The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1712


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Suddenly, the immeasurable Buddha garden trembled, The earth shook and the mountain quivered, the golden Buddha’s radiance that enveloped this supreme world was impacted by the crimson’s breath, and the colorful clouds on the horizon instantly dissipated.

Jin Deng was shocked secretly in his heart, but it was just the dragon descendant who extracted the giant dragon gene synthesis, and its strength was far less than the real giant strength of Dragon in Early-Stage.

However, the power that it exploded can reach this point, which made Jin Deng feel a sense of surprise in his heart. This strike of dragon claw hit a layer of eggshell-shaped protective body Buddha’s radiance.

This little Fire Dragon girl with a baby face did not penetrate the armor of the golden lamp, but still left her own dragon claw mark on the body guard Buddha’s radiance.


Buddha’s radiance followed the dragon claw’s claw marks and quickly cracked all around.

The dragon descendant in front of him is clearly within the realm of his supreme world, but still can not be affected by the suppression of World Strength. Such formidable power burst out, it is really terrifying.

No wonder Li Xian was seriously injured.

And Jin Deng can tell that the nasty battle strength is actually inferior to the man in the khaki trench coat standing behind her and watching.

It was this man who injured Li Xian.

This is the first time that Golden Lantern has played against Dragon Race. Although the two dragon descendants in front of them are not really eternal giant dragons, the significance and value of this battle is undoubtedly huge in the eyes of the monk.

At least let him have the experience of fighting Dragon Race in this life.

He didn’t dare to be big.

Even if he is in his own supreme world, he dare not do so.

Wangu Early-Stage Dragon Race has been flourishing for a while, and the resounding name has been carried through from the past to the present. If it weren’t for an unknown cause, the giant dragons of Wanlong Mountain could dominate those old days. The leader of the foreign god in the audience hangs and beats.

“Then, this poor monk should take action.”


Buddha’s radiance evaporates, gushing out of every pore on the whole body of the golden lamp. Faintly discernible, the golden statue of Sakyamuni that thousand zhang behind him is also soaring.

All the scenes disturbed by the dragon’s breath in the Immeasurable Buddha Garden are recovering, reappearing the original magnificence, all directions are surrounded by Sanskrit sounds, forming a double-stranded force.

“Really strong anger…This monk is really hard to deal with.”

Jingze was frightened, and she felt cold after brushing her scalp, which was incredible.

He and Nai are both dragon descendants, an incarnation symbolizing the early-Stage giant dragon inheritance of the ages, and they are well versed in the way of power.

Naturally, I also know how difficult it is for a cultivator to reach the height of a monk. Therefore, the superhuman strength that erupts from the monk, Jingze’s original relaxed spirit has gradually become tense.

He knows clearly that this is a test.

This is a tough battle, but no matter how difficult the monk is to deal with, he and Nie 㷰 must fix the monk in front of him.

“I’m bored, this monk can’t deal with it with your power alone. We need to join hands.” Jingze said coldly, and he had put on his diamond gloves and was about to do it.


The golden lantern raised his hand, and the golden Buddha’s radiance on the horizon instantly turned into a hundred-mile-wide palm outside the sky. It quickly rushed to the front of Jingze, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

“Hands that fall from the sky!”

Jingze frowned. The monk moved too fast. He just sat there, but used this golden Buddha’s radiance in the boundless Buddha garden! Accurately achieve long-range strikes!

This is an expression of applying the supreme world to the extreme. It can be said that the monk and this supreme world are no longer separated from each other. Both are integrated and can be used mutually.

Take a breath, suck up her belly, and then exhale, a long dragon-shaped fire column gushes out from her mouth.

This time the pillar of fire accurately hit the body of the monk of the Golden Lantern. However, at the moment the flame burned to the monk, his body was instantly blurred, turning into a cloud of seven colors and disappearing, waiting for the flame to disappear. The partly disappeared fleshy body has returned to the body again.

“This is? The reality is born…” In the distance, Jingze broke away from the palm that fell from the sky, and the incarnation lightning quickly brought the disgust back to him.

He can’t let Nie 㷰 do such useless work anymore. The next steps must be done step by step. This monk is not easy to deal with, just brace oneself is useless.

Although the psychic power of the dragonborn is as large as the sea, it is not inexhaustible.

After all, one of them is only 1 year old, and the other is only 7 months old. Jingze still has no confidence that can match the cultivation profound monk in front of him.

Compared with the Golden Lantern, their only advantage of Dragonborn is bloodline.

It can be seen that Jingze is very cautious, even if he is strong, he did not act rashly.

“It’s a tough person…”

Golden Lantern eyes opened, and the “swastika” symbol appears in both pupils.

It’s been a long time since he took out the 卍字曈. The last time he opened his eyes or for a glimpse of Wang Ling’s universe, he was blinded by only seeing a trace of the outline.

Fortunately, he suddenly enlightenment to the past, present, and future three Buddha fires, using the power of the Buddha fire to restore the scrapped swastika.

Now when I took the 卍字曈 again, I was dealing with two dragon descendants.

He has enough confidence.

This time, his swastika will never be scrapped again.


Jingze took the disgusting descendants, leaving behind shadows in the same place, and when his figure stabilized, he felt the monk’s terrifying 卍囈雈力 from a distance.

“I’m bored, listen to my instructions, now we have to take out the Primal Chaos Artifact of our Dragonborn, otherwise it is not the opponent of this monk.” Jing Ze said, honestly he didn’t expect the Golden Lantern Festival before coming here. So difficult.

But now when the golden lantern was opened with the swastika, Jingze still recognized the fact instantly.

This monk can never be defeated with their current battle strength, only the took out Dragonborn Primal Chaos Artifact is looking for opportunities!


At this time, there is a powerful golden light in the 卍字曈 permeating out, and with a purifying breath, it rushes towards the pure and tired.

Then Jingze saw the swastika in the monk’s pupils spinning, and suddenly summoned dozens of golden objects out of his pupils! Haunt him!

These golden objects have the same shape and exude golden light. Each body is engraved with a completely different Buddha head pattern, or benevolent eyebrows, or fierce and evil, or gentle and careful, or hair stands up in anger ……

This is 88 roots of Relic Vajrapani Pestle refined from the most holy sarira of Buddhism in the past! At this time, the 88 Vajrapani Pestle all appeared behind the golden lamp monk, turning their heads, aiming at the two of Jingze and Nai.

In an instant, there seemed to be a Buddhist temple behind the golden lanterns, with countless Buddhist holy figures of Buddha and Bodhisattva, which was shocked to the people.

What a powerful force this is…

Cultivation to this level with a mortal body is fundamentally unimaginable in the eyes of Jingze.

And what makes Jingzehou most afraid is that the monk in front of him is doing his best, and he hasn’t considered the future!

At this time, his eyes must be!

Behind them, 88 Relic Vajrapani Pestle fired at them like missiles!

“This monk…”

Jingze was speechless.

I was very speechless about the golden lantern.

Say yes, monks, be compassionate!

Doote is a lie…

They are just two dragonborn, 1 year old and 7 months old.

Two little dragonborn babies, what can they be evil?

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