The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1751


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Gold Devouring Beetle was originally a miniature creature that appeared in ancient tombs. It was generated due to a special geographical environment and was extremely afraid of rays of light.

The first to develop Gold Devouring Beetle and use it for commercialization was a well-known construction company in the cultivation circle called Casio Heavy Industries. This is a construction company originating from the country of rice repair and the first to use genetic technology to recombine the Gold Devouring Beetle gene, making it easy to tame and maneuverable.

Only need to lock the designated block through the smart device, the Gold Devouring Beetle can quickly form a scale, swallowing up metal materials.

At present, in Cultivation World, Gold Devouring Beetle is also mostly used for demolition and other work. The advantage is that it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and does not produce excessive smoke and dust. But there is also a flaw, that is, the metals eaten by Gold Devouring Beetle are not recyclable.

So now the Gold Devouring Beetle is additionally used in some hostage-saving door-breaking operations.

Of course, currently in Cultivation World, Gold Devouring Beetle also has a tendency to be used by criminals…

For example, now.

Silver Fox knows how to deceive people. He is very confident about the information he just put out in a few sentences, and he firmly believes that the person in the room is “Sun Rong” himself.

A consortium daughter Eldest Miss, why would she live in such an unremarkable affordable apartment?

There is only one answer for Yinhu.

That is this place, the snail dwelling between this daughter Eldest Miss and her sweetheart!

That must be true!

And when Gold Devouring Beetle quietly swallowed an entire metal security door, Jiang Yingying suddenly lost one’s head out of fear when facing the clinic doctor who suddenly appeared in front of her.

“You… who the hell…” Even if she was stupid, she knew at this moment that these were two intruders, and they were definitely not the so-called community clinic doctors.

She tried to yell, but the silver fox shot very quickly, just making a silent gesture at the corner of her mouth, Jiang Yingying instantly felt her throat strangled by an invisible force, no matter how speechless.

This is the most basic “forbidden spell”.

Because of its frequent use, Silver Fox has cultivated to have the highest weight. It can not only accurately target the mute in an instant, but also activate the group “forbidden curse” within a radius of ten kilometers.

In the absence of a curse, the cursed person will enter a state of aphasia within 10 hours, unable to make any sound.

“Young Lady Sun, sorry. We want to ask you to come with us.” At this time, Silver Fox took the initiative to take a step forward, using the customized Heaven and Earth Bag to trap Jiang Yingying, and then Heaven and Earth Bag It shrank in his hand and became as big as a slap, like a Pokémon’s Elf Ball.

Silver Fox squeezed Heaven and Earth Bag in his palm, and it was obvious that Jiang Yingying in the bag was struggling with extreme fear, but the struggle soon disappeared.

This is not Jiang Yingying giving up resistance, but the Heaven and Earth Bag, which is specially used to catch people, has a certain hypnotic effect.

After doing all this, the Silver Fox and the kangaroo beside him evacuated the scene cleanly and quickly.

Before leaving, they did not forget to apply a simple Illusion Technique at the door of Jiang Yingying’s house, reinstalling the metal door that had been swallowed by the Gold Devouring Beetle.

About ten minutes later…

Jiang Yingying’s consciousness gradually became sober. Silver Fox had released her from Heaven and Earth Bag. She was blindfolded and tied her hands behind her back, but she could still clearly detect that she was in a high-speed moving car.

“I have solved your banning spell, Young Lady Sun.” The silver fox smiled and stared at “Sun Rong.”

Jiang Yingying was speechless for a while: “No…No, you have misunderstood, I am not Sun Rong at all…”

“This is impossible.”

Silver Fox: “My judgment has never been wrong. Young Lady Sun, even if you cut your hair short and change the hairstyle that appeared on TV before, we still know that you are Sun Rong.”

“Do you know who my grandfather is, my grandfather very difficult to deal with is Martial Saint……”

“I know. After all, it is a group of Helmsman. The strength of Sun Old Master is indeed the same as that of Martial Saint in ten generals.”


“Don’t worry, Young Lady Sun, we will never hurt you. We just need to take you to a place and shoot you a video. You only need to do what you have done, obediently and honestly facing the camera Just explain it clearly.”

The silver fox crossed his fingers, elbows propped his knees, and looked at “Sun Rong” and said, “When all this is done, we will naturally let you go back.”

At this time, Jiang Yingying only felt aggrieved, and the tears in her eye sockets were already rolling, and gradually soaked the entire blindfold.

Isn’t she unaware that she looks a bit like Sun Rong.

She even thought that this was a gift from God to herself. Since Sun Rong can pursue Wang Ling, she can also do the same.

At least in terms of appearance, she and Sun Rong are on the same level, and who Wang Ling will like in the end is the result of her and Sun Rong’s abilities.

But now when she was mistakenly tied up as “Sun Rong” again, Jiang Yingying had the idea of ​​resenting her appearance for the first time…

Why should she suffer such a crime for Sun Rong!

It’s obviously not her fault!

Trying to stop her tears to calm herself down, Jiang Yingying tried to negotiate with Silver Fox again: “Um…this big brother, I can tell you very clearly that I am really not Sun Rong, my last name is Jiang. You guys. I really caught the wrong person. But don’t be discouraged… If you catch the wrong person, you can start over again, I won’t blame you… Anyway, you are not the first wave of people who made the mistake…”

However, facing Jiang Yingying’s remarks, Silver Fox didn’t believe it at all: “Young Lady Sun, don’t install it again at this time. We’ve checked your mobile phone contacts, the one named Jiang Xiaoche, isn’t it you Driver and the current Secretary General of Flower Seed Water Curtain Group?”


Jing Yingying was stunned by these words, and she was speechless for a moment.

“Let me tell you Young Lady Sun, as long as you honestly explain your own affairs, there is no problem. Let me ask you a few questions first. You can make a draft in your heart first, so as not to stumbling when you will be recording the video. Baba.”

Speaking of this, Silver Fox took out his own small books again: “The first question, after the child was born, have you ever used drugs to promote growth?”

Jiang Yingying: “?”

“The second question, how did the child come, who was born with, and when was it born.”

Jiang Yingying: “No…what the hell is going on with the child you asked?”

Silver Fox Haha: “Young Lady Sun, it’s still fun to install this until now, is it interesting to you? Your child can go to the ground to get soy sauce.”

Jiang Yingying: “???”

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