The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1656


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After seeing this Black Dragon appear, with the eyesight of the golden lantern, I can actually see that this Black Dragon is similar to the ancient god soldiers I’ve seen before.

The “Asura Hell Power” spell is a demonic path spell that originated from the age of eternity.

Since the internal parts of the Black Dragon are made of the same material of the ancient gods of the ages, it is reasonable for the creator to enter the spell that will only appear in the ages of the ages in his memory.

It’s just that this shot is a demonic path spell, which is a little bit beyond what the Golden Lantern expected.

Fortunately, the 4.0 version of Jiugong Liangzi’s consecration is powerful enough to not cause any damage to the body.

When the black curse imprints spread from the soles of the feet like tentacles, Ryoko Jiugiya instinctively felt a sense of being restrained. This spell seemed to affect the spirit willpower, and his sight gradually began to change. Got fuzzy.

Previously, when the monk used the “4.0 enlightenment” on her, he reminded her of the “revoking” mechanism of this technique.

Now, Jiugong Ryoko feels that the time is completely ripe.

“Repay my vow…I want to repay my vow…”

At the moment when consciousness gradually became blurred, Ryoko Jiugong almost said with a weak spirit will power in the heart.

tone barely fell.

A golden light burst out of her cloak,

The voice of the golden lantern rang from her mind: “Miss Liangzi, please rest assured, this poor monk is here. This poor monk will temporarily manipulate your body with Buddha’s will.”

“en. ”

Behind a brief exchange, the golden light emitted from Jiugong Liangzi’s body became more radiant.

Under the blessing of the great magic force of Buddhism, there seems to be boundless Buddha’s radiance flowing out of every pore in Jiugong Liangzi’s body, and accompanied by ordinary cultivator naked eye invisible Sanskrit lingers on Jiugong Liangzi’s body. beside.

Almost in this brief moment, the cells in Jiugong Liangzi gained strength under the blessing of Buddha’s will! The spirit also quickly dissolves some vain and evil forces with the supplement of the golden lamp Buddha’s will!

“The evil demon retreats…”

The golden lantern erupted through the mouth of Jiugong Liangzi to make a Buddhist sound.

Weng! A cry!

A ripple spreads around all around with Jiugong Liangzi as the center!

This is the Buddha’s will to purify light!

Moreover, it is personally managed by “The Holy of Buddhism”!

Faced with this powerful purifying power, the “Asura Hell Power” that the Black Dragon exploded had nothing to fight back, and quickly defeated with a kind of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

In essence, the “Asura Hell Power” mantra is something with the power of “withering”, “weakness” and “aging”, which acts on human cells after being influenced by the spirit.

And this demonic path curse was originally understood by the creators from the daily life of human cultivator.

Who would not think that someone would look for inspiration from common problems in modern cultivators like “lazy cancer” and “procrastination”.

Fortunately, Golden Lantern made his move in time.

Blessed by the Great Buddha, the powerful purification Buddha’s radiance swept the audience. In this brief moment, the boiling underground boxing field plunged into a brief silence.

In the end, it is the powerful force exerted by the most holy of Buddhism, and suddenly everyone in the boxing field began to reflect on the wrong things they have done recently.

Suddenly, Jin Deng heard the voices of many people’s confession and fell into his mind.

“Ah, I shouldn’t play spinach…I shouldn’t spend that many money. Obviously I know that spinach is bad behavior…”

“I knew that you shouldn’t buy that many things during the shopping festival. The courier boxes at home will almost no longer fit.”

“Hey, if you don’t return my wife’s express delivery, maybe you won’t divorce me.”


Of course, among the many confessions, Jin Deng also heard some familiar voices…

“A while ago I shouldn’t have said that the factor was small. Now that I saw Ryoko’s, I really felt that I was so wrong. Anyway, why is Odd Zhuo so good… if there is nothing. , Just find a man.”

“I should be bolder. Ryoko’s hand alone cannot satisfy me very well. Men should be more honest sometimes. I didn’t expect Ryoko would be jealous for me. What a lovely girl. It.”

“I knew that before this mission, I should follow the guy who took care of Shunzhi said, obediently and honestly to offer a few packs of crisp noodles. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have jumped the world line and came to this strange Place.”

“Hey, even if I admire Brother Zhuo, I shouldn’t have been taking pictures of him every day. If this continues, I feel like I’m going to become a voyeur. Sister-in-law is so jealous, just in case. I misunderstood what I and Brother Zhuo have, what should I do?”

“Ah~ This tight clothes really tightened my chest. Although Wang Ling’s toffee is sweet, I still can’t eat too much at once… The last time I was in ancient China. He gave me a sack in the street, that many! Sure enough, you like me? But the effect of toffee seems to be too strong. Fortunately, it is only temporary, and if you wear tight clothes, Ryoko will also see Don’t come out. Otherwise, she’ll be envious…”

“It is actually called a man in a place like this. It’s too don’t give face. Sure enough, that place still needs material to be feminine. Anyway, Rongrong seems to be bigger again… …And it’s obviously wearing tight clothes! Oh my god! I actually got to the point of wearing tight clothes! I knew before coming here, I should be honest and ask her what she did.”



Although, it sounds like some strange reflections.

But it can only be said that the monk of the golden lantern is worthy of the monk of the golden lantern.

Even if he heard these things, he still gave these friends enough face. He didn’t make any comments in the heart.

The monks have a pure heart and few desires, and do not understand the love between men and women in the world…

So, he just treats it as nothing happened.

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