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“Oh oh!”

Nothing unexpected, Leo decisively refused!

“We are reasonable. If you don’t take all the volcanoes of the Doomsday crater clean, the phoenix can’t get enough magic to supplement it to hatch… Of course, this doesn’t blame you. Who is it, and Flame Island is my site.”

He quickly communicated and played with Leo in his thoughts.

It is useless to say the truth. In the end, it is still trading with red dragon water. With the continuous consumption, Liszt has only more than 50 red dragon waters left.

Leo quickly opened his own bottom price tag – fifty.

It has to drain all of Liszt’s stock in one go.

“Good!” At the critical juncture, Liszt was not allowed to bargain. Anyway, the left hand and the right hand were their own dragons, and the red dragon water gave Leo no loss.


He put his hand on the phoenix bird’s egg, and Leo’s dragon’s super demon ran along his hand and released it to the phoenix bird’s egg through the qi meridian. Like a long drought, the phoenix bird feels the dragon’s super magic, and the madness begins to absorb. The endless dragon super magic enters the phoenix bird egg, letting the golden light on the bird egg bloom again.

Phoenix can break out at any time.

However, the accident suddenly happened.

At this moment, Leo, attached to the chest of Liszt, ignited his magic with lightning speed. Not only took all the leaked dragon super magic back, but also took all the magic power in the eggs into Liszt’s body.

Then the essence of the phoenix bird egg began to flow to its possessed position – it is to repent and directly devour the Phoenix egg.

“Stop, Leo!”

Liszt refused to express anger at Leo’s behavior. He looked too high at the character of the dragon, thinking that it would be compromised by emotion, sensibility, and lure.

Never think of such a moment, Leo repented because of desire.

The phoenix bird’s egg loses its luster at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the blink of an eye becomes a dim red stone of football, and its essence enters Liszt’s body with the magic of Leo’s extraction. Even the original consciousness entered Liszt’s body and quickly connected with his mind.

You can feel the pure, pure soul, and you will face a collapse after not forming a complete “Phoenix personality.”

Leo exudes greedy thinking and wants to swallow everything from the phoenix.

However, Liszt broke his hand at this moment and quickly ran his own dragon qi, strongly breaking the magic of Leo and cutting off his greed for the essence of phoenix.

Try to dump qi and return the phoenix essence back to the bird’s egg – it doesn’t matter if it is temporarily hatched, and it will have a chance to hatch again later.


The nature of the Phoenix bird egg has changed with the phoenix essence, and it can no longer receive any magic. Those phoenix essences are also interspersed with Liszt’s own body, fully integrated into it, integrated into the limbs, and integrated into the depths of the cells.

The original soul of the phoenix was also drawn into his soul by the power in his mind.

He was originally a powerful spiritual force due to the possession of destiny strength. At this moment, he was inflated a large circle, and there were countless pieces of information in his mind.

The most intuitive embodiment is his eyes, with flames burning and beating.

“Inheriting… Phoenix… I was actually one with the Phoenix, or that my body has become the carrier of Phoenix’s rebirth?”

The flow of information is too powerful, and it is the talent instinct printed in the blood of the Phoenix.

This allowed Liszt to instantly understand what had just happened – the phoenix had the magical power of rebirth, and it was calculated by Leo. When it was about to sever, it relied on instinct to fuse its supernatural powers with Liszt’s body, wanting to be in Liszt. Reborn on the body.

What happens after the rebirth is unknown.

It is Liszt who gets the phoenix, or the phoenix to replace Liszt, or the two in the same body.

However, this did not happen. The power of destiny, the smoke dragon power attached to Liszt, directly pulled the original soul of the phoenix and added it to the soul of Liszt as a nutrient. Then the phoenix’s rebirth was silent and sank into the depths of Liszt’s body.

“Unfortunately, there is no more phoenix in the world…”

Sigh a sigh.

But the next moment, the flame in his eyes suddenly flashed brightly: “But, I am now a phoenix!” Then the flame rose from his body.

Next second.

Liszt’s hands seemed to melt into flames quickly, and a pair of wings covered with golden feathers condensed from the flames. He slammed his wings, his legs bent and jumped, and the whole person vacated and flew around the spherical cave. More and more concentrated, completely melted him.

The flame did not go out, but the package was no longer a human being, but a golden red and a phoenix bathing in flames.

The sacred, slender body, golden and red feathers like gems, is similar to the flame dragon, but the flame is always in any part of the body.

The tail is no longer a tail feather, it is the tail feather composed of nine flames.

The golden and the red illuminate each other, and the flame and the feathers merge into one. At this moment, the phoenix that Liszt turns into is the flame, and the flame is the phoenix.

“Wonderful feelings, magical experience, Leo’s calculations, although hatching the phoenix failed, it gave me the ability to transform like a druid!”

The phoenix essence has been integrated into the limbs and all the deep cells, just like the blood code of the Son of the Sun. This is probably the transformation of magic from the genetic level. And his soul just swallowed the original soul of the phoenix and harnessed the power of the phoenix.

“Oh oh!”

Leo still clings to the Liszt body of the phoenix, but looks at the power of the phoenix, but can no longer be captured.

A move in my heart.

Liszt takes up the power of the phoenix and restores the human body. qi armed to put their clothes back on, avoiding the light – even in nowhere else, you can’t barely expose your body.

He quickly put the bleak phoenix eggs and the extinguished dry wood pile into the space ring.

Looking at the phoenix stone on the wall of the cave, I fell into meditation.

Speaking in front of smoke serpentine: “mission failed, Phoenix was swallowed by you.”

This is his second smoke mission failure. The last time the Tulip sprite worm failed to evolve, this time the Phoenix hatching failed.

It is a pity, but he also got the ability to transform into a phoenix.

“After going back, Leo’s restraint has been speeded up, and the mind is branded as soon as possible, so as not to appear in the future.” He can’t swear with Leo, Leo is a dragon, everything is derived from its instinct – only Can blame him for his lack of preparation, not completely control Leo.

At this moment.

The new smokemission is released.

“mission: the demise of heaven and earth, often indicates the change of the times, even if the fate is changing constantly, you have to learn to make the right choices in many changes, grasp the law of the operation of things, please stay for the phoenix Under fire. Reward: A hundred birds rush to the phoenix.”

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