there is no Jiang Yingying…


However, adolescent girls keep fantasy, which is actually a kind of cuteness.

And Jiang Yingying’s results did not disappoint.

As an old group bully and old bad luck egg, since she moved to an apartment near No. 60 Middle School, she has never met Wang Ling once.

But she doesn’t believe in evil, so she squats at the gate every morning and waits for Wang Ling to appear.

Wang Ling had already seen through Jiang Yingying’s thoughts.

He thinks Jiang Yingying is very troublesome, even more trouble than when he first met Sun Rong last semester of high school…

There is no harm without comparison.

Now that Jiang Yingying has this template, Wang Ling suddenly feels that Sun Rong is good.

In comparison, Sun Rong is really more sensible and mature than Jiang Yingying.

And the most important thing is that now Sun Rong will take the initiative to share some of his troubles, and what he pays is just a few insignificant pieces of white rabbit toffee, and the girl secretly likes it.

For Wang Ling, this seems like a waste of money.

Anyway, he is impossible to really fall in love with Sun Rong, what does it matter?

Don’t say now, it will be impossible in the future.

And now, he doesn’t have any interest in Sun Rong…yes, not at all!

Wang Ling has set the same flag in his heart countless times.

Including the last time he went to Palm Cliff to rescue Sun Rong.

Wang Ling finally summarized the incident in six words in her private diary: a strong love for classmates…


When Li Xian and Zhang Ziqi agreed to stay under the apartment building where Jiang Yingying lived, it was at 6 pm on Thursday, December 24.

The two used their phones to check the time.

“Why not just sneak in through the back door.”

“Brother Ziqi…We must abide by modern laws.”

“Oh, you hit the door with a meteorite last time, saying it was force majeure.”

“Well… I was deducted a little bit because of this. So be careful now. Don’t cause unnecessary trouble.”

“Okay, the old man listens to you.” Zhang Zipi helplessly spread his hands.

I was about to enter the apartment, but was suddenly stopped by the security guard at the door.

“You two, are you doing and so on?” The old security guard had never seen the faces of these two people, and always felt that the eyes of Li Xian and Zhang Zipi were sneaky.

“We…” Li Xian admitted that he had no experience in this regard.

He traveled many places, but rarely infiltrated the girl’s boudoir… The last time he accidentally appeared in the old god’s house, it can’t be said to be an infiltration, but the old god invited him to go.

However, the old god with a guilty conscience hid him, and in the end it became a big oolong and misunderstanding.

So Li Xian actually resisted going to the girl’s boudoir, not only resisted… but also had a psychological shadow.

In this regard, Zhang Zizi’s experience has enriched a lot in comparison.

In order to understand the modern thieves’ methods, he only completed the “Detective Conan” series not long ago, mainly for the part of Kaito Kidd.

Naturally, I know the importance of disguise.

So Zhang Zipi naturally took out his ID from his pocket.

This is a temporary advisory card given to him by Kong Feng, the leader of the anti-picking team, with the official seal of the police station on it.

Zhang Zi snickered: “Uncle, we are the consultants of the anti-picking team. The main reason is to visit your community to see if there are any loopholes, and we will come out soon.”

The old man looked at Zhang Zi’s thief’s eyebrows, and he didn’t feel like a good person.

He took the photo with his ID, and it seemed to be sent to a friend who was more knowledgeable about this. Only after confirming that it was correct, he opened the gate: “Then you go in. Thank you for your hard work, two comrades.”

The first test finally passed.

Li Xian dark secretly relieved.

It was Zhang Ziqi, the experience of the ancient thief and the big heart and reaction ability accumulated through long-term work in this area helped him after all.

The following is the most exciting link.

Pick the lock.

Modern Cultivation World, the cultivator’s door lock cylinder is also very special, you need to insert the key while in the heart silently recite the mantra to open the lock cylinder, otherwise it will immediately sound an alarm.

Before coming, Zhang Ziqi knew about it.

It sounds like a very advanced method, but in Zhang Zizui’s opinion, it is actually pediatrics, but it is the remaining method used in the ages, and it is a simplified version.

When he robbed the tomb back then, I don’t know how many tomb locks were pried, and the ban was much stronger than it is now.

A missed step will be a place to die.

When the two came to Jiang Yingying’s door, Li Xian’s expression looked a little nervous.

“Should I go to look out for the wind, Brother Ziqi?”

“No. It’s just a lock, it will be over soon.”

Zhang Zi snickered: “By the way, this lock picking ability was passed to me by a teacher.”

“Isn’t this sliding door picking the housekeeping ability of your thief?”

“I think I am very strong, but that person is stronger than me.” Zhang Ziquai said with a smile: “In the beginning, I only used a knitting wool to complete the lock picking. But that People use ideas to pick locks.”

“It’s a strange person.” Li Xian asked nodded, “Who is this person, do I know?”

There were only a few famous people in the Eternal Age, and his experience was very extensive. I always felt that if Zhang Zizie knew someone, he might know him.

Communications between people of the same level are sometimes so unpretentious.

It’s like WeChat Moments.

Sometimes you will find that your friend is actually liking another friend, and only then did you realize that these two people also know each other…

“I don’t know if you have heard of it.”

Zhang Zi steals: “His last name is Xiang, and his name is Xiang Yi.”

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