The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1654


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Odd Zhuo took a close look at this wealthy businessman who looked like the “Lord of the Rings” with ten fingers flowing full of jewels, and he couldn’t help but feel a little suspicious.

This person… looks like something is wrong…

If you are the indigenous people of this science and technology city, you should not know the world outside.

He looked at the eyes of the wealthy businessman, and the more he looked, the more familiar he felt, as if he had seen it somewhere.

And soon, Odd Zhuo suddenly thought of something: “Are you…Mr. Ming?”

Hearing Odd Zhuo’s words, the expression on the face of the wealthy businessman twitched obviously, and then he couldn’t help but laughed out: “Hey, it’s boring, I thought I could cheat longer .”

Odd Zhuo was stunned.

He didn’t expect that this wealthy businessman is really Wang Ming…

But how did Wang Ming do it?

body possession?

This is obviously impossible…

He is not a cultivator.

Could it be a method like spirit strength control?

But in this illusory world completely isolated from the outside world, no matter how strong the brain is, Wang Ming should not be able to do such a thing?

“This Shou Chong, I originally wanted to talk to him, but unfortunately, someone caught the worm by the early bird.” Wang Ming said through the body of the rich businessman.

The biggest advantage of mind control is that such a disguise makes it almost impossible to see any weak spot.

If it weren’t for Odd Zhuo’s research on the two brothers of Wang Family, he has strong observation ability and can distinguish from the details, I am afraid that it would not be so easy to associate Wang Ming.

And the speculation he just blurted out, naturally, there is also an element of luck in it.

Odd Zhuo didn’t expect to know what he said.

“Mr. Ming said, Shou Chong was arrested? And still, was brought here?” Odd Zhuo suddenly felt that the clues to the whole thing had become tangled and complicated. Originally, his purpose was to follow Zhang Zizi and Li Xian’s actions, and the main purpose was to help Zhou Ziyi make a contribution.

“Yes, Shou Chong has a micro-sending device I developed and designed. When my brainwaves tracked that device, it felt like it had accidentally fallen into a gap in time and space. I was helpless. Separate part of the brain waves out of danger.”

Wang Ming said: “The separated brain waves were transmitted to this space after drifting for a short time.”

“Does the gecko dock its tail?” Odd Zhuo asked.

“Well, you can understand that.”

Wang Ming nodded with the body of the wealthy businessman: “But this is a different space after all. My segment of separation brainwaves is very weak and cannot stay for a long time without being separated from the body. There is no other way, I can only Randomly find someone who seems to be rich to control it.”

“so that’s how it is…” Odd Zhuo asked with concern: “Isn’t Mr. Ming very dangerous?”

“It’s dangerous, but it’s not enough. Anyway, the separated brain waves are similar to your Clone Technique and the like. It won’t have any effect on my body. It just lasts for a limited time.”

Wang Ming laughed: “Fortunately, the fatty I possessed is not only rich. IQ is also good. In this way, I can generate new brain waves through his brain and isolate my body. The brain waves are supplemented. However, in this way, production is less than consumption, and I will not last for too long after all.”

As Wang Ming explained, Zhou Ziyi opened his mouth as he listened.

Although he didn’t understand what Wang Ming was talking about.

But he still understands the basic situation.

The wealthy businessman sitting in front of them is not communicating with the will of the body, but is possessed by a senior who Odd Zhuo knows.

On the other hand, Qin Zong was also curious about the appearance of Wang Ming.

Can an ordinary person class that is not a cultivator develop the human brain to such an extreme level?

He marveled inwardly.

I feel the big world again, there is no lack of strange things.

Although I accidentally fell from the original world into an unfathomable mystery place, but now it seems that it is not that absolutely does not have gain.

Odd Zhuo admires it: “Mr. Ming is indeed worthy of being, and only Mr. Ming can do such a thing.”

Wang Ming waved his hand, not knowing when he started to learn to be humble, “Don’t say anything polite. I already know this Ziyi brother. Why don’t you introduce me to this white-faced brother? who?”

“His name is Qin Zong, he seems to be a strange man falling from the rest of the space.”

