The Dark King Chapter 1266

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The next day.

Du Dian sent people to all the well-known astrology and diviners to gather in the palace hall, and let them calculate the divination according to their own life and Aisha's birth, constellation and name, age, etc., and choose to marry.

Although he does not believe in these ghosts and snakes, he is now in a good mood. He hopes to receive the blessings of the whole world and hand over these things to other people. Although he has to obey the rules, the process is cumbersome, but the sensation and joy can add to his joy. Feelings.

After these astrologers and diviners went to calculate, Du Dian called the apostles he cultivated and asked them to go to the place where Aisha said to find the strange flowers and plants to treat the zombie.

When everything was told, Du Dian returned to the palace where Aisha lived, and he was inseparable.

The date of the wedding is set soon.

After half a month.

Du Dian calculated the time, the rainy season has not yet passed, and asked the meteorological station there, there was no heavy rain after half a month, the weather was fine, and most of them were also investigated by the astrologer.

However, the weather may not be completely accurate, after all, unpredictable.

As the king ordered the world, the entire imperial city was full of festive atmosphere, and the streets were arranged in advance, the whole day was celebrated, the world was awkward, and the criminals in other Giant Walls were also smeared, but all those who were sentenced to a period of 100 years or less were all Forgiveness, the death penalty was also converted to a fixed-term imprisonment. Only some extremely violent mobs were still in prison and not seen in the sky.

But when the emperor's shrine was spread all over the world, everyone knew that this mysterious and powerful emperor finally found the lover he had searched for many years.

Although Aisha did not appear in front of the world, everyone was no stranger to Aisha's impression. Even if some people forgot it, they would soon recall when the surrounding people turned over the notice that had announced the world.

"After all, I still have to come..."

In an old castle in the Giant Wall of Helvar, the elongated middle-aged man in a black suit looked into the distance, sighed and looked sad.

In Imperial Capital.

Many elite families have been secretly preparing to consider giving gifts. Usually, the Great Emperor does not enter the oil and salt, can't be flattered, but now it is a godsend, even if it is a big bleeding, we must do our best.

Under the grand wedding preparations, there are countless powerful and wealthy undercurrents, and the battles hidden in the shadows.

"Your Majesty, we went to the place you said, and did not find any flowers and plants, nor any rocky islands..." The apostles who went to find exotic flowers and grasses returned to the Imperial Palace and reported to Du Dian.

Du Dian hearing this, suddenly squinted, gazing a little, staring at him, said: "Are you sure?"

The apostle only felt that the surrounding air seemed to solidify in an instant, and there was a chilling fear. It seemed that there was a dragon in the top of his head, and his heart was mad, almost jumping out of his throat, and trembled: "Your Majesty, genus After repeated investigations, it’s true!”

“Is it destroyed by the sea monster?” Du Dian frowned and muttered.

The apostle hesitated, whispered: "Your Majesty, we also thought about this, and later in-depth investigation of the nearby waters, as well as visiting the expeditions of nearby adventures, they all said that there was no island before... ”

"Shut up!" Du Dian snorted.


The apostle’s chest seemed to be hit by something, slamming backwards for a distance, squirting a blood, kneeling on the ground, his face was already white, and there was a deep fear in his eyes. Even the bloodstains in his mouth were forgotten. Hurrying and gimmick: "The damn damn, damn damn, please Your Majesty forgive me..."

"Roll!" Du Dian yelled.

The apostles did not dare to wait for more, and quickly slammed out of the palace hall.

Du Dian looked gloomy and sat on the throne. His eyes flickered and seemed to be thinking. His fingers shook unconsciously and squeaked. After a moment, he seemed determined to stand up and sway. Disappeared in the hall.

After dozens of minutes, squatting at sea.

The vast deep blue waters are endless. The bodies of giant sea beasts floating on the sea surface have been dead for a long time. The bodies are puffed and rotted, emitting biogas, attracting a large number of clawed seabirds to stop. A giant wheel is faintly visible in the distance from the sea and sails to a distant place.

In the deep blue sea, some shadows are faintly visible. As the waves of the sea sway, if you don't look carefully, you think it is a shadow of waves shaking, but in reality it is a dark shadow that rushes past.

A thick smell of odor, with the sea breeze blowing.

The destruction of the marine environment by the sea monster is no less than the pollution of humans on the land. Today, the sea is so stinky that it has long been known how much blood is soaked in it.


