The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1655


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The kick-off match has only just begun and it only lasted thirty minutes. Jiugong Lian defeated four people one after another, and the speed of light hit the final level. Become a huge dark horse that stands out on the scene.

The rich and powerful people and betting people all roared and shouted during the whole game.

“Gong! Too strong! Forever God!”

For a time, the situation changed rapidly. At the beginning, no one took this “little man” with such a thin figure in his eyes, but absolutely didn’t expect this man actually “concentrated is the essence”. , The shot is amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

“I’m sorry, I won’t give you another chance.”

At this time, Black Dragon, standing in front of Ryoko Jiugong, looked at the most normal character, but had a vague sense of danger.

He stared at Ryoko Jiugong, whose black eyes looked terrifying without seeing the white of his eyes. Ryoko Jiugong looked at Black Dragon with concentrated attention completely.

She saw Black Dragon’s toes clinging to the ground, and the ground on the ring was deeply scratched by his toes, and then cracked all around.


Black Dragon’s feet slammed out of the ground, like a vigorous beast. The speed was incredible, and it was completely incomparable with the four things I had encountered before.

On the side of the ring, Sun Rong was sweating secretly: “This…”

She is sure that this Black Dragon is definitely not just the battle strength of the Gold Core period.

Although the official average battle strength of the five-level Pass Defender list is the Gold Core period, but with such speed and explosive power, Sun Rong can detect it only by his passive ability united with Okai Man sword. .

This Black Dragon…by no means the Gold Core period…

At least it has to be Divine Grade!

She once held a multi-core Olympian sword to slash the Taoist God, knowing the power of the Taoist God.

Although Black Dragon hides itself very well, Sun Rong can still perceive it.

He quickly approached Ryoko Jiugong, and quickly probed his hand, between one claw like a flying dragon out of the cloud, making a deafening air explosion.

The difference in realm was so big that Ryoko Jiugong was completely frightened, unable to react at all.

In the next second, this hand “Flying Dragon Exploring Clouds and Grasping” formed a fierce wind and hit Jiugong Liangzi’s chest.

Although Jiugong Ryoko knows that he is not at all capable of letting others attack his chest, as a girl, he still wants to fight subconsciously.

“Too slow.” Black Dragon curled his lips and sneered.

He almost foresaw the scene of Gang Feng tearing the clothes on Jiugong Liangzi’s chest.

This is his evil taste when he is fighting against people.

Almost everyone who knows Black Dragon knows that, as long as those who have fought against Black Dragon, their clothes will be torn thoroughly after the fight, regardless of whether they are dead or not.

However, just when Black Dragon’s nails touched less than half an inch from Jiugong Ryoko’s chest, an incredible scene appeared!

The Black Dragon iron claw that was about to hit Jiugong Liangzi’s body was actually blocked by a refracted golden light!

No matter how hard the Black Dragon tried, it couldn’t shake the golden light.

“This is impossible!” Black Dragon roared lowly, unable to believe what was happening before him.

He is extremely confident in his power.

After all, he was created by “that lord”!

And within the body, all the parts are different from those sold in this technology city! It is not a part forged from the materials of this World!

Black Dragon clearly remembers that after the adult smelted the broken “ancient terracotta warriors and horses”, the material was turned into the last part of the picture to be embedded in his body.

“New God Soldier.” At this time, Wang Ming said with his arms folded.

This is what he knew from Jia Bugui’s memory.

The name Black Dragon is just a proxy for the man in front of him to hide his true identity in this underground boxing ring.

And his real name is “Xin Gu Shen Bing.”

“New ancient gods?” Odd Zhuo immediately reacted: “So, the adult who created the Black Dragon has something to do with the construction of ancient gods?”

“It should be a means inherited from Wuxin ancestors.” Wang Ming said: “This Black Dragon is the original new ancient god soldier.”

“In other words, the strength of this Black Dragon is stronger than the ancient god soldiers previously encountered by the Master.” Odd Zhuo frowned, muttering in the heart.

He was secretly surprised at the changes before and after this old and new magic weapon.

The primordial ancient god soldier has a huge body. Although it looks very lethal, it is ultimately too bloated, and it feels cumbersome to act.

But this new ancient magic weapon was completely built into the look of a human cultivator…

Thinking of this, Odd Zhuo suddenly woke up as if thinking of something.

“Finally realize it.”

At this time, after Wang Ming followed Jia Boss’s body, the expression on his face began to become a little serious.

“Could it be that the purpose of this unintentional ancestor in establishing this technology city is…”

Odd Zhuo thought of an incredibly dark viewpoint.

“What you think is the same as I think.” At this time, Wang Ming used his brain wave sound transmission and said: “This person wants to cultivate this science and technology city into an incubation base for new ancient gods.”

“But this kind of thing…is it possible…”

“From the memory I have learned. At present, the level of mechanization of the bodies in the core area has reached 89%. Only 20% are human organizations. And these things are essentially foreshadowing.”

Wang Ming said that he was actually not interested in this technology city at first, but after learning about the memory of this wealthy businessman, he suddenly had the idea of ​​wanting to learn more.

Pure Dang is to inspire ideas for the next research work on the new characters.

“Mr. Ming said, pave the way…”

“These people are so mechanized, as long as they go deeper. Maybe just a chip, waiting for their brains to be replaced. Everyone will become a humanoid weapon.”

“This, this kind of thing…Who would take the initiative to apply to replace his brain with a chip.”

“Although it sounds weird. But according to the progress of the incident, what happens next will be like this.”

Wang Ming said: “Human civilization is a process of continuous progress. Once it comes out, the rumor that chip brains are more reliable than human brains. In order to enjoy the arrogant and prosperous life for a longer time, someone will definitely choose to do this. Then, a new round of follow suit began.”

“If there is negative news then…”

“Impossible has negative news.” At this time, Wang Ming said seriously: “Those people have been implanted with chips, and a simple procedure can seal them. When the time comes, black and white are reversed, this From the rich to the poor, the technology city will be fooled thoroughly.”

Wang Ming said this.

Odd Zhuo’s mind has already produced a full sense of picture.

If the ancestor Wuxin established this science and technology city for the purpose of being an incubation base for new and ancient gods, then once his plan succeeds, the science and technology city will add up and down.

He will have a new and ancient army with a population of hundreds of millions…


In the moment of Odd Zhuo’s short loss of consciousness, the front ring reappears a scene that shocked the audience.

Just after Black Dragon’s several attacks to no avail, his accumulated anger reached its peak at this time.

The one after another black talisman seal rose from under his feet, wrapped around his legs like a snake, and finally crawled over his body.

Yoshiko Jiugong willow eyebrows tightly knit, this is a suffocating evil force. I don’t know why, so Jiugong Liangzi felt a kind of nausea.

Sun Rong feels that there is something wrong with Jiugong Ryoko’s state: “Golden Lantern Senior… Ryoko seems to be a little wrong.”

The monk’s face was calm: “This is the power of Asura hell. It has a certain effect on Buddha’s radiance of consecration. Although it will not unlock the 4.0 version of consecration, it will definitely make Ryoko girl feel uncomfortable. After all, she is not In Buddhism, the power of Asura hell focuses on the heart.”

Sun Rong became anxious: “Then what to do…”

“Girl Rong, don’t worry.”

After thinking for a while, the monk said: “Then, change to this poor monk.”

“Senior means…”

“The consecration of version 4.0, the consecrated person has the right to use the vow. In a critical moment, with a silent chant of great mercy, this poor monk can temporarily take over the body.”

“This…Is this all right…”

“No problem. In this poor monk, I have been a woman.”


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