The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1658


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Block Black Dragon.

This task sounds reasonable, but with Decas’s understanding of Zhu Yuanrun, he always felt that the Old Guy would not be so kind for no reason.

After receiving the pass, Zhu Yuanrun did not force him to stay, nor did he even sign any specific contract with Sun Rong, Jiugong Liangzi, and Jin Deng.

A pure verbal agreement makes people feel more secretive and uneasy.

Because of the long-awaited core area pass, Decas quickly completed the handover of the director.

The next director is his appointed person.

On the other hand, I prepared all kinds of household belongings in advance, arranged them into full packages and placed them on a luxuriously decorated carriage.

His impatient wants to go to the core area, the heavenly world that can be clearly separated from the slum area.

From the moment he got the pass, Dicas couldn’t bear it anymore.

At this moment, he is standing in front of the carriage, having a final conversation with Sun Rong and the others.

“I still keep my original point of view, this Zhu Yuanrun is not a simple character. He wants you to deal with the commander, there must be other reasons behind…Don’t believe that he is trying to repay you for such a nonsense.” Si frowned and said: “This person is just a businessman who is unprofitable and cannot afford to be early.”

“Thank you Mr. Dicas for reminding us, we will be careful.” Under the cloak, Sun Rong thanked him with a smile.

She and Jiugong Liangzi naturally thought of this.

As the successor of the Sun Family and the Jiugong Family, even though Sun Rong and Jiugong Liangzi are very young, the “war” through childhood in the business circle has been experienced and experienced a lot.

It’s full of murderous intention and undercurrents, and a little carelessness will be to pieces.

In fact, when Zhu Yuanrun gave them the pass, Sun Rong and Jiugong Liangzi tacitly felt that this Zhu Boss might be making other crooked ideas.

“Well. If there are more, I won’t say more. Thank you for your help. Let me realize the yearn for something even in dreams.”

Dikas smiled heartily, and he delivered one of his own golden famous posts: “hahaha! This is my address in the core area. When you get there, please feel free to come and play with me. .”

Then he stepped onto the luxurious carriage leading to the core area, and accompanied by a long neigh of the white spirit horse equipped with mechanical limbs in front, the carriage driven by the black deacon under Dicas moved towards The place he dreamed of hurried away.

Sun Rong stared at the carriage going away, vaguely feeling that a lot of things were happening, Liu frowned, and there was a strong anxiety in his heart.

She is not like Wang Ling or Golden Lantern. She has such a realm that she has a powerful unpredictable prophet and ability to calculate.

However, because of Ojai’s passive ability of “Man sword united”, her innate Sixth Sense as a girl is unrestrictedly amplified…

This directly leads to Sun Rong’s ability to have an “eyelid warning” similar to the original Wang Ling. This can be regarded as a “danger warning”, but the accuracy is far less than that of Wang Ling.

“It’s all fate.”

Looking at Decas going away, Monk Golden Lantern sighed at this moment, he seemed to have calculated something.

“Senior is what counts?” Sun Rong asked.

“Well, he is about to experience his destined catastrophe. Even if this poor monk saves him at this moment, he can’t change anything. Sooner or later, he will encounter what should happen. It is better to face it earlier.” Monk Jin Deng said.

Unless you can reach the height of Wang Ling.

Otherwise, no one can have the ability to defying heaven changing fate.

Listening to Golden Lantern’s words, Sun Rong thought briefly.

Then she sighed: “No matter what Golden Lantern Senior thinks, I still can’t just sit idly by… For Buddhist disciple, isn’t it always our responsibility to save the common people?”

When this was said, Sun Rong felt a little crazy.

She was actually fighting with a Buddhist holy man? It’s incredible…

“Ms. Rong was right.” Jin Deng differed expression.

“Why do you save the common people if that person is not saved?” Sun Rong continued.

The words made Jin Deng startled at first, and then he also laughed: “Since Miss Rong wants to do it, then this poor monk should be her companion.”

He actually didn’t expect Sun Rong to come up with this remark.

As the most holy of Buddhism, he is impossible to argue or argue with a girl’s family.

And Sun Rong’s this remark is actually not unreasonable.

Also, it sounds like “Old Jiang Ziya”…

After deciding on the next course of action, the three of Sun Rong decided to proceed immediately.

They also boarded a luxury carriage, but unlike Decas, both the driver and carriage are hired.

On the carriage, Sun Rong exchanged masks with Ryoko Jiugong.

The main reason is that the dangerous situation in the core area is unknown. It will make Sun Rong feel very dangerous to continue to play the role of “Gong” by Ryoko Jiugong, but she is different, because there is the relationship between Ohai and Yinger Sun… or there is So a little bit of self-protection ability.

As for the reason for changing the mask, Jiugong Ryoko seemed very entangled.

On the carriage, she asked: “But I still don’t understand, why change the mask?”

“It’s confusion! To confuse Zhuo Senior!” Sun Rong casually made up a reason: “When you were fighting just now, I vaguely noticed that he seemed to recognize you.”

“Huh? Really? I pretend to be so good!”

“Yeah! So, now, swapping masks…maybe it can be a confusing effect. And their next step is definitely going to the core area. We will go ahead and control the situation.”

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