Du Dian looked around and didn't see any island. He sank his face and slammed into the sea. He suddenly saw the shadows swimming deep in the bottom of the water. From the nearest hundred meters, it was a slender snake, about ten meters. The stout shadow, swiftly swam towards him.

Du Dian didn't even bother to look at it. He turned his gaze to another place. When the sea monster approached, he shot a slender sharp blade from his arm and slammed it, hitting the sea monster's head. , completely cut off his body and split the body on the spot.

"There is no island base..." He frowned and kept sinking toward the bottom of the sea.

After more than ten minutes.

A figure burst out of the sea and set off a huge wave, suddenly stopped in midair, and then quickly rushed toward a cannonball. When he had just left the sea, the rising waves fell, but a lot of blood rushed out like a volcanic lava, followed by a large number of sea monsters that came out of the sea and sank with the waves.

The sea is dyed red...



The days of the wedding are getting closer.

The most mainstream news channel broadcasts the wedding process daily, and many of the rare dignitaries who have seen it on a regular basis have also appeared. Some of the stars that people love are also congratulated.

Many people are vying for the invitations for the wedding day, but they are destined to send them to the hands of some powerful people. Others can only wait and see in the field.

Du Dian gave the whole thing to the people below, and he went around with Aisha every day.

After visiting Imperial Capital, visit the Giant Wall and stroll through some of the tourist attractions of the Giant Wall, they strolled through the wilderness and missed the time.

This day.

In a culturally-developed Giant Wall, Du Dian and Aisha eat local delicacies in a very sophisticated restaurant. Aisha also eats with gusto, although her body is still zombie, Du Dian uses His power helped her construct a new human taste and stomach, and added a protective film on the outside of these tissues, free from viruses in other organs.

In terms of eating and drinking, Aisha has been able to realize the joy of being human again.

"We will get married in three more days. We really don't have to look at the process. If we don't understand anything, we will be embarrassed." Aisha used a small spoon to finish the delicate dessert like jelly. The face was red, with joy, and a little worried to Du Dian, her words with a little girl's delicate, after these days, she had unloaded the cold and straight of the Goddess of War. More and more feminine.

Du Dian looked at her face with a smile from her heart. There was a trace of guilt and ecstasy in her eyes. After a while, she reacted and smiled. "I know all these processes. Even if I want to learn, I will go to the rehearsal on the last day." Just a walk, no complicated, we have not experienced any difficulties, but also afraid of this little thing?"

Aisha spit out her tongue and said, "I am not so nervous about monsters."

"I have it." Du Dian smiled and reached out and held her little hand. It seemed to think for a moment, staring at her. "Your memory is a bit awkward. I want to see the specific reason. You are willing to let me turn." Look at your memory?"

Aisha didn't seem to think that Du Dian would suddenly make such a request. The smile on her face slowly dissipated, and she frowned slightly, looking straight into Du Dian's eyes. "Do you doubt me?"

In the face of her pure and pure eyes, Du Dian suddenly twitched his heart. He felt that he seemed to have done something wrong, but the words had been exported, and his anxiety had to be resolved. Otherwise, it was always awkward. He took a deep breath and said seriously: "I don't doubt you. I sent someone to find the place where you said the flowers and plants, but there is no island there. I suspect that your memory has problems. If it is In this case, if you recover your memory, you are afraid that there is no hidden feeling."

Aisha stared at him. After a moment, she nodded slowly and said, "You also think about it. If there is a problem with my memory, I want to know what is going on. Look at it."

Du Dian breathed a sigh of relief, and there was some inexplicable loss in her heart. Seeing that she was ready, she would not say more, she would touch her hand on her forehead, and a sharp touch would pierce her forehead and connect her memory. .

In an instant, a lot of memory jumps quickly in the line of sight, such as floating light.

Du Dian saw Aisha when she was born, from birth to growing up, busy all her life, desperately for the family, shouldering the duties of Saint Daughter, but she was often framed by her sister. He also saw himself from her memory and saw it become zombie. After the memory.

Although the zombie is not conscious, zombie's eyes are like a camera, and the life is recorded and can be read at this moment.

Soon, Du Dian saw the island in Aisha's memory. After collecting the exotic flowers, the consciousness recovered, and the second consciousness that had become zombie was defeated by the recovered memory until it was completely occupied.

