Followed by the feeling, Liszt directly rides the gray iron dragon Ornn, and moves toward the source of the fate silk thread. This feeling is mysterious and mysterious, but it is exceptionally clear.

“After getting the reward of fate, it is the first time that I feel so strongly about the silk of fate… It seems that because the object of the touch is a large sprite, it will be so clear? It is the thread of other destinies around me, no matter how small. Still related to the dragon, the thread is not so strong.”

He is calculating.

The thread of fate related to the dragon is roughly because there are too many accidents that may occur, so the amount of power is not strong enough.

The fate of other tiny things, although the accident is not too much, but because he himself is not very concerned about this, so the power is not strong enough.

In any case, the power of destiny must be explored step by step – the breeding of the smoke dragon does not know how long it will take, this time he can only control the power of destiny.

Unconsciously, he and Ornn have flew from the dragon pit to the Amazon collar next to the beach.

The Amazon collar is located to the west of the Dragon Pit collar and north of the king’s collar, adjacent to the salt-sea water of the mermaid, the Duke of Brubys. There is a typical tropical rainforest climate with dense vegetation and river courses. However, it is therefore very difficult to develop, and only the location of the territory and the main city is planned.

The knight group has compiled several killing tribes here, but there should be many killing people hiding in it, hiding from the knight group.

Depending on the tall trees, it is difficult to kill the moon.

There are even a lot of knights killed here, want to be completely compiled, unless the jungle is burned out. But the humidity in this jungle is very high, and it is not easy to burn a large area of ​​flame.

At the moment, Liszt is in the sky above him named “Amazon Rainforest.”

The twist of the line of fate is indeed strong, but it is impossible to locate the location of the big sprite, which requires him to look for it himself. At the same time, with the opportunity to find a big sprite this time, to explore the use of the power of destiny – each behavior will drive the thread of fate to varying degrees.

When you choose the right behavior to move the line of fate, you can achieve the desired purpose.

“Unfortunately, Ornn and I can’t cooperate with the magic eye. Only the dragon, the water dragon and the invisible dragon can run the magic eye to form a special and powerful vision.” After he and the Ornn dragon, Ornn’s vision is pure. The vision of the dragon is more clear.

Unable to observe the magic feedback light.

You must personally use the naked eye to display the magic eye, and then observe.

Fortunately, he is now super magic dragon qi, the effect of the magic eye is greatly enhanced, barely can peep into the magic of the entire Amazon rainforest.

“There is too much magic feedback, so it is blocked by trees. It is not clear enough. It can be distinguished. Most of them are the magic beast’s light… And I observe the rainforest like this, and I don’t correctly dial the fate of the thread, the distance from the big sprite. ‘Destiny’ has signs of running counter to one another.”

So he adjusted the plan and stopped focusing on the rainforest. Instead, he focused on the sky.

Then there were several adjustments, and I didn’t feel the “destiny” close to the big sprite.

Until he turned his attention to the dense rivers and lakes in the Amazon rainforest, this moment clearly felt that he was close to the “destiny” of the big sprite – or it could be said that the thread of the fate associated with the big sprite, dialed More intense.

“So, this is a big aquatic sprite?”

His gaze is directed at a lake below, which is huge and connected to the main rivers in the rainforest. On the lake, a small part of it is covered by green plants, especially the huge round leaves, which are densely packed together.

“Ornn, let’s go to the lake.”


One person and one dragon landed on the lakeside, Liszt was close to the huge circular leaves on the lake, and the plant was carefully observed. In his feelings, the silk of destiny is associated with this plant: “The big leaves, one piece is about the size of a house, like a lotus…”

But soon he shook his head again: “No, not like a lotus flower, it should be like a water lily, only the leaves of a water lily float on the water.”

Liszt used to see lotus and water lily in the park of the earth.

These two plants are very similar. Many people tend to confuse it, but the leaves of the water lily float on the water, and the lotus leaves of the lotus grow out of the water, not against the water.

“In fact, it is not like water lily. The leaves of this plant are not only big, but also not flat. There is a circle on the edge, like a bathtub. A plant has about 17 leaves and leaves, and the leaves on the edges are completely Expanded, the leaves in the middle are like a triangle, not big.”

A mature leaf is as big as a room, and all the leaves of the whole plant are added together, which is equivalent to a giant.

The giant water lily plant like the Big Mac is so domineering and leak detection.

Liszt immediately named this new plant: “Wang Lian, it is called Wang Lian, the big sprite I am looking for is probably a Wang Lian sprite. Unfortunately, Wang Lian has no magic feedback, not a demon. Medicine, and it seems that there is no economic value.”

He leaped gently over the leaves of Wang Lian, standing on the top and steady, but there were signs of ruining the leaves.

This type of blade does not slide as a boat.

Among the seventeen and eight leaves, a flower and a few flower buds emerge from the surface of the water, and there is a black and autumn thing on the edge of the flower bud, which is about the fruit of the knot. Liszt walked straight and took this fruit, which was so big, and then jumped to the shore.

Ornn turned his head and glanced at it, then he didn’t care.

Liszt peeled off the fruit, and the firm outer skin was easily broken under his powerful force. Then reveal a few corn-like particles inside, adding up to a few hundred. Of course, it only looks like corn. In fact, every particle has a child’s fist size.

His body has long been riddled with poison, and qi is enough to dissolve everything. He directly chooses to peel off a “corn kernel” and gently bite it.

Suddenly the eyes lit up: “The smell is fragrant, like eating pineapple, the lips and teeth are fragrant, the juice is full. The seeds of Wang Lian can be eaten as fruit, and it is a very delicious fruit!”

This is good news.

However, the big Wang Lian, the seed is so produced, the value is still not high enough.

“In any case, find Wang Lian sprite first.” He took the seeds into the space ring, rolled over and took the gray dragon Ornn, followed the river and the lake, and began to search for new Wang Lian.

at last.

On a wide river, I saw the magic feedback that I wanted to see. It was a giant lotus flower floating on the water. The blades are huge and numerous, and only one plant of Wang Lian occupies half of the river, exuding the magical feedback of chaotic colors.

On one of the leaves of Wang Lian, there is still a big sprite that is not like a little bit, and it is so beautiful that it is sunbathing in the sun.


Ornn, who is connected to Liszt’s mind, screams with a slap in the face and quickly spreads his fierce dragon aura. The dragon’s dragon aura and the deafening dragon scorpion scared the king’s big sprite in his sleep, and fell directly into the river along the gap of the blade.

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