After Odd Zhuo finished speaking, he whispered in Wang Ming’s ear: “Mr. Ming, this person is a little weird, I feel he is very lucky…”

“Qin Zong?”

Wang Ming chewed the name carefully.

Then, suddenly, like an enlightenment, he was shocked and shivered suddenly.

Qin Zong…

Isn’t this name the character in the game “Cultivation Simulator” designed by Baishe.

As for this game, he was also involved in the research and development at the beginning, so his memory is still fresh.

Of course, the crux of the problem is not here.

The key is that he remembers when he was testing.

Wang Ling once created a character called “Qin Zong” through this game, and the lucky value is set to MAX!


Wang Ming couldn’t help but smile.

He glanced at Qin Zong calmly.

Although I am not sure that the characters created by Qin Zong and Wang Ling playing games are really related.

But if this is true, it would be considered an anecdote.

So Wang Ming took the initiative to extend the hand: “Hello, Mr. Paperman.”

Qin Zong: “???”

Realizing that he had missed his mouth, Wang Ming stuck his tongue out and tried to pass the test: “Ah sorry, just thinking about something else. Hello, Mr. Qin Zong, I am glad to meet you.”

Qin Zong also replied with a gentle smile as always: “Since it is Brother Zhuo’s friend, that is my friend. Brother Zhuo calls you Mr. Ming, then I will follow Brother Zhuo and call it OK.”

“Of course.” Wang Ming said with a smile.

“But then again, does Mr. Ming clearly know his current identity?”

“Of course.” Wang Ming said.

Because of the involvement of brain waves, he has completely figured out the details of this wealthy businessman.

“This person is called Jia Bugui. He runs an Auction House in the core area and speaks of which is also a person with a face.”

Wang Ming sat on the chair in the stands, said with a smile: “And thanks to him, I also know a lot of other news about the core area. For example, the adult these powerful people often talk about. Wait for the punch After the game, I can explain to you one after another. Now, let’s watch the game first. Ryoko-classmate, but working hard. The next thing she has to face is this Black Dragon.”

Classmate Liangzi?

Zhou Ziyi was hearing this for a moment, then looked at Wang Ming in surprise: “Mr. Ming said…sister-in-law on the stage?”

“I remember that you lived with Odd Zhuo for a while. Your sister-in-law is so flat, you didn’t even see it?”

After Wang Ming finished speaking, Zhou Ziyi’s face flushed instantly.

Odd Zhuo didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “It’s Mr. Ming…”

“Don’t worry, I definitely don’t judge by my chest.” Wang Ming said with a smile.

In fact, everyone’s brainwave signals have their own unique frequency.

In order to facilitate the identification of acquaintances, as long as Wang Ming has met, he has the habit of remembering the frequency bands of brain waves in advance.

Wang Ming can do this special identification method.

So there is no need for any fancy means at all, he recognized it when he first saw Ryoko Jiugong appear as a cloak man.

“So, the other two people, Mr. Ming also knows?” Odd Zhuo asked curiously.

“Of course.” Wang Ming said bluntly: “The one standing behind is Rongrong. The other one, I can’t detect his brain wave frequency band, but I also want to know that it is Golden Lantern Senior. A monk, he has a pure heart and few desires.”

“It turned out to be them…”

Odd Zhuo having unspeakable bitter suffering: “Why are Liangzi and the others here? I obviously let her…”

“Girls in love are all suspicious. I guess she should be worried about flirting with other people when you are not in her sight.” Wang Ming laughed.

Odd Zhuo: “Really or not…”

“Most likely.” Wang Ming was shrugged. At this moment, this is a deep communication between two men in love who belong only to members of the battle sect in the field.

Wang Ming said: “You don’t know. I was so jealous a while ago that I deleted all the movies from my online disk. Those are my treasures for many years.”

“That’s a shame…” Odd Zhuo smiled wryly.

“It’s not a pity. Because it was meant to confuse her.”


“People nowadays, don’t people really save their collection of films in the network cloud disk? Wouldn’t it be blood loss in case of harmony?” Wang Ming shrugged, said: “Like me, I upload them directly to my brain. Yes, you can order it anytime, anywhere.”

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