Then she saw that she was sober, sometimes confused, and shuttled between the wilderness and the wilderness. Later, she encountered adventurers, heard the face of human society today, and also heard about her existence, but she was reluctant to step into humanity because of her self-defense. The city has always lived in the wilderness...

The memory of a lifetime, read in a flash.

Du Dian's hand lifted up and felt like a dream.

I have been watching it for a few decades in Aisha's memory, but the reality has only been a very short time.

He concentrated on thinking, slowly sorting out those intermittent memories and some vague memories, which were caused by trauma and could not be remembered.

Aisha slowly opened her eyes, her eyes were a little confused, and her expression was similar to that of Du Dian. She suddenly groaned inexplicably, and then stayed out of her mind. After a moment, she reacted and her expression converges.

"What's wrong?" Du Dian was still finishing Aisha's memory, but her mind remained on Aisha. She noticed that her expression was different and asked quickly.

Aisha looked up at him and looked a little embarrassed. After a while, he returned to normal. He shook his head and said, "Nothing, I may feel a little uncomfortable. Have you finished reading it, have you found any doubts?"

Du Dian saw her ask, shook her head slightly and said: "It’s finished, but the obvious doubts have not been found yet, but there are a lot of places worthy of scrutiny and suspicion, but you have a lot of memories missing. I am also not certain."

"Oh..." Aisha's mood was a bit low.

Du Dian quickly comforted and said: "I am not sure about anything else, but there is one thing I can be sure of, you are you, you are the real!"

Aisha groaned, "What?"

Du Dian smiled and didn't explain it in detail. He thought to himself that there is only one person in the world who has the ability to create things. It seems that he is worried.

This episode soon passed.

Du Dian continued to play around with Aisha, but Aisha's mood was obviously not high along the way. Although she smiled at Du Dian's smile, it was obvious that it was a reconciliation.

“Do you have a heart?” Du Dian asked her, and there was a hint of remorse in her heart. She looked at her memory. If she was a subordinate or someone else, she didn’t care about other people’s feelings, but Aisha was her own lover. Even the memory has been turned over, there is no privacy at all, this is a very disrespectful behavior.

Aisha shook her head slightly and didn't speak.

Du Dian took her for a while, and when she saw her interest, she didn't go anywhere and took her back to the emperor's palace in the capital.

At dinner, Aisha silently, Du Dian found a few jokes to tease her, and only exchanged a forced smile, making his heart both uncomfortable and tangled, more regret.

"Our wedding, can you let me choose the venue?" Aisha said for a long time, suddenly said.

Du Dian glimpsed, seeing that she was willing to speak, and did not want to say authentic: "Of course, this is the wedding for you, what do you want to do!"

“Really?” Aisha glanced at him and avoided his gaze. He bowed his head and said: “I don’t like this sensational wedding. I’m so eye-catching, I feel like monkeys, I just want to be quiet. Only two of us are together, can we?"

"Oh..." Du Dian groaned. I didn't expect her to make this request. When she thought about it, she suddenly found out that the wedding was his own instructions. It didn't seem to have consulted her. I didn't think she didn't like it. Weddings, no wonder these days have been very tight.

He felt awkward in his heart and wanted to slap himself and said: "Of course, as long as you like it, I am doing it for you, not for the world."

"But the invitation has been sent..."

"Nothing, I can solve it in one sentence, they don't dare to talk nonsense." Du Dian is very aggressive, and men like to show their power in front of women, even he is no exception.

Aisha glanced at him, and the light reflected in the glittering eyes, and it was very bright. She whispered: "If one day I let you give up your rights, are you willing?"

Du Dian smiled and said: "Of course I am willing, I have not told you about it. This whole world is better than a finger. If you can smile, how about going to the world?"

Aisha stared at his eyes. After a moment, he slowly retracted, bowed his head, moved the chair to his side, and leaned his head against his shoulder. He said, "I owe you too much, and I will never be able to pay it back."

"That will be repaid in a lifetime." Du Dian took her and smiled. "I will make you a god and pay for it forever."

Aisha didn't talk anymore, quietly snuggling.

The night is quiet and the two are very warm.



The wedding was not cancelled, but Du Dian and Aisha did not participate. The royal aristocrats were still present to celebrate, and they were not surprised by the news in advance. Instead, they were happy and happy, even if they had been fighting against each other. Toasting and drinking.

Luxury to the ultimate wedding live broadcast to the world, countless boys and girls looking at the dreamlike picture, I feel like I also fell in love, more love for love.

