The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1660


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Netherworld, a splendorous and majestic castle in the core area of ​​the Science and Technology City is shrouded in night.

The top of the top spire refracts a thin and long beam of light, as if the sky is going on, spreading the non-dead-angle Formation around this beam, connecting the outer wall of the core area.

Below the castle is the night market of gold and jade in glorious splendor, which is lively, bustling, and never ending, completely different from the dead silence shrouded in the overwhelming majority area in the slum area.

This castle is where the legendary “the lord” lives.

The only main road leading to the castle was the complete martial law more than ten hours ago, with several dozen li main roads.

Every ten meters, there are mechanized cultivator guards holding their hands, and in the sky is also haunted by countless miniature surveillance drones the size of Fire Insect.

They move around the castle in a regular manner, fully monitoring all abnormal movements around the castle.

In an astrological club called “Starry Sky”, Li Xian and Zhang Ziqi successfully got in here.


Zhang Zizie played his old line again and stole two passes of the elites in the core area so that they could come here without hindrance.

As for the theft, Li Xian, as the Captain of the Wangu Powerhouse team, naturally strongly opposed, but after Zhang Zipi took a few hands, he was actually forced to accept this setting.

Even if he doesn’t accept it, Zhang Zizie will use other methods to get what he wants into his hands…

For example, the large deposit of 10 million gold gear coins they currently have was stolen by Zhang Zi.

His goal was very clear. As soon as he entered the core area, he immediately stole the “signal base station” installed near the core area, and then began to send fraudulent text messages in groups.

The specific text message content is also very simple.

He stated that he is a closed-door discipline of “the adult” because a certain research has a betting agreement with “the adult” and is now raising research funds. He is confident that he can prove that his theory is completely correct. If the bet is successful, you will receive a bonus of 100 times the research fund. Once the prize money is received, all research sponsors will be rewarded with a high amount…

I don’t know if it’s because of stupid people and a lot of money.

Li Xian didn’t expect someone to transfer money to Zhang Zipi’s new electronic wallet…

In just a few hours, they raised a full 10 million gold gear coins and came to the “Astrology Club” with “divination” as a gimmick.

The entrance fee of this club is 100,000 gold gear coins per person for a year, which belongs to the fun among the powerful.

After joining the conference, in addition to free fortune-telling once a day and once a week for questioning and divination, there will also be a monthly starry blessing rally to help absorb cosmic luck through divine force and get out of Europe.

However, after evaluation, Li Xian and Zhang Zizi felt that they might be able to find clues they wanted in this place.


No, just after paying the dues and entering the door, Li Xian and Zhang Ziqi heard the discussion at the next table.

“Have you heard? Black Dragon has fled and betrayed the commander. The official mobilization order has just been issued, offering a reward of 1 million gear coins.”

“No wonder the martial law is over…”

“It is not necessarily because of the Black Dragon martial law. It is said that just a few hours ago, someone saw the mechanical guard carrying a coffin into the castle.”

“I just heard… and there is no real hammer. I still think it has something to do with Black Dragon’s escape.”

“So, who is the current leader of Black Dragon?”

“The Zhu Yuanrun who runs the underground boxing ring in the slum area.”

“It turned out to be him…”

“I think it’s better not to join in the fun about this matter. The Black Dragon battle strength is outstanding, even if you really see him, whether you have the ability to report the news alive is a problem.”

“This is the truth.”

“It is said that Black Dragon is the proud work of that adult. The first fully mechanized guard cultivator. This out-of-control incident almost killed all the contracted commanders in his hands. The adult was afraid I am mad.”

Three dignitaries and a yellow-haired lady dressed as a witch held hands and gathered around a table to discuss. On the table was a crystal ball.

Before performing astrological divination, you need to completely relax your body and mind.

Therefore, chatting with gossip and gossip before divination is often the best.

As everyone knows, the most stress-relieving way is actually to gather together and say bad things about outsiders…

This point, if you have experienced school dormitories, you must have a deep understanding.

The most outrageous example is a dormitory with four people. Each person will build three groups in private to pull two roommates who he thinks is reasonable, and then spit out the fourth nasty ghost together, which is so real that it is scary.

A few people were talking about Black Dragon.

As a result, the topic of chatting suddenly turned to the side of “the adult”, and the witch in charge of divination immediately spoke out to control the scene.

This is not something they can discuss.

The adult is like a god, monitors everything, and can hear everything.

The witch knew this very well.

She also heard a rumor that it was the light beam refracted by the spire above the castle, also known as the “Thinker”, whose role is not just Formation…At the same time, it can also play a surveillance role.

Although this is just a rumor, in order to avoid trouble, she still smiles, and her voice softly advises: “Mr., don’t discuss state affairs, avoid getting into trouble.”

Three powerful nodded one after another: “Mrs. Melissa said that it was we who made a mistake.”

“It’s okay. Then, the astrological divination officially begins…”

The person named Melissa spoke quietly, and then began the following command process: “Please follow my instructions, slowly close your eyes, let your spirits and thoughts completely empty, and imagine that in your mind, The look of the starry sky… Then, in my mind, ask the question I want to ask.”

She was muttering.

And the crystal ball on the table started to flash with a faint starlight after a few seconds of silence.

Huh? Turns out… not a liar?

Li Xian spent a long time observing on the side. He thought that this kind of club was a place to deceive the rich to pay for it. But the “witch” in front of him didn’t expect to really understand.

However, he must not understand.

During the ages, he was a famous star wanderer.

Manipulate the stars, control the stars, provoke the star catastrophe… All the starry sky spells can be described as omnipotent.

Of course, this “horoscope” is also included.

About 3 minutes have passed.

The woman named Melissa gently let go of her hand: “Star Lord, I already know your appeal and gave an answer.”

After that, a girl in a maid costume took out a quill pen from the side.

Melissa quickly wrote the questions the three asked and the answers to the questions on three pieces of paper and handed them to them.

At this time, Li Xian saw Zhang Zipi stepping forward and wandering around, looking like a thief, and immediately knew that this guy’s itchy hand had committed again.

“Brother Ziqi, what are you doing…”

“Don’t do anything, just take a look.” Zhang Zipi sound transmission said.

To be honest, if Li Xian hadn’t held him, he might have actually dealt with the three pieces of paper.

But now, it’s okay if you don’t take it.

Because of his harsh eyes, he has seen what was written on the paper.

He sound transmission said to Li Xian: “These three people, the first one asked why everyone is called that adult, that adult. Instead of calling him his real name.”

Li Xian: “Why?”

Zhang Zizhao: “Because that person has the surname, and has a singular name. After being called Shunkou, he will become that adult.”

Li Xian: “…”

Zhang Ziqi: “The second question is, if one day the science and technology city is destroyed, what is the reason?”

hearing this, Li Xian couldn’t help but grinned, “This question is interesting.”

Zhang Ziqi: “This woman named Melissa replied that if there is a world annihilation, the most likely cause is that someone fell and caused a big explosion.”


Lee Hyun froze…

Do you fall to the point of ruining the world?

Even if the Soul formation cultivator occasionally falls on the ground, it is just a pit.

To the point of ruining the world, it can happen unless Wang Ling falls…

“Last question.”

Zhang Ziquan went on to say: “The third person asked if there is a second season in Immortal King’s daily life.”

Li Xian smiled meaningfully: “So, is there any?”

Zhang Zipi nodded: “Yes. And, just today. At this moment, when you see this chapter, Station B has been announced.”