The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1750


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For Heavenly Dog, this is a very rare big deal, and the explosive news of intelligence is enough to shock the entire Cultivation World business district, comparable to a dozen-magnitude earthquake.

On the surface, an underage consortium Eldest Miss actually gave birth to a child when she was unmarried. The shock of this incident is enough to make people astonished.

From a deeper point of view, the child in this photo already looks like five or six years old. If it is really born by Sun Rong, it must be a drug that can give birth in a short time… …

“Does the Boss think that Flower Seed Water Curtain Group took medicine? No way…”

“Don’t underestimate the ugly faces of these capitalists.” Heavenly Dog said with a laugh: “According to my inference, their purpose should be to use the birth to confuse this daughter, Eldest Miss, when it really gave birth to a child. “

“Of course, I don’t have any evidence yet, so there are some digging materials in this matter.”

“If we succeed, we can make a fortune.”

“Or the old way?” The young man asked.

“Yes.” Heavenly Dog nodded: “Deliver a copy of this scandal information to the multilaterals. In addition to the Flower Seed Water Curtain Group’s competing companies, the Flower Seed Water Curtain Group will also deliver a copy. Then. Let them bid for information, and the higher price will get.”

“Yes.” Xiaosi nodded: “I will make arrangements.”


Just before the subordinate was about to leave, Heavenly Dog suddenly called him.

“What else does Boss have to order?”

“Remember to be polite when you ask the Sun Rong Eldest Miss, we are not bandits after all.”


“In addition, let the intelligence confirmation team use our newly equipped global face tracking system when asking her to find her.”

Heavenly Dog laughed: “This is the masterpiece of the big internet celebrity scientist guarding the teacher. I queued up for a long time before getting it. I finally got the opportunity to do an experiment.”



For all the news passing through the Dubaocheng Underground Intelligence Black Market, the Dubaocheng Underground Intelligence Network has its own original confirmation team to confirm the authenticity of the intelligence.

The bigger the matter, the more cautious the confirmation. After receiving the order from Heavenly Dog, the intelligence confirmation team immediately entered Sun Rong’s face recognition information according to the plan and used Cong Shou Chong to customize it. The system for global tracking.

Black’s van drove through the ring highway along the navigation system of the positioning system. After several twists and turns, it finally came to the door of an affordable apartment.

“Strange, how could this Eldest Miss of the Flower Seed Water Curtain Group live in such a place?” In the intelligence group, the old driver who was in charge of driving stopped the car and asked suspiciously while drinking wolfberry tea. .

His name is Sekiro, and he is responsible for leading the way.

“The Shouchong master said that this face tracking system is a combination of big data intelligence tracking, networking every surveillance camera in the world, real-time positioning and precise tracking. There is basically no mistake.” At this time, the intelligence confirmed In the group, a person named Silver Fox said.

He is the little leader of this confirmation team, and the main Chief-In-Charge responsible for “inviting” Sun Rong to talk.

Upholding the trust in this face recognition system, Silver Fox took another team member named Kangaroo and got out of the car together.

He was holding an ipad and finally came to a security door.

They have changed into white lab coats for disguise, with stethoscopes on their chests, and they look like doctors in the clinic.

Confirming intelligence is their main job.

There are also many ways to confirm intelligence. It is not necessary to directly find the parties to ask them so clearly. It is the usual practice of Yinhu to use circuitous methods to obtain information to confirm intelligence.

Like his code name, full of the color of an old fox.

“It’s inside.” Silver Fox frowned, then quickly managed the expression on his face, and politely reached out and rang the doorbell.

Not long after, a girl’s voice came from the security door: “Who is it?”

It is Jiang Yingying herself…

She is working on her homework, and her face is blushing, because today there is a high school human biology class in school. As an adolescent girl, she thought about a lot of things while she was doing homework.

As a result, didn’t expect an untimely doorbell suddenly interrupted all her thoughts.

Because of lessons learned, Jiang Yingying was very cautious this time. She didn’t open the door indiscriminately, but tried to confirm the identity of the other person through the cat’s eye.

At this moment, standing in front of his door are two young men in white coats, and they also wear stethoscopes. They don’t seem to be bad guys?

But she still did not choose to open the door.

Silver Fox can’t help feeling a little funny with such a vigilant attitude.

However, for a veteran who uses fraudulent information to confirm the authenticity of intelligence, even if there is a security door behind it, even if the door is not opened, this will not trouble him.

The first thing to do, of course, is to confirm your identity.

Silver Fox thought about it, he didn’t ask the other person’s name directly.

Because he and the kangaroo are both disguised as community doctors, if they ask each other’s name directly, it will definitely arouse greater alertness and will not be conducive to intelligence fraud.

So, after thinking about it, Silver Fox squinted and laughed: “Hello, Young Lady. We are a community doctor nearby. Please don’t be afraid. Think about it, your grandfather is so great, where do we have You have the courage.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yingying secretly nodded.

She is really great grandfather.

That is Martial Saint Jiang!

These two community doctors know about this, and it seems that they are not bad guys.

“It’s fine if you know.”

Jiang Yingying grinned.

After saying this, Yinhu also recorded in his own notebook: [During the inquiry process, the other party has admitted that he has a grandfather who is very difficult to deal with……]

On the other side, the traveling kangaroo also used a magic weapon to see through the security door and saw the face of Jiang Yingying in pajamas inside the security door.

Then Kangaroo was nodded and gave the silver fox an OK gesture.

Silver Fox recorded in his own notebook again; [The kangaroo used the magic weapon to secretly confirm that the girl in the security door is indeed Sun Rong himself…]

In silence, Yinhu heard Jiang Yingying asking again: “Then what is it that you are looking for me now?”

“I just want to ask a simple question.”

Silver Fox said: “Our community clinic has always been very concerned about the youngster’s physical knowledge and health. I don’t know what this Young Lady thinks about her unmarried childbirth?”

The question he asked like this sounded like an ordinary question asked regularly, but he added some skills while asking, such as deliberately enlarging the words “unmarried first childbirth”.

As a result, after hearing these four words, Jiang Yingying’s face flushed suddenly: “This…this must not be so good…How can there be such a…”

So, Silver Fox recorded in a small notebook: [Combined with the kangaroo synchronous perspective observation data, when the four words of unmarried childbearing were mentioned in the inquiry process, the other party’s hands and feet were unnatural, his eyes were erratic, and his face flushed, which is a typical lying Performance…]

After writing this, Silver Fox closed the notebook.

It’s almost time to ask, now is the time to do it…

He put the notebook away, then took a bottle of green liquid from his pocket, and then poured it all on the security door.

This bottle of green liquid is Gold Devouring Beetle, which can easily break through the metal bunker and is an indispensable weapon for breaking doors……

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