Concerned about the young people who were selected for the Dragon Knight Alternative Program, Liszt did not stay in the Royal Academy, and he did not need to show his presence all the time.

after all.

The school’s loyalty class is a compulsory course, and knight will receive brainwashing education from an early age, knowing who is the lord they really want to follow in the flame kingdom. In fact, Liszt does not value knight’s loyalty. Most of his followers are now captive surrender.

There are not many loyalists, he prefers to use interests to win knight and consolidate the system of the kingdom.

In addition to the aristocratic class, he also developed the Burning Legion as the immediate knight of the Flame family, which is part of his work.

Recently, he has selected a large number of knights who have made a great effort to screen a part of the thin background fire elite Earth Knight, and take them to the phoenix phoenix tree forest of the endless volcano group.

“The bird bird is this red big bird, the temperament is slightly violent, but it can be tamed as a mount.” Standing on a tree with a thick phoenix phoenix tree, Liszt directly exerts the ability of a hundred birds to phoenix, calling A superb magic beast bird of the gods.

Hundreds of birds and phoenixes are the avatar’s incarnation. With continuous development, he can already be released through the human body.

The effect is not as strong as that released by the Phoenix Incarnation, but if it is released to a single bird, it can also achieve the same level of effect when the Phoenix Incarnation is released.


The bird of the red bird stood beside Liszt, and the relatives licked Liszt’s shoulder with his neck.

In the distance, there is a large group of redbirds, but it is not close to Liszt under the influence of the faint birds.

The elite Earth Knight of the fire attribute is about twenty-six, and they are all young knights, not one older than twenty. At this moment, the knights are staring at the birds of the golden bird, and they naturally understand the significance of the great King’s majesty leading them to come here.

“Fire attribute senior magic beast bird, my original plan is to reward the fire attribute Sky Knight to tame and ride. However, the flame kingdom has not been established, the number of Sky Knight is rare, so it is downgraded to the elite Earth Knight. And you are very lucky , get the chance to ride them.”

Liszt said aloud.

It is true that the advanced magic beast, especially the advanced magic beast of the flying class, is very rare, and the magical beast that can tame the riding is even rarer.

Each one is worthless, and it is too bad for Earth Knight.

He had hoped to use the Cardinals, Fire Ravens and Flaming Dragons as mounts to build the most sophisticated Guardian Knights in the Burning Legion. Every member of the knight group must have strong talents and loyalty cultivated from childhood. Only in this way can we gain the power to guard the royal palace and guard the king.

However, such demanding requirements are difficult to achieve in the past ten years, and talents are rare, especially those who are willing to give up their aristocratic status.

Therefore, he repeatedly lowered the standard, and even relaxed to the age of twenty, no bad behavior record, non-aristocratic fire attribute elite Earth Knight. However, if these knights can’t become Sky Knight within a few years, their mounts can only be birdies.

No chance to touch the more powerful super magic beast fire crow.

“Elite Earth Knight will become the Burning Legion – the Cardinals of the Guardian Knights after riding the Cardinals. You will be responsible for the Guardian King City in the future. When you are 25 years old, if you successfully qualify for Sky Knight, then you will have Qualified to replace the mount fire crow.”

“The fire crow will be upgraded to the Burning Legion – the Raven Squad of the Guardian Knight Group. In the future, it will be responsible for arching the Royal Palace. If you can complete the squad before the age of 35, then you will be eligible to change the mount Flame Dragon Bird to become a riding super dragon. Knight, the real guard knight.”

The Guardian Knight Group has three squads of Guards, Ravens, and Cardinals. It is not a strict knight group. It is more like an honor.

Because Liszt itself is a fire attribute qi, it tends to use the knight of the fire attribute to act as a guard.

But in the future, it will definitely open to all knights of the qi attribute, and build more squads, of which the Guards squad is the highest level of glory. Only the knight riding the super dragon beast can become the real guard knight and gain the power to guard the king.

At present, the super king of the flame kingdom can ride, only the flame dragon bird and the storm Dragonhorse – as for the thunderbolt dragon turtle that stays in the mermaid city, the shape of the hill is like a ride.

There are three storm Dragonhorse.

The storm Dragonhorse, in which the one-corner has been broken, has become Lee William’s new mount. As the father of Dragon Knight, and the field knight, and in charge of the executive power of the Kingdom of Fire, it is indeed necessary to have an identity mount to set the majesty.

Liszt chose Flame Dragon and Storm Dragonhorse for Lee William.

Lee William is not interested in the Flame Dragon Bird, he is a water attribute qi, which does not fit the fire attribute super dragon. So I chose the storm Dragonhorse of the wind attribute. He hopes to pick the two ones without the break angle. The two characters are proud and disdain to Lee William.

Even the Dragonhorse, who was at the beginning, dismissed him at first.

In the end, Liszt found Aisha, asked Aisha to commission the unicorn Charlie, and issued an order to force the temperament of the smallest horn storm Dragonhorse, which promised to be Lee William’s mount.

Lee William After riding the storm Dragonhorse, the first thing is the Breakhorse Dragonhorse to create a magical metal alloy one-angle, embedded in the broken corner, let the storm Dragonhorse restore the confidence of the super dragon beast – break angle in the storm Dragonhorse The heart is humiliating, making it always inferior.

Thus, the Breakhorse Dragonhorse truly embraced Lee William.

For a time, Lee William rode the storm Dragonhorse every day, patrolling the territory, proudly showing off.

The storm Dragonhorse is not a unicorn, but ordinary people know that there are not many of them, and no one knows how Lee William rides.

Therefore, many civilians mistakenly believe that Lee William can ride a “unicorn”, which means he is an honest, just, noble knight – can not say that Lee William is a pure virgin knight, after all, grandchildren can run It is.

Lee William is therefore gaining a lot of prestige.



The flaming dragon bird in the distance is crisp, but it is the phoenix phoenix dragon sprite Aini. It flies over Small Red and landed next to Liszt. Aini, wearing a small armor, turned over and stood on a branch, next to Liszt: “Liszt, are you coming to inspect the flamingo group?”

“Yes, Aini, pick a few birdbirds for my knights as mounts.”

“Hey, they look weak, Small Red says it can hit a hundred of them.” Aini turned and glanced at the twenty-six human knights standing on the ground.

Small Red also echoed the general call: “Hey!”

Liszt touched Aini’s head: “They are still young and there is room for improvement.”

“No, I am going to train. I will be a powerful knight, Liszt. You can send me to the war.”

“Go ahead and train.”

Sending away Aini, Liszt will let the twenty-six knights come to tame the birds

“Your Majesty, can we really tame the advanced magic beast?” One knight was not confident enough to ask, the high-level magic beast put too much pressure on them.

The normal elite Earth Knight can also be used with the low-level magic beast wrench.

“Now most of the knights in the kingdom still capture the low-level magic beast as knight, and it is really difficult for you to tame the advanced magic beast. But I am optimistic about your future, allowing you to shelter under my glory, go on, these red The bird will bow to you.”

With the power of a hundred birds facing the phoenix, Liszt naturally has a way to help the seedlings, and let the cardinal bird sign a contract with the knight.

However, the animal husbandry contract is not a very binding contract. He carefully added: “I can let you contract with the bird, but if you want to get the approval of the bird, you need to work hard… once red If the bird breaks the contract, you will lose the qualification of the Guardian Knight Group.”

The knights suddenly became stunned.

Losing the qualification of the Guardian Knight Group is tantamount to losing Liszt’s trust, which is more stressful than losing an advanced magic beast mount.

The recent state is really bad, sorry everyone!

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