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His gaze made Liszt’s heart heavy. Before he came to the Marfa continent, he was curious about this vast continent and felt that he could harvest many magical things, such as sprite, dragon, and Yalong.


However, after a few days of sightseeing, I found that all the continents are buried with hustle and bustle, and the innumerable hustle and bustle is endless. I can imagine what a terrible situation when the shadow dragon falls on this land. It is no wonder that the Son of the Sun will completely perish, so the natural disaster is not a manpower can be reversed.


The death of the cursed dragon directly destroys the sea; the death of the shadow dragon directly destroys the Mafa continent; the silent dragon falls to the north of the land, and not many creatures suffer its pollution.


“Brother, do you need to purify the Mafa mainland?” Aisha asked.


“First find the natural node, build a magical transmission array on the Marfa continent, and wait for me to unify the legendary continent in the future, and then clean up the Mafa continent.” The current Marfa continent is an undeveloped virgin land, but the existence of 骷髅 makes development The difficulty is greatly increased.


He now has no population to develop the flame kingdom territory, let alone develop it here, and can only wait for future development.


After finding the natural node, Bard locates the natural node, then tears the material boundary, and takes Liszt, Aisha, and Unicorn Charlie, quickly crossing the innocent distance and returning to the Sun and Moon Star Palace.


Aisha regained her head in the lab and engaged in her magical experimental research.


Liszt took the dragons to the front line, presided over a new disciplinary order this year, launched a military invasion of Steel Steel Kingdom, and a large number of Knights went to the front.


“Your Majesty, the corps of the Iron and Steel Royals requested a glimpse.”


“Let Lee William represent me, meet the ambassador, and tell the Duke of Lee Williams that my bottom line is the steel ridge royal family surrender, giving up the throne and retaining the Grand Duke title.” Liszt took the look at the sky, “other than that, any Negotiations are not necessary.”


Three days later.


Lee William presented the negotiations to Liszt’s desk: “I can’t think of it, the Platinum Platinum family is really willing to give up the throne, only to retain the Grand Duke title.”


“They should have other requirements?”


“The Iron Ridge Royal Family wants to keep its own dragon.”


“All the dragons?”




Liszt sneered: “Father, you can directly refuse and tell them that the dragons of the Iron Ridge royal family can keep up to three heads. If they don’t agree, wait until I personally launch the Battle of Dragon Slayer. At that time, the Platinum Platinum family may even A dragon can’t keep it.”


“I think Osborne Platinum Platinum should not agree.”


“He promised not to agree and didn’t care. The situation is in my control. They promised that it was nothing more than let me do it. They didn’t agree. I personally wiped them out and the result was the same.”


Lee William once again negotiated with the ambassador.


The result is self-evident and unhappy.


So the Battle of Dragon Slayer soon came. This time, the Iron Ridge Royal Family united with the Blast Furnace Royal Family, and fifteen dragons were dispatched, including ten dragon knights, to encircle Liszt. In the face of such a luxurious dragon knight regiment, Liszt has no fear.


When the opposite side is assembled, he temporarily avoids the edge. The opposite side is slightly dispersed, directly driving the Invisible Dragon Bard to launch an attack, and then releasing the fire dragon Leo, instantly transforming the half-step barrier knight, a set of even Lianlong with people to kill. Dragon knight can’t escape a death, the dragon is mostly seriously injured.


When he relied on this method to kill three dragon knights and hit the three-headed dragon, the dragon knight regiment collapsed and fled.


Unfortunately, running away is useless.


The fast dragon knight is also faster than the Invisible Dragon that will shuttle the space, and then he is greeted by the fire dragon knight Liszt.


“King Liszt, His Majesty the King, let me go!” A dragon knight shivered.


The dragon under his seat suddenly knocked him over, fell from the sky, and spit on him to directly melt the dragon knight.


The dragon’s counter-attack, the arrogant dragon will not tolerate the existence of such a dragon knight, as long as it is not the original dragon knight, the dragon can reverse the pharynx, but the dragon after the reincarnation will also bear a major trauma, which is derived from the soul level.


“It’s a proud dragon, let me use the power of fate to repair the wound for you.”


“Hey!” The dragon roared and rushed over, and it was a death. Unfortunately, under the pressure of absolute power, it was finally stunned by Liszt.


All the comatose dragons were quickly transported by Liszt back to the Sun and Moon Star Palace, and they were handed over to Aisha to bind these dragons, leaving him to slowly fight the soul.


In a short time.


The collapsed dragon knight regiment was smashed by Liszt one by one, and ten dragon knights did not escape. The fifteen dragons only fled one end, or because the natural nodes were too far away to catch up with the past. Let this dragon escape smoothly to the kingdom of Blast Furnace.


One day later, Liszt took his own dragon and went straight to the steel city of Steel Ridge Kingdom, the city of steel, when he was here.


Osborne Platinum Platinum carries the only platinum dragon in the kingdom, kneeling in front of his feet: “The great flame king, Osborne Platinum Platinum is willing to surrender to the Flame Kingdom on behalf of Steel Steel Ridge Kingdom, and since then platinumin Platinum The family will honor you as a master and dedication to loyalty and courage.”


“I knew this, why should I be at the beginning.” Liszt looked at Osborne, who was lying on the ground, once famous, and resounded the name of the entire Grand Duchy of Sapphire, so he fell in front of his own name, and he really felt a lot, he was big. The wave of the wave, “Since then, the Platinum Platinum family is guarding the steel ridge grand duchy, let’s live.”




He saw the old acquaintances who stayed at the Palace of Platinum, the Matthew red and white roses that once used friendship to create a friendship. There is no pride in the handsome face of the other person, only swearing and fear: “Liszt sire.”


“Matthew, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”


“Amount, yes, your majesty, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” Marshall said to him, “Ma Xiu presents you with the highest regards of the red and white rose family.”


“The red and white rose family can still control their grand duchy, Matthew, this is my return to our friendship.” Liszt helped Matthew, “However, the red and white rose family’s platinum potion and red dragon Water can only be supplied to the flame kingdom in the future.”


Matthew was overjoyed and nodded. “Of course, the red and white rose family will continue to offer the flame family, and will never sell a little platinum potion and red dragon water.”


“Get ready, Matthew, Steel Steel Ridge Kingdom is vast, I will rely on your help,” Liszt said with a smile.


“I am willing to serve you, sire.”


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