The two protagonists of this wedding are in an uninhabited wilderness.

Here is a volcano group, but it is an extinct volcano. It is not a grass, no one is smoked, no monsters perch, adventurers will not come here to explore, quiet.

At one of the most towering craters, two ant-sized figures hold hands and walk here.

In addition to the desolate ground, the scenery here is still very beautiful and has a wide view.

One step, two steps, three steps.

Du Dian walked with Aisha here.

They dressed up today, and Aisha wore a Chinese cheongsam wedding gown, bright red with purple embroidery on it, whitened skin, and more beautiful.

Wearing a golden phoenix crown on her head and inlaid with a top-class deep sea gem, it is extremely luxurious.

Du Dian holding her face has no scum, not only that, but her face has changed a lot. From the original middle-aged man, she changed back to the former juvenile appearance, the eyebrow star, the eyes bright, wearing a special Customized suits, handsome and handsome.

"If there are only two of us in this world, would you feel lonely?" Aisha looked at her with a slight smile, and her eyes seemed to melt out of the water.

Du Dian showed a handsome smile and said, "As long as you are there, you will not."

"I think so too." Aisha smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder, very attached.

Du Dian also stood still, like a pillar, let her lean on.

"You seem to have not officially proposed to me." Suddenly, Aisha looked up and said flatly.

Du Dian stunned and laughed, but soon her expression was right, she stood up and stood still, then stepped back, kneeling on one knee, looking up at the forty-five degree angle, looking up at the beautiful and innocent gentle cheek, "Aisha Miss, are you willing to marry me?"

During the conversation, I took out a box from my suit pocket and took out a unique special ring from the inside.

Aisha's gaze only stayed on the wedding ring of this entire Giant Wall for a moment, and it was transferred to Du Dian's face, with a faint mist in his eyes, but he quickly took a deep breath and would The tears that are about to overflow in the eyelids are pressed down. Yan Yan smiled and said: "I am willing, very willing!"

Du Dian smiled and felt that this life has never been so happy.

He reached out and grabbed her hand, and looked down carefully, and carefully brought her wedding ring to her.

When I looked up, I saw Aisha’s happy expression of tears.

Du Dian looks soft and whispers: "I love you!"

"I love you too!" The tears in Aisha's eyes broke down, and all of a sudden fell into his arms, wrapped around his hands, grabbed his neck and hugged him. "I really love you, love and love." you!"

Du Dian didn't expect her response to be so strong, her heart was touched, she hugged her tightly, and said in a serious tone that she had never had a life, "I love you very much, I will never lose you in this life." !"

When he finished, he felt the soft figure in his arms twitching.

"I..." Aisha shivered slightly, his voice in Du Dian's ear, with a cry.

Du Dian thought it would be "I am", but the next thing I heard was: "I'm sorry."

He stumbled.

Then his body suddenly froze.

He trembled a little and reached out to the center of Aisha's back. He felt a cold, hard object with a warm slurry on it. He lifted his palm and saw the blood full of hands.

A raised giant blade, pierced from the back of Aisha, penetrated the back and stretched two or three meters long, completely penetrating her delicate and weak body!

The handle of the giant blade penetrated from the back of Du Dian.

This giant blade will pass them through at the same time!

"You..." Du Dian stared blankly at the sharp edge of Aisha's back from the line of sight, feeling that the whole person's brain was in a blank space, and the mind was lost for a moment.

"I'm sorry, sorry..." Aisha forced her arm to hold Du Dian tighter. She burst into tears and buried her head in Du Dian's neck. "I love you, but I have to do this. I think about it all, my family, my sister, they are all dead, you have to kill too many people in order to resurrect me, countless numbers, such sins, I can’t stand it, I would rather Die, don't want to see you become like this..."

Du Dian hugged her, listening to the words she spoke, and suddenly felt a tear in her heart.

It seems that the soul is torn apart, painful into the bone marrow, almost suffocating!

"Your memory has all recovered, so you want to kill me?" Du Dian bit his teeth, his teeth creaked, the world in front of his eyes was red, and the blood seemed to freeze and boil!

Is a person's blood solidified or burning? !

He hasn't shed tears for many years, but at this moment he feels that his eyes are wet.

Aisha hugged him tightly and kept saying "I'm sorry", but Du Dian's mind still stayed in that paragraph.

