The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 607


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“Who are you…!? Who are you…!”

While struggling desperately, Limjo kept roaring like an ominous beast, making the body’s Magic Power and aura more and more cold, and even more violent.

It can be seen that this Young Master has been completely dominated by the negative emotions that broke out in his heart, and he feels a little hysterical.

Skien would naturally not tell him his identity.

Because, he has already felt that after Limjo turned the demon, there is a line of sight that has been staring here, full of surprises and surprises.

The surprises and surprises were all directed at Limjo.

After Limjo turned the demons, he was as if he was completely attracted to the convenience. He never left here from beginning to end, and kept watching the situation here.

Skien’s mouth under his hood grinned slightly, a bit playful and a bit playful.

He has been waiting for the other party to jump out, but the other party’s patience is very good, so intriguing. I don’t know if he is observing Skien’s strength or the changes in Limjo.

In that case…

“I want to see how long you can bear it.”

Skien held the Sealed Holy Sword in hand and came to Limjo, who was roaring and struggling hysterically, extending the hand. On the rock covering Limjo’s whole body, he bestowed new characteristics.

“[Bestow • Fire].”

With the enforcement of the “fire” characteristic, the rock covering Limjo’s body began to turn red.

Like a lava, it starts to become red and hot.


A sound like charcoal grilling came from Shiyan.


Limjo suddenly howled in pain.

The stone rock covering his whole body turned into hot lava, roasting Limjo’s body, causing Limjo’s body to emit smoke.

This torture-like treatment made Limjo almost crazy.

“Kill you! I will kill you!”

Limjo state seems crazy rant.

Skien turned a deaf ear.

He focused all of his attention on the coward body, and found that the other party’s emotions were a little bit wrong, and he couldn’t help revealing some aura.

But he seemed to want to observe for a while, so he restrained himself.

“It seems that the stimulation is not enough.”

Skien murmured to himself, and immediately used Bestowal Magic again.

“[Bestow • Fission].”

When this Bestowal Magic came out, Limjo immediately trembled.


As if suddenly chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, Limjo’s whole body was torn apart, and a lot of blood was sprinkled wildly.


This time, Limjo’s howl became a scream.

Obviously, the damage this time is much higher than just now.

Anyway, Skien didn’t show mercy much. The Magic Power that he just used to cast Bestowal Magic was much more than the one he used to “blow up” the Devil Refinement. It’s a normal person, even a Legendary level. The dragon, this will probably have all split up and in pieces and died.

Under such circumstances, not only the aura of the person who was peeping secretly became confused, even Skien was somewhat surprised.

“Didn’t expect actually failed to split you into pieces, Ma with high magic resistance.”

This should be thanks to the special skill of the [Death Spiritual Body] with the high magic resistance, right?

Skien is not depressed either.

After all…

“Can you resist this time?”

Skien extends the hand with a smile.

In that hand, Magic Power surged far stronger than before.

If this huge Magic Power is all used to perform the split Magic just now, then, it is conceivable that Limjo’s end will never be a fluke.

“Go find your father and Uncle, Young Master.”

Leaving such words, Skien put his hand on the hot rock without the slightest hesitation.

In this brief moment, the secretly peeping aura finally broke out.

“[terrifying public (Astarte)]!”

With the sound of a hoarse and harsh sound, the atmosphere of Heaven and Earth here changed.

Become full of lifelessness, full of despair.


A dead air that is as dark as dragon breath is like an evil spirit made up of countless Vengeful Spirits, while faces full of painful expressions emerge, and at the same time exudes aura that corrodes everything, moved towards Skien’s The direction came by storm.


Skien did not hesitate, a Teleportation disappeared in place.

The lifelessness of the human face swelled in front of Limjo, spreading like a poison qi.

Shortly afterwards, the scene of send cold shivers down one’s spine appeared.

The ground was dyed black all of a sudden, as if all its vitality was taken away. At the speed visible by naked eye, it first became dry and cracked, and the shortly afterwards scattered into gravel and turned into a desert. In the end, it disappeared thoroughly, leaving a huge pit of shocking.

“Good fellow.”

Skien flashed out in the distance, watching this scene, I couldn’t help feeling stunned.

