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After a moment, Du Dian put all the memories into their minds. He felt a strange tension in his heart, stepped back two steps, with a few expectations, hey, and some looked at them with fear.


At this moment, he had no instinct to play the game with thousands of lives, and there was no imperial majesty on the top. Just like a ignorant teenager who was not guilty of the world, all his emotions were expressed in words and revealed on his face.


The first one is the mother, the first to accept the memory instillation, that part of the memory seems to have been digested and absorbed by her brain, and her body fits, her her eyes are regained vitality in her hollow eyes, it seems to wake up, turn her head and look at it. I saw Du Dian in front of me and wondered: "Who are you, where is this?" Du Sheng, you wake up, Annie, you are too, great! ”


Under her shaking, the father and sister Annie were also awake. When Du Sheng saw their mother and daughter in peace and quiet, they let out a sigh of relief and quickly glanced at the surrounding environment. They saw the only Du Dian present, frowning: "This is Where are you?"


Du Dian looked at them timidly, this familiar tone, familiar expression changes, are so real, as if in a dream!


"I am Dian…"He couldn't help but step forward. Because he was afraid of structural failure, he did not instill the world change of the disaster three hundred years into their minds, nor changed his image in their minds. He said: "Father, I am Dian. Ah, I am still alive, the end of the world, but I hid in the freezer and survived!"


When the words came out, the three were all shocked. They looked at Du Dian up and down carefully, but they found that they were quite similar to childhood, but they were more handsome and handsome.


"You are really Dian?"Father Du Sheng was amazed and knew that there were not many people in the frozen warehouse. This is because he violated the will of the state and used his research results on his own "children", although this child is also one of the research results of their laboratory.


Du Dian nodded and said hard: "Father, now is the world after the disaster, the governments of various countries have been destroyed, I listened to your words, built a new home for the survivors, and I also mastered the alien monster Technology, bring you back to life."


The trio were shocked again, unbelievably looking at each other, and when they saw the different styles of buildings around them, they realized that the situation might be similar to what du Dian said, that their memories were stuck in the picture of Du Dian in a frozen barn, and naturally knew what kind of disaster the earth was about to face, but did not expect, Humans have not been resistant to this disaster, and governments have been destroyed!


Think about the majestic powers in the hands of countries all over the world. Du Sheng couldn't help but shudder. The countries with such strong strength were destroyed. It shows how ferocious the invading monster is.


However, when he saw Du Dian in front of him, he was somewhat fortunate and proud in his heart. Although the world government was destroyed, human beings did not become extinct!


As a scientist, although Du Dian said something ridiculous, he quickly believed Du Dian's words.


"You really are a little Dian?"At this time, Du Annie, a small and lively girl, walked over with her small hand and looked up at Du Dian. In the same position, she often looked down.


Du Dian saw her so cute, couldn't help but smile, said: "Of course, my sister, I have grown up, but you just reborn, it was still so small, I remember when I was six years old, I knocked over. Potassium persulfate in the lab, or you admit it for me, let my mother say a good meal."


Du Annie blinked and said with amazement: "Are you really a little Dian?"


Du Dian smiled and reached out and pinched her little fat face. "Of course, and now I can bully you, oh!"This set of techniques, but Du Annie has personally created, used to knead Du Dian.


She patted Du Dian's palm and hurried back to Du Sheng, accusing him: "Dad, look, he is bigger than me now, bullying me!"


Du Sheng see their brothers and sisters play the appearance, the heart completely relaxed down, lamented: "The original to the frozen warehouse equipment energy, preset can use about 300 years, did not expect to now really appear in 300 years, and technology has developed to be able to bring the dead back, it is incredible, Dian, we want to go outside to see, Look at the world after 300 years, what exactly has changed into what it looks like! ”


Du Dian was very clever: "Yes, father."


He took the initiative to lead the way, opened the door and opened the way for his father's mother and sister.


Outside the door is a large square, with buildings, luxury and honor, all over the guards, and the atmosphere is very strict. The guards of the department are Katch, Empire's new King, because they are too lazy to brain, not too ambitious, just like to play with women, so with Du Dian asked for the errands of the guards. They didn't have to worry about anything. They only had to patrol their duties and take care of the Imperial Palace.


This is a leisurely fat difference. With Du Dian's current strength, it is not bad to not look for other people's troubles. No one will be tired of coming to the Imperial Palace to assassinate him.


At this moment, Du Dian led the three men out of the study. After Katch paused, he suddenly felt a cold sweat. He had never seen anyone enter here. These three faces were strange and they slipped from his eyelids. The past is terrible!


"Great Emperor ……"Katch rushed forward and saw Du Dian not hurt, only a little peace of mind.


"Katch, come see my parents, this is my father Du Sheng…"Du Dian is still immersed in joy, not allowed Katch to say more, he took the initiative to introduce him to his parents and sister.


Katch was stunned. As the earliest group following Du Dian, he naturally knew that Du Dian's adoptive parents had both been implicated because of their involvement. So, this is Du Dian's native parents? However, his parents abandoned him and fell into the environment of the orphanage, which is equivalent to murder. It is reasonable to say that there should be only hatred, but Du Dian’s face is full of joy, but it is not like a fake. He has not seen it for a long time. Du Dian is so happy.


After a moment of squatting, he quickly reacted. There was no brainless inquiry. Although he was too lazy to think, it did not mean stupidity. This was Du Dian's private affairs. He was able to distinguish the loyalty of the monarch, and he hurriedly bowed his head. : "Great Emperor, me, what should I call your parents and sister?"He is only the rough Warrior of the giant wall of Sylvia, who knows the etiquette of these nobles.


Du Dian just wanted to speak, Du Sheng would wave his hand: "Just call our name. You are a subordinate of Dian, how can you call him the earth?"


Katch scratched his head: "Young Master is now an emperor, naturally called Great Emperor, or Your Majesty."


"emperor?"Du Sheng knows that before he heard "Great Emperor" instead of "the earth", he couldn't help but squint, his face was slightly discolored, and he looked at Du Dian around him, his brow wrinkled slightly and said: "Dian, this What is going on, how can you be the king of God, is it you…"


He was very sensitive and immediately thought of various possibilities. For example, Du Dian used the chips he gave, saved the survivors, and was grateful to the survivors. He was also regarded as the king by the survivors and called the emperor.


Du Dian felt his father's dissatisfaction and suddenly thought of his father's embarrassment – letting himself bring hope to the survivors of the disaster, leading the survivors to live, so that human beings would not be extinct.


This expectation, he reached.


Since knowing the plans of magic insect and Desolate God, and knowing the true identity of the survivors in Giant Wall today, he is even more convinced of this. Although he also dyed blood and killed countless people, the end result is good. of.


If there is no blasphemy, without him, today's world is still under the rule of magic insect and Deserte God. Once any of them creates God, it means that all life will be slaves!


In this respect, although he did not go to the name of the Savior, there is no doubt that he has become the savior of all mankind! As for the dark means in the process, the people who kill themselves will only be completely covered by glory! What are the people who died with the people he saved? At least the result is the best, human beings will not be extinct, will not become slaves, and will not be supported again, as an experimental product!


Therefore, he does not fail to live up to his father's expectations and entrustment.


"Father, this is a long story. I will talk to you slowly…"Thinking about this, Du Dian looks calm.


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