The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1710


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“The key has been confirmed, and the specific containment space channel related to SCB-L002 is being unlocked…”

When the familiar electronic sound rang from Jingze’s ears, Wuxin took him to the special containment space related to SCB-L002. This is the special space provided by Bai Zhe for all the noble dragonborns that bred , Each space is an independent core world, and there is no sense of depression that is comfortable in a cube container.

Such improvement was also unintentionally didn’t expect. Back then, he imprisoned those containing creatures in the container of those cubes, and the unexpected creatures became more cruel after being restrained inside.

For Wuxin, the scene before him also serves to reflect on the past.

However, a great generosity such as a dragonborn and a core world can definitely be achieved.

A normal cultivator is full of difficulties and obstacles from the birth of an inherent spiritual realm, and expands from the inherent spiritual realm to the Small World and the subsequent supreme world. The time spent in this cultivator will inevitably undergo eternal changes…

Not to mention the gestation of one’s own within the body space to the point of “the highest world”, that is, it will take thousands of years to bred to the “core world”, nearly ten thousand years…

But now Bai Zhe has given away the core world of this Ye, and he usually has one for each Dragonborn. This Ye’s handwriting is really sensational.

This is a high-temperature core world. The core temperature in the deep region reaches above 70°. Wang Ming’s body is just a mortal body. It is impossible to withstand such a temperature, but fortunately, the unintentional Old Ancestor was prepared.

He is wearing an improved defensive suit, which allows him to walk on this land without hindrance with the black technology he created.

The Jingze beside him was completely insensible. Such a temperature impossible to harm the dragonborn who had stabilized and was almost about to develop.

The two one after the other approached the core area, in front of the huge scorching waterfall, tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature lava fell from above, and the loud roar was endless.

“Sorry, I brought your partner. Look, I also prepared your favorite things.” Wuxin said, standing at the port with some hot feet.

Then he took out a special blue small box from the storage space. The box exudes a terrifying chill. Jingze thought that there might be some magic weapon in it, but when he unintentionally opened the button and opened it, he was there Dumbfounded.

In this box, there are various ice creams, colorful cones, sundaes filled with strawberry jam, and durian popsicles with attractive colors, crystal clear and near-transparent.

These desserts are protected by a special box, even in this high temperature environment, they still have not melted.

I don’t know if it was shocked by the unintentional words or attracted by these desserts. Not long after, under the hanging blasting waterfall, a girl with shallow golden hair finally showed herself half-hidden with her pipa from the waterfall. He glanced tentatively, and then gradually reached out all of his body.

The girl named Nai 㷰 wore a little red lace dress and had a delicate face like a doll. Jingze was stunned when she saw it.

Soon, a bunch of data about disgust was synced to his smart goggles.

SCB-L002: Disgusted

Age of Dragonborn: 7 months

The power of giant dragon: Flame Dragon explosion

Dragon’s breath attribute: fire

Conversion of current actual battle strength to realm: Earth ancestor Early-Stage

Exclusive Dragonborn Primal Chaos Artifact: Burning Sky Hammer


“Chain hammer?” Jingze was a little confused about the weapon he used.

He didn’t expect that Little Brat is so small, he can actually dance weapons that are completely inconsistent with his size and specifications.

“Like your diamond gloves, the disgusting Sky Burning Hammer is made from the chaos of the dragon bone collection corresponding to the power of your giant dragon. It is an exclusive Primal Chaos Artifact for the dragonborn. The dragon on each of you Primal Chaos Artifacts are all unique and unmatched, and have more potential than those Primal Chaos Artifacts bred directly from Chaos.” Wuxin said.

“So, what level is her dragonborn Primal Chaos Artifact?”

“Well…the concentration of chaos is not as good as you, only 61%, but it has reached Sequence Four.”

“Sequence Four?” Jingze’s calm face finally showed a surprised expression.

The sequence level of Primal Chaos Artifact represents the future potential of Primal Chaos Artifact. He was very satisfied with his Diamond Gloves that reached Sequence 3, which is the annihilation level.

But after hearing the sequence level of Primal Chaos Artifact used by I, I instantly felt that my diamond gloves were not fragrant.

The dragon is better than the dragon.

But after thinking about it carefully, Jingze is not so unbalanced, because his exclusive Primal Chaos Artifact is not just the diamond glove, in fact there is a black umbrella that has not been activated so far.

So far, among all dragonborns, only Jingze has the twin dragonborn Primal Chaos Artifact at birth.

This particularity is one of the reasons why Jingze is so valued by Bai Zhe and the others.

The light-colored blonde girl in a little red dress with a baby face looked up at Jing Ze lazily, then squatted beside the blue box and started to gorge oneself with these desserts.

Ice cream is her favorite.

“Oh, I brought your partner.” At this moment, Wuxin said.

I am tired of having a strawberry sundae on my mouth, but the expression on his face has several points of dissatisfaction: “But, what I want is a guy who uses ice!”

She has given feedback to Bai Zhe several times, hoping to find a dragon who has an ice attribute attribute as a partner, but this request has been rejected.

Mainly because of the relationship between attributes and restraint.

If it is really such a combination, the lethality will be greatly reduced.

“Oh, goodbye, you follow Jingze, and you have as much ice cream you want to eat later. He is very rich.” Wuxin said.

“Really!” The girl gave Jingze a dubious look.

To be honest, so far she still has no affection for this man in a khaki trench coat.

But for the continuously ice cream, this patience can still be done.

In the end, she was nodded: “Well then.”

“That’s right.” Wuxin encouraged on one side: “Next, you will perform a task together. You need to get rid of a bad monk.”

“How bad is it?”

“He likes to eat hot pot. He often puts hot pot on his head.”

“But what I hate the most is hot pot!” Annoyed suddenly: “He will definitely die!”


At this time, Jingze sighed silently.

He doesn’t know if it’s right to guide you like this, but what I have to say is that such a little girl who doesn’t know the world is really cheating.


On the other side, Zhang Ziqi took Li Xian and Zhai Yin quickly back to the Zhanzong for help. Zhai Yin’s condition was fair, but Li Xian was seriously injured and threw up on the way back to Zhanzong. A lot of blood.

The annihilation-level diamond gloves are too lethal and have hurt his soul.

Although Li Xian’s realm is not deadly, it is quite rare for such a serious injury to appear on an eternal person.

He had already notified the Zhanzong core group on the way to Zhanzong. As soon as he reached the Sect mountain pass, Immortal Toya, Cailian Daoist, and the golden lantern monk had appeared in front of the mountain gate to greet him.

“How can the injury be so severe?”

“It’s too late to explain, monk. Let’s talk while walking.” Zhang Zipi carried Li Xian on his back, anxious in his heart, and at the same time he felt 10,000 regrets in his heart. He regretted that he had acted arbitrarily with Li Xian. Under the circumstances, go deep into the enemy’s hinterland,

I didn’t expect even more, I suffered such a backlash……

Of course, the most critical situation may not only be Li Xian’s injury.

There is also Wang Ming who has been completely manipulated and left in the floating boat in the sky.

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