Limjo, on the other hand, screamed ecstatically as if he had seen a savior.

“Save me! Save me! High Priest!”

Limjo has completely abandoned the image of the past.

The hoarse, harsh voice responded to him immediately.

“For the sake of your successful transformation into a big Spiritual Body, this time, I won’t pursue your lost self-control and save your life.”

Said this, from the direction of the waterfall, a ghost-like shadow floated.

A black robe floats in midair like Death God.

Raised skinny hands, holding a crystal ball.

The existence of being called the high priest finally arrived slowly.

Its body, the strong dead air fluctuates, corroding the atmosphere.


The rock of Limjo’s body is broken.

The high priest just released a death breath in the direction moved towards him, and that death breath made the stone rock dry and cracked like the ground just now, at the speed visible by naked eye, and then struggled in Limjo Next, it was broken into gravel on the ground.

Limjo fell to the ground, his body blurred, embarrassed and miserable.

However, the flesh and blood of his body is also growing and recovering rapidly at a speed visible to naked eye, at a strange speed.

“not bad.”

The high priest watched this scene, and his hoarse voice became happy and relieved.

“The conversion efficiency is very high. Although there is a gap between “that failed product” also, but after a thousand years, I can recreate a large spiritual body, which is not wasted the [spiritual essence] that I have collected for many years. . “

hearing this, tentatively, no matter what Skien’s reaction is, Limjo understands the reason for the change in his body.

He knew that he was getting stronger, and suddenly he had power that he could not imagine in the past, but he didn’t know why.

Now it seems that it is inseparable from the [Spirits] I swallowed.

“Take it.”

The high priest was in a very good mood. He raised the crystal ball in his hand, and a few tragic green brilliance appeared in the crystal ball, like poisonous snakes that were wandering, and was as thin as a bone by the high priest. He grabbed his hand and threw it to Limjo.

Limjo was overjoyed. Without the slightest hesitation, he caught the green glow that one after another snakes, like a ferocious wild beast, and ate them all one after another.

The high priest turned around and faced Skien.

Under his hood, skinny eye sockets stared at him, like the real Death God of hell, coldly speaking to Skien.

“Although you don’t know who you are, you dared to break into my site, take away the toys we held, and almost ruined my hard-earned work. How would you like to pay me?”

As soon as these words came out, the death surging in the high priest’s body became violent, and painful human faces appeared inside again, looking very horrified.

Skien looked at the high priest and glanced at Limjo who was still devouring the green brilliance, while thinking about the conversation just now, while faintly smiled.

“Want to make a claim? Isn’t that simple?” Skien said with a faint smile: “I just don’t know, you can’t take it away.”

In one sentence, the atmosphere on the scene instantly dropped to freezing point.

The high priest is not angry, but his eyes are getting colder and colder.

“You are very courageous.” The high priest coldly said: “How many years have passed, and someone who dared to speak to me like you, I don’t know how long it has not been.”

“Really?” Skien remained unmoved, even sarcastically, saying: “could it be that you didn’t dare to see people in hiding?”

“You really dare to say it.” The high priest smiled without anger, terrifying and terrifying, and said: “If you really think that you have several points of ability, can you show off one’s military strength in front of me? ?”

“Who knows?” Skien just wanted to say that he hadn’t been afraid of anyone, so he made no secret: “I don’t know if I can show off one’s military strength, but the ability of act wilfully is still Yes.”

“Interesting.” The high priest lightly said: “In that case, I would like to see how you are acting wilfully here.”

Speaking, the high priest raised the crystal ball in his hand high.


The brilliance of miserable green suddenly bloomed from the crystal ball, illuminating the audience.

At this moment, Heaven and Earth changed color.

“hong long long …”

The dark clouds whistled out suddenly, blocking the sky.

“wū wū wū ——!”

The dark gust of wind suddenly howled, rolling towards the audience.

All the light has disappeared, and only the tragic green light is shining on the dark Heaven and Earth.

“Come on.”

The high priest called.

“Listen to the call and eradicate the abominable enemy in front of you, my pet.”

As soon as the voice fell, in the direction of the waterfall, a form swept out in the space of the stone wall mine.

