The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1623


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The time goes back to a few hours ago, which is two hours before the end of school at No. 60 Middle School that day.

Sun Rong’s student union office hosted an unexpected person.

When Martial Jiang suddenly pushed the door of the student union office, facing the Lord who suddenly appeared in front of him, Sun Rong was instinctively stunned.

It is reasonable to say that with Jiang Yingying’s personality, such stubbornness and stubborn temper, she would never tell her parents about their affairs in private.

This is a very embarrassing thing for that stubborn girl.

This can actually be seen since the last time I went to the ancient street to throw stone grass.

Jiang Yingying still hopes to use her own strength to defeat her.

So when he saw Martial Jiang in front of him, although Sun Rong was slightly surprised, he was sure that Martial Jiang did not stand out for his granddaughter.

After all, it hasn’t even reached the point of getting ahead.

Even though Sun Rong and Jiang Yingying have a little bit of dispute over Wang Ling’s problem, Sun Rong is still sure to deal with Jiang Yingying’s standard.

Otherwise, she would not take the initiative to ask for a fight to rescue Jiang Yingying when she was in the old street last time.

If you ignore the affairs between Wang Ling, Sun Rong once thought that he might become good friends with Jiang Yingying.

“Hello, Rongrong. Do you remember me?” After entering the door, Martial Jiang put aside the old-fashioned appearance he had in the cadre’s apartment, unusually kind.

This feeling, Sun Rong seems to have seen it somewhere.

After all, her family also has a Lord son who loves his granddaughter.

People who are usually tough, as long as they think of their baby granddaughter, their expressions will change immediately.

Sun Rong quickly stood up and greeted him politely: “Of course I remember! Why is Uncle Jiang coming here today? Are you here to ask Yingying’s situation?”

Martial Jiang held Sun Rong’s hand tightly, and then the two sat down on the sofa together.

It can be seen that the expression on Jiang Lord’s face is a bit wrong when he hears Jiang Yingying: “The granddaughter is older, after all, she won’t stay here…”

He sighed and said: “I said something badly before, but I didn’t persuade her to move out. You said that a girl’s house must move out by herself. It’s dangerous.”

Sun Rong smiled: “Uncle Jiang, don’t be nervous. Classmate Yingying is your granddaughter. Who dares to move her finger.”

Martial Jiang smiled bitterly: “I know, naturally I dare not do anything to her, but I am afraid. I still worry about those who don’t know. I installed a surveillance probe in her living room, but This girl is disgusted, and pulled out the thread at both ends in three days.”

“What about finding someone to protect her?” Sun Rong asked: “That many people Uncle Jiang knows, you can find someone to secretly rent another house next to Yingying’s classmate.”

“You don’t know, this girl is a ghostly ghost, very cautious. The people I looked for before were all seen through by her and then driven away. I don’t know where the girl’s weird judgment comes from… ”

Martial Jiang sighed helplessly.

Jiang Yingying has almost a different sensitivity to this aspect, and even Martial Jiang is amazed.

“Ah this…”

Sun Rong has a smile on his face.

Actually, after hearing Martial Jiang talk about this, she can already vaguely perceive Martial Jiang’s demands…

“So I came to Rongrong today, just to ask Rongrong if there is any way to do it.” Martial Jiang said, “I have a good relationship with the old grandson, but it’s not appropriate to find him about my granddaughter. So I came here. You, the girl’s family, know each other better.”

“…” Sun Rong fell silent.

In fact, she didn’t feel that she really knew Jiang Yingying.

If she really understands, she doesn’t know why Jiang Yingying has been pestering Wang Ling…

Obviously this is an unrealistic thing, but the other party has no intention to give up, and the more fights the more brave is.

This makes Sun Rong also feel a headache.

“Uncle Jiang knows, does Yingying have any new friends recently?” Sun Rong asked at this time.

Actually, this is Sun Rong asking about the Thousand Faces.

Martial Jiang cares about Jiang Yingying, maybe he will know something.