You think of the difference that made your family...

You think of the sister who framed you...

You think of the countless people I slaughtered...

So, you think I should die.

Even you feel that I am damn! ! !

Du Dian looked up at the sky and wanted to laugh, but there was no sound in her throat, just to make her face look horrible, but with infinite sadness and despair!

Everyone is jealous of me, I hope that I will die.

My parents want me to die...

My friend partner wants me to die...

Now, even you feel that I should die! !

Oh, huh, huh...

Du Dian looked up at the sky and made a silent laugh. The more he laughed, the harder he tried. He laughed quickly, but the more he smiled, the more the world seemed to have lost his color, and he just left black. White.

I am damn...

If this is what you want, how about I die?

He slowly raised his hand and gently lifted Aisha in his arms, holding her cheeks in both hands, looking at the face that was crying in tears, and the despair in her eyes seemed to glow with some brilliance. . His eyes are extremely gentle, still as sincere and warm as the previous proposal, full of infinite love and emotion, softly said: "If this is what you want, tell me, I said, any of your requirements I will agree."

The tears in Aisha's eyes surged more, sobbing: "I'm sorry, I have let you down, I will stay with you, go on the road with you, never let you be alone. If there is a reincarnation, I will be more in my next life." Your bride, who has been with you for a lifetime..."

"Stupid child..." Du Dian moved softly and opened her hair on her forehead, saying: "You always live for others and live too hard."

Aisha cried and shook her head, and once again embraced him.


Suddenly, an untimely strange laughter sounded.

Aisha still cried in Du Dian's arms, but with sobbing, her mouth coughed up blood from time to time. On the other hand, Du Dian stands tall and looks like a normal one. It seems that the fearful blade of the body is stabbed on someone else's body. He hears this strange laughter, and the gentle eyelids slowly rise. This short-sighted process, the eye The gentle color inside has gradually changed, turning into a hellish deep cold ice, and it is difficult to look directly at the murderous.

This murderousness is as real as it is, and the sun above the head is oppressed and dimmed.

I saw a spaceship parked hundreds of meters ahead. The spacecraft was behind a long cloud tail. The spacecraft was like a shuttle. It was silver-gray metal. It was unremarkable. At the moment, a burly man with a height of nearly three meters was flying outside the spacecraft. The weird lines of the face are the totem tattoos that Fire Dragon Country liked in the past.

"It's really moving!" The burly roub man made a weird sound.

Du Dian's dark eyes became deep and deep like a starry sky, black without a ray of light, full of crazy and oppressive cold killing, "焱 magic insect? Is this your plan?"

"Oh, that's right!" The burly robot man smirked and said: "Why would you never find her? She was already found by us, hid, and told you by the way, her memory is restored. I recovered all my memories from the beginning and I knew your crimes. At that time, she wanted to commit suicide, to die for you, or to save them."

"Yes, talk about your plans." Du Dian lowered his head and couldn't see his eyes and face, but the wind blowing to his side was quietly weakened.

"Okay." The burly robert man doesn't seem to be in a hurry. He has no fear. He said: "We found you, the innocent and sweetheart, and planned to use her to assassinate you. When Dragon Lord Qi didn't cooperate with our plan, I wanted to Rebellious, I don’t know if we have left a hand for a long time, and eventually he will be sent to you in front of you, and will be killed after you look at the memory."

"When it is delivered to you, his memory has been modified by us. When you look through the memory, you just know that we have left the earth, which will also let you relax your vigilance."

"This trick is still from your human "Sun Tzu's Art of War". As for later, it is very simple. We have modified the memory of your sweetheart, hiding the fact that you tortured her sister and slaughtered your compatriots. In this way, she only keeps the emotions for you, but I don’t know that you have done so many things that make her heartbroken."

"So, before you meet, her emotions to you are completely true, and only in this way can you deceive you."

"Real and falsehood is the highest means of deception. This is still learned from your human beings. If you can hold back and believe in her, and do not use your usual method to look at her memory, she will keep it until Know what you have done from other sources around you."

"But you look at his memory."

"We have long expected that you will be like this, because we have recorded a false memory in her memory, that is, the paragraph of her memory recovery, which will inevitably cause your suspicion! When you doubt her, it will Looking at her memory, it just started the dark button that we set in her mind, just like hypnosis, your action triggered the effect of the dark buckle."