That is a huge a form.

Rotten bone wings.

The rotten dragon body.

The rotten aura.

Bad green eyes.

The dragon that Skien saw exactly at the entrance of the basement—the corpse dragon.


The terrifying roar resounded from the corpse dragon’s mouth, shaking the atmosphere and the earth.

Skien was bathed in the dragon’s roar wave, and his cloak echoed fiercely.

“Come on, play with my pet first.”

The high priest laughed lowly, like a devil’s moan.

Skien laughed too.

“Send a corpse dragon to deal with me?” Skien sarcastically said: “old bastard, don’t talk about martial arts.”

This remark, the high priest can’t return it naturally.

But she wouldn’t fail to hear the irony in Skien’s words.

So the high priest stopped talking nonsense.

“Eat him.”

The high priest gave the order in a cold voice.


The corpse dragon immediately angrily roared, the dragon wings shook, and the moved towards Skien swooped down.

Suddenly, the strong life-saving resounded, causing the black wind to be wrapped around the body of the corpse dragon.

While the corpse dragon swooped down, the dragon’s mouth opened, and a dragon breath full of rotten aura was spit out, shrouded in the direction of Skien.

The dragon breath that gives Skien’s feeling is different from the dragon breath of ordinary Dragon Species. There is no oppression that can break through all defenses, only a strong decayed air.

Presumably, at the same time as the necromancy, the dragon breath of this dragon has become different from before, right?


Skien wasn’t surprised, instead he curled his mouth.

Seeing that the decadent dragon breath was about to fall on his body, Skien moved.

“[Bestow • Scattering].”

Skien chanted Bestowal Magic that can dispel Magic and even Magic Power, turning Magic Power into invisible ripples, spreading out, and facing the incoming dragon breath.

The decaying dragon breath stagnates suddenly, and the shortly afterwards resembles the first snow melted by the morning sun, gradually shrinking and disappearing without a trace.

“Good powerful Bestowal Magic…”

The high priest naturally saw this scene, and Green’s eyes glittered.


The corpse dragon, like fly into a rage out of humiliation, spewed out a rotten dragon breath at Skien again.

But at this time, Skien didn’t even bother to use Magic to deal with it. He directly lifted the sword and cut it. The oncoming dragon breath was divided into two by the glittering golden light of the Holy Sword, which was cut on the spot. Turned into two turbulent air currents, surging from around the body.

The scene is incredible.

“You… actually split the dragon breath?”

Limjo, who was devouring, was shocked.

“The sword…the light…”

The high priest stared at the gleaming Golden Light Holy Sword in Skien’s hand, and the complexion changed.

For some reason, from above that light, the high priest not only felt a slightly familiar divine fluctuation, but also felt a feeling of heart palpitations.

Intuition tells the high priest that that power poses a very big threat to him.

The truth is also true.

Holy Sword originally restrained Demon Race, restrained evil, restrained all negative power.

The Necromancer Magic of the High Priest is precisely the most restrained power of Holy Sword. Once you encounter Holy Sword, it will be destroyed by crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

Now, Skien only stimulates the sealed power of Holy Sword with the effect of [Beyond Fate’s Declivity] that can improve weapon performance.

However, the power of these promises is enough to break through the dragon breath, and crusade against Devil Larva, who can transform between reality and reality, will make the high priest feel threatened. That is as it should be by rights.

The thoughts in the high priest’s heart turned sharply.

“It seems that this person is not an ordinary character, he should have a lot of background.”

If this is the case, maybe…

While the high priest was thinking about something, the corpse dragon had already attacked in anger.


This is the movement caused by the collision between Skien and the corpse dragon.

I saw that the corpse dragon had already rushed in front of Skien, stuck out the dragon claw, and stretched out its fangs, just like a beast on the hunt, constantly rushing towards Skien, hovering in Skien’s surroundings.

Skien standing still, the Holy Sword in his hand is waving, like the one in the fight with Limjo, let the sword light at a moderate pace of glittering, greet the attacking dragon claw dragon tooth, and put the dragon claw dragon tooth in all Bounce off.

The look of ease, told others that he didn’t put this dragon in his eyes at all.

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