The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 608


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“that fellow …”

Seeing that Skien stood in place with his tattoos immobile, it just swayed a piece of sword light, he blocked the corpse dragon from the aggressive onslaught again and again, and the dragon claw and dragon that came from the bite The tooth bounces back, and the complexion of High Priest finally sinks.

She can see how well Skien is, and she can see that Skien doesn’t put the corpse dragon in his eyes.

Compared with the corpse dragon in front of him, Skien pays more attention to his body. Even Aura is firmly locked in his body, even in Limjo’s body, a glare like a tiger watching his With the appearance of prey, High Priest feels that its position has been reversed.

She treats Skien as an intruder, as the prey of overestimate one’s capabilities.

However, the current High Priest discovered that not only did he treat Skien as a prey, but Skien seemed to treat himself and even Limjo as a prey.

His incomparably obvious aura lockup is clearly telling others that he is not going to let High Priest and Limjo go.

High Priest and Limjo are the prey he has been waiting for for a long time. Before the prey can’t move, the prey will run out by himself. He is already looking for the best time to take down his two people.

No, to be more precise, this mysterious expert in a cloak just wants to win himself.

The aura he locked in Limjo’s body was full of murderous aura.

He wanted to kill Limjo.

Limjo was kept before, only to draw myself out.

Now that he has come out, he has no reason to keep Limjo.

But High Priest is so popular.

“How can you destroy the big Spiritual Body that was re-trained after hard work?”

High Priest finally no longer chooses to stand by.

“[terrifying public (Astarte)]!”

This is the top tier necromantic Magic that can manipulate death energy and death.

Through this Magic, High Priest can compulsively corrode all things with vitality, deprive them of the angry of all things, extract lifelessness, and gradually strengthen the formidable power of this Magic.

This Magic is inseparable from death.

If there is no lifelessness, this Magic will be useless.

So, when you first used this Magic, its formidable power is weaker than Elementary Magic. Only when the dead energy accumulates to a sufficient amount, can it become more terrifying as the dead energy reserve increases. .

High Priest has been survived in the world for thousands of years. Since upgrading to Level 7 and being able to use the top tier Necromancer Magic, she has been frequently using [terrifying public] to squeeze all The angry of things, collect death energy, and use it to enhance the formidable power of the magic of the necromancer.

For thousands of years, High Priest has accumulated a huge amount of death energy, making [terrifying public] the magic formidable power also extremely terrifying. Once used, it can even be a side World It is a gathering place for seeking death.

The sky here will be obscured by dark clouds because High Priest has released the dead energy it has collected for thousands of years.

And the howling black wind, the appearance of precisely dead breath.

So, here, the black wind whistling Heaven and Earth suddenly turned into countless painful human faces, forming a Vengeful Spirit-like life, hiding the sky and covering the earth moving towards Skien.


Skien raised his brow, without any hesitation, made a heavy slash, and forced the corpse dragon back with a “clang” sound, and at the same time slashed violently towards the deadly wind. .


Vengeful Spirit-like lifeless storm under the slash of Holy Sword, not only is divided into two as fragile as paper, and purified by the golden light shining on Holy Sword, and disappears instantly without a trace .

“That sword is really weird.”

The High Priest complexion sinks again.

Skien looked towards High Priest.

“Don’t you just need to play with your pet? High Priest adults?”

Skien’s voice is full of carelessness.

“I have changed my mind.” High Priest coldly snorted, said: “I want to train you into my corpse slave, and make you a member of my necromantic army.”

Speaking, the body of High Priest, a more intense and surging death violent burst out.

In an instant, the sky became darker, and the howling wind became more fierce, making this a side world seem to be turned into hell, and there was a howl-like Devil May Cry.

Faced with this situation, the smile that had been hanging on Skien’s face finally receded.

“Really?” Skien lightly said: “In that case, I won’t play anymore.”

After the speech, Skien’s body, terrifying Magic Power burst out.

The earth is shaking.

The atmosphere is shaking.

The air column formed by the huge Magic Power soared into the sky from Skien’s body and went straight to the sky. It actually broke through the dark clouds in the sky and broke through the heavily dead air.

“———— —!?”

High Priest complexion abrupt change.


Limjo is also startled.

At this moment, Skien stopped converging and liberated the largest Magic Power.


The corpse dragon is in the sky surprised and angry roaring.

But this roar was exchanged for another dragon roar that was more terrifying.


This is a roar from the horizon.

I saw that a dark great dragon suddenly rushed out of the scattered dark clouds, turning into a meteorite, and swooping down, fiercely hitting the body of the corpse dragon.


With a blast, the corpse dragon was knocked down by the Black Dragon from in the sky, with turbulent wind and impact, like a cannonball, heavily fell on the ground, smashed the ground, and set off cloud of dust.


Black Dragon replaced the original position of the corpse dragon, roaring vigorously there.

The roar is far more terrifying than the corpse dragon, and it is stronger and more powerful.


This time, High Priest has also started.

Limjo, on the other hand, saw the dark great dragon suddenly dropping from the sky, his eyes suddenly widened.

The dragon…

“Adol’s Black Dragon …!?”

Limjo recognized it.

newcomer, precisely Yurin.


Yurin soars in the sky, inciting dragon wings, dragon’s roar runs through the entire Heaven and Earth like a thunder, screaming in everyone’s ears, and also set off waves of horror.

The imposing manner of the extreme King of Monsters is like Heavenly Might, suppressing the entire between Heaven and Earth, making High Priest no longer calm.

And Limjo is crazy.

“It’s you! It’s you——!!!”

Limjo finally discovered Skien’s identity and was shocked in his heart. He was then dazzled by the raging anger and hatred, causing him to roar at Skien the most hysterical so far.

Skien’s sarcastic voice immediately entered Limjo’s ears.

“You found out too late, Young Master.”

The words are over, the Magic Power bursting out of the Skien body turns into a starlight.

“——With vast Magic Power, drawing the starts beyond the sky ——”

Skien without the slightest hesitation chants celestial body Magic Spell.

“——It is adorned with luxuriant rays and numerous wild fields, following the dispatch of those who dominate the night sky, showing the mystery and trajectory of the gods at this moment ——”

“——That is light——”

“——That is the powerful strength of the heavens ——”

“——Therefore, Sparkle, O stars ——”

“——Therefore, Come down, Light ——”

Skien’s voice resounds through the sky.

“[Starry Arrays]!”

starlight shuddered suddenly.

One by one’