“A new friend? This is really not clear.” Martial Jiang touched his chin: “A while ago, she went out for coffee with a classmate wearing your No.60 high school uniform, and the old man followed. Fortunately, The kid didn’t make any extraordinary actions and saved his life.”

“…” Sun Rong fell silent again.

She didn’t expect this thousand-faced person to be quite smart.

It is incredible to pretend to be a classmate directly in front of Martial Jiang…

“What’s wrong with Rongrong? Is there any difficulty?”

“No, Uncle Jiang. If you are busy, I will definitely help. You can rest assured.”

“That’s it!” Martial Jiang smiled, and then he asked Sun Rong to open his palm and carved a charm on her palm.

“This is…”

“This is the door opening style used by Yingying to open the door. You leave it to you now. Rongrong, you must help me find a reliable person.”

“Okay, Uncle Jiang. I will take care of it.” Sun Rong smiled and agreed.


After Martial Jiang explained the matter and left, Sun Rong fell into deep thought again.

To put it bluntly, Martial Jiang hopes that she will find someone Jiang Yingying does not know to protect Jiang Yingying’s safety.

The main reason is that the people found by Martial Jiang will be spotted and driven away, so they turned a corner to find themselves.

To be honest, Sun Rong thinks Jiang Yingying is quite naive in a sense.

Such a big person makes the elders fearful.

However, there is a relationship between ancestors. Since Martial Jiang personally commissioned it, she naturally refused it.

Of course, Sun Rong can’t really take part in this matter.

So after careful thinking, she found the most suitable candidate…


So when Jiugong Liangzi showed up at the door of Jiang Yingying’s house with the magic talisman handed over by Sun Rong, she was deeply moved.

She wants to pay back Sun Rong’s favor. Of course she has to help.

Although I said I didn’t want to come, I came.

Mainly Jiang Yingying has always been in opposition to Sun Rong.

So Jiang Yingying became more polite when facing Liangzi Jiugong.

And at this moment, Liangzi Jiugong came over and took the initiative to show her kind words to Jiang Yingying.

On the one hand, you can better understand Jiang Yingying’s thoughts, and on the other hand, you can provide some protection within your ability.

“Young Lady, this is it.” Chuncao Shigechun followed behind Jiugong Liangzi.

“en. Did you buy it from the other side.”

“I bought it. At first the homeowner disagreed, but we paid a price three times higher than the market price. He knelt instantly.”

“Very good.”

The Jiugong Liangzi is nodded.

Yes, the Jiugong family has already bought the house opposite Jiang Yingying.

In the follow-up, some bodyguards of Ryoko Jiugong will be arranged to live here.

Apparently disguised as the employee dormitory of the Jiugong Family.

In fact, it is used to protect Jiang Yingying.

In Jiang Yingying’s stereotyped thinking, the Jiugong Family didn’t deal with Sun Rong, and they had no contact with Martial Jiang, so they didn’t expect these people to protect her.

At this time, Ryoko Jiugong also opened the door and entered the room directly with the magic talisman handed over by Sun Rong.

“Why is it so dark…”

“I will rest at this point?” Jiugong Liangzi narrowed his mouth, and suddenly felt Jiang Yingying’s work and rest confused.

She was not polite at all. She walked over and opened Jiang Yingying’s bedroom door, and found that Jiang Yingying was sleeping under the blanket.

“This girl…I don’t know if anyone enters the house.” Jiugong Liangzi raised his forehead.

She is about to wake Jiang Yingying.

At this moment, there was another movement at the door…

“Are there anyone else coming besides us?” Jiugong Ryoko’s hand stopped.

“Nothing, Young Lady.”

“Interesting. Maybe it’s an empty door.” Jiugong Ryoko snorted: “Then this Young Lady, just play with this guy.”

Speaking, she retracted her hand and gave up the idea of ​​waking Jiang Yingying.

Preparing to hide under the bed with Chuncao Zhongchun.

As a result, she just opened the bedcloth.

It happened to see Li Xian and Zhang Zipi as two uncles, neat and tidy lying underneath…

Liangzi Jiugong, Chuncao Zhongchun: “…”


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