The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1863


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The trade star of the Central Region in the Eternal Age actually refers to a whole galaxy, and it is also the only one piece of rare pure land without power disputes. Cultivators from the forces belonging to Four Great Domains can trade freely here by their own means.

There are all kinds of people from the three religions and nine streams. This is a lively area.

There are a total of 108 stars in the entire trade galaxy, and the forthcoming gathering of the Four Emperors will focus on the “Trade Central Star”.

According to common sense, the Great Emperor’s travel pomp is extremely large, and the Divine Beast Emperor’s Carriage composed of twelve carefully selected Divine Beasts is almost the standard for the Great Emperor’s travel.

However, at this time, the Eastern Great Emperor didn’t know if it was to cater to Wang Ling’s usual style, and he did the opposite.

Acting only in casual clothes.

The only people around are the three in the previous great hall.

There seem to be four people here, but in fact there are eight…After all, there is one in each person’s body.

In the opinion of the Eastern Great Emperor, it doesn’t really matter whether other people go or not, as long as the “great god” in his body does not leave.

So even if it is a micro-service tour, the East Great Emperor itself is very emboldened because of the relationship of “please the upper body of the gods”.

In the past four emperors rallies, the Eastern Region will dispatch many people to serve around. There are many geniuses of the Eastern Region that the Imperial Family sent to the palace to experience.

In such a busy and confusing place, it is common for the four domains to dig each other’s feet.

Therefore, after a gathering of the Four Emperors is over, the human skills and the number of people who participated in the meeting in the past are often different, and even the people who come back will change.

The Four Realms usually seem to be peacefully ignored, but privately they have been fighting the war of plundering talents.

The rare battle between the Eastern Regions and the Western Regions at this time was also launched on the basis of the war of plundering talents.

If it were not for the Sun Goddess to take refuge in the Western Great Emperor and willingly become a chess piece in the hands of the Western Great Emperor, I am afraid that the Eastern Great Emperor would not appear so passive in the early stage of the battle.

Wang Ling can actually see it.

In fact, the four domains and four emperors are still in a situation of mutual checks and balances.

Just like this time the battle between the Eastern Region and the Western Region.

Although the Western Great Emperor bestowed the power of Goddess on the sun, in fact, he did not actually fight on the battlefield in the end.

Even his purpose is only to support the Goddess of the sun, instead of directly annexing the Eastern Regions and trying to become the Great Emperor of the Eastern and Western Regions.

It happens to illustrate the sensitivity of these eternal Great Emperors to the Great Emperor’s battle.

sandpiper and clam war together The fisherman gains profit.

In the current situation, any domain has a practical necessity, and once this check and balance is broken, it will be a battle of eternal cultivator facing the four domains directly.

The Trade Center Star is full of ancient cities made of ancient bricks and stones, just like the scene Wang Ling once imagined.

If these buildings are placed in modern times, they will be a very magnificent ancient cultivator ruins, but it is really difficult to see Wang Ling on such a scale in modern cultivation life.

Even the ruins of the Sacred Beast that I visited at the beginning are just one hair from nine oxen compared to the eternal world.

After entering the Central Trade Star, Sun Rong saw some ancient city guards wearing silver armors flying in the air holding various Magical Artifacts. They looked alert and had sharp eyesight. Flying in the air gave people a great The sense of majesty and oppression.

“Didn’t it mean that Zhongyu does not belong to any power?” Sun Rong was curious and couldn’t help but ask.

“Miss Sun did not know that these ancient city guards were selected by the Great Emperor of the Four Regions to guard this place. They are found in all galaxies in the Middle Region. And every ancient city guard is the Imperial Family bloodline.”

Zhang Zipi introduced: “According to the four-domain trade agreement, these Imperial families in the middle domain are personally selected by the four-domain Great Emperor to send their own elites to this place for rotation every ten years.”

“This is also a kind of experience. Once the rotation expires and returns, these members of the Imperial Family will be rewarded by the Great Emperor. That is a benefit that is hard to explain in words.”

These words made the East Great Emperor hehe on the spot: “It looks like you have visited these Imperial Family homes.”

“That is.” Zhang Zizi admitted generously without shying away from it.

“You are generous.” Wang Ying couldn’t help laughing.

“It’s all old things, what’s not easy to mention. And I, Zhang Zizi, always only take money, never do things that rely on realm to make money and kill.”

Zhang Ziquai said: “Don’t look at the peace in the middle area, it is also because of these ancient city guards. This is in case if you get a certain Supreme Treasure in the middle area, it will be dangerous after leaving the middle area. Be watched.”

“Are you talking about killing and overtaking?” Wang Ying asked.

“That’s right.” Zhang Zipi nodded: “Eternal ages did not have such a sound system as the modern Cultivation World, and there were too many unruly guys. An Earth can still be governed, but how big a piece of galaxy is. , There are always places that cannot be restrained. And in these places outside the law are places where all kinds of evil breed.”

Several people discussed generously using “Team Phonetics”.

In fact, Wang Ling was suddenly curious about these things Zhang Zichu said.

That is when they came to participate in the Four Emperors’ Rally this time, would they directly encounter Zhang Ziqi and Li Xian from the eternal age…

After all, they had not been imprisoned in the Shroud by Wang Daozu during this period.

The Rally of the Four Emperors is a major event. There are many cultivators from all walks of life, and it will also greatly increase the total trading volume of the trading galaxy.

Once the total volume increases, it means that there will be more cultivators that can find Supreme Treasure.

All of these will become Zhang Zizi’s targets.

So, if you ran into the previous Zhang Ziqi, Wang Ling thought it would be very interesting.

Wang Ling and the others settled in a restaurant. To Wang Ling’s disappointment, the chef of this restaurant did not know how to make crispy noodles.

But Wang Ling took this opportunity to hear some other secrets.

“Have you heard, the emperor of the Eastern Territory showed the Supreme Bright Peacock Ming Wang…It’s terrifying!”

“This shows that the Great Emperor has a hole card. It’s better not to provoke it. Those who covet the throne are simply dead.”

“However, the emperors of the Western Regions seem to be unconvinced, and plan to sell some spoils of war that they won in the battle with the emperors of the Eastern Regions on this time auction. Those are all immortal objects in the imperial palace of the Eastern Regions, and they are invaluable!

“Hahaha, the emperor of the Western Regions didn’t expect the Eastern Great Emperor to hide this hole card. It must be flustered and exasperated, so I can only find it here.”

“In my opinion, it is not certain whether this finding can be made.”

“Brother, what do you say?”

“It is said that the famous thief Zhang Ziziu is about to act. It is said that he is going to steal things that the emperor of the Western Regions intends to auction.”


“It’s true, the central auction house has already received the notice letter stolen from him.”


Wang Ling and the others were hearing this, and they were all shocked.

They have already seen the “Ye Ren” played by Zhang Zizi, already lowering their heads and holding their foreheads, and obviously they are not willing to face the past.

Wang Ling was surprised, dare to love this eternal age, there is a stinky problem with the theft notice letter?

Deliberately notify others before stealing things… This is too second!

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