"When the dark button is triggered, all her memory will be restored, and all things about what you do will be remembered."

"And, we still have an extra memory in it, the secret about your heart."

"The only person in the world who can get close to you and make you unprepared and able to assassinate you is her!"

"In the end, if you fall into the present, you have to blame yourself."

The burly roub man said here, smiled and said: "Now your heart is broken down, this is your Achilles heel. Without the Sage Engine, you are just a strong King, although you have a lot of mastery, but The intensity is only the King level, and we have been preparing for it for a long time. There are three Half-God physiques in our body. The heart of the sage is embedded in the body, and you can make one hundred deaths!"

Du Dian is silent.

Aisha, who was leaning on her arms, also heard these words. Her body trembled slightly, her sad mood fluctuated wildly, looked up at Du Dian, opened her mouth slightly, wanted to say something, but responded to her with a gentle smile from Du Dian. .

"Don't listen to bugs, you didn't do anything wrong," he said softly.

Aisha suddenly burst into tears.

"Bug?" The burly man's eyebrows are picking up, his face is full of suffocating, and his back stretches out a few insect-like wings, which stretch out a sharp blade. "It’s the end of your life. Is this your specialty?" ?"

Du Dian slowly looked up, the gentleness in his eyes turned into an indescribable cold and murderous, full of destructive atmosphere. "Our human specialty is to shoot dead insects."

"Hey..." The burly robert man snorted and just about to shoot. Suddenly he found himself surrounded by water, and his body became extremely heavy. His pupils shrank and horrified: "Gravitational magnetic field? How can you borrow it?" The magnetic field of the planet?"


Full of crazy and icy words, squeezed out of Du Dian's teeth.

The ground around him, the space, the light, completely distorted, fell into a darkness, like a black hole spread out around his body, annihilating all the matter and quickly pushing it out.

The spacecraft suspended in the air was absorbed by the powerful gravitational force that suddenly appeared on the ground.

"You are God..." The burly man, like a ghost, wide eyes, a hole in his forehead, a bloody red worm crawling out, trying to escape, but the changed wings have not been beaten and flew, they are pulled by gravity. Have to fall into the ground.

The darkness spreads.

The body of the burly man, who touched the black light of the body, smashed like an air, the ground behind him, the spaceship, and the 焱magic insect that fell on the ground, under the erosion of the dark, all collapsed. , completely annihilated.

The darkness spreads to the square number of kilometers before it stops.

for a long time.

When the darkness converges, there is only one concave ball with a circular arc on the ground, and all the flowers, trees and soil touched by the dark have disappeared.

Several kilometers outside the crater.

A figure floated down, and the black wings behind the blade fluttered, holding a beautiful figure.

"I'm sorry..." Aisha lay in Du Dian's arms, opening her mouth slightly, and a lot of blood was pouring out of her mouth.

The giant blade that runs through their bodies has disappeared and is annihilated by the dark energy.

This giant blade is Aisha's magic mark ability, the sharpness is not inferior to the Splitter Blade, and it has extremely thin and strange energy fluctuations. The molecular structure destroys the cells, and the wounds are difficult to heal. When running through the body, the strange energy will be instantaneous. Spread the whole body and destroy all the tissues.

Du Dian smiled and looked at her softly, shaking her head slightly. "I don't blame you, I am tired of you again."

"I... love you." Aisha raised her hand and tried to touch his cheek, but the hand was lifted halfway and slipped down. The giant blade not only aimed at the heart of Du Dian, but also aimed at her heart.

She is holding the same goal, the heart has been broken in the first time, although she does not need to rely on the heart to survive, but the energy released on the giant blade destroys all the bones and veins in her body, including the corpse deep in the brain. nuclear.

Being able to hold on to the present is a miracle.

"I love you too..." Du Dian looked at her faintly narrow eyes, lowered her head and gently kissed her forehead.

Time is fixed at this moment.

The figure that has been searching for many years has passed away in the arms of the teenager.

Like the hurrics that roared from the foot of the mountain, they swept past them, took away something, and plucked into the innocent blue sky.

"I love you……"

The whisper of the teenager, fluttering in the wind, fading away...



The chapter of nine thousand words, the dark King who wrote for a long time, finally ended the curtain call.

Every time I write, there are a lot of things I want to say. This book may be the most. After reading this testimony, I will talk about it separately in the next chapter. There is also a postscript, which will come out tomorrow night, probably a thousand words~

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