The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1800

Nine palace, said: “When the Time Comes Whether it is the church’s Pope, or Heavenly Dao Alliance Alliance Leader, the Senior’s Silver bullet is enough to explode any of them …”



On the evening, there is a martial martial law outside the snail hotel in the 60th in the sixty people, and the person responsible for martial law is not a Flower SEED WATER CURTAIN GROUP. It is also a non-local employment group, but is affiliated to Lady of Lad Wen’s forces.

It is a white Warrior, which is called “White Devil”, and the lights of the lower colored light armor, everyone is carrying at least two Katana, with average real in deity transformation period 6th-layer!

These White Warrior is like the hail of spring thunder, and Densly Packed is surrounded by All Directions, and the water surrounded by the snail hotel is unreasonable. Every guest staying at the sniper should be strictly screened. .

“Isn’t this Too Ridiculous …” Hotel Space, Chen Chao and the Others looked outside the floor window, although they talked at the top of them, it could clearly felt below dozens of meters, these White Warrior is busy.

“Take him, anyway, we have been stared by the local forces. Lady, La Wen, is also to protect us.” Guo hao shrugged said: “Anyway, she is not also commit to Sun Rong Boss, Because of the losses of hotels produced by White Warrior, she will pay according to three times. “

be there is it.

but Sun Rong is still a faintness.

Lady La Wen does this, the surface seems to look at it really protecting them to record the next variety challenge, and do all kinds of safety layout.

SUN RON has a intuitive in meditation, and it is not so simple that the real object behind Lady Lady is not that simple. Especially after the Nine-palace, she said that she said, she felt that the purpose of Lady in La Wen was not simple.


At the same time, under the night, in front of the Saint Pete Cathedral in the night, Ladya slowly stepped out of a luxury sedan.

“I will wait for the lady to go in.” After the body, two white warior were instantly, and they appeared behind her.

“You don’t have to go in, at the door Wait for me.” Lady, Mrs. Lou Wen fade, she moved a slightly blessing body, holding a Snow White’s cane alongside the Saint Pete Cathedral door to the foot of the foot Carpeted, slowly walk along the church.

is covered with the dome of the moonlight, the distinguished and gorgeous, giving people a solemn and holy feeling.

At this time, in Saint Pete Cathedral, the boyfriend of the Bunicula will have already went out in advance, and he faces the Holy Mother portrait, half your butt is sitting on the wooden bench, is pious prayer.

After he heard the movement, he slowly opened his eyes, paondered the said: “La Wen, you are here. And, don’t bring a guidelines. Your courage is still as big as it is, it is a good thing. The woman of the Ji Ji Di Di, the Rio City. “

“is the virtual name that once again, does not mention.”

Lady of Lawen hidden, squinted, smile: “Your Red Eagle in the Bunicolius will not be scared by the Legendary General Miacea, it is shrinking in your cave. Dare to come out. “

“I am just curious, a person who openly choose a station team, why is there courage to stand here.” Li Weixi laughed.

“Station Team? What station team?” La Wen said.

“Your public is ready to collect white Warrior to protect those despicable foreign people, on the surface is to ensure the record of variety challenges. But in fact, this is not the behavior of the station team.”

At this time, Li Weishi reveals the smile: “Do you think that the church will so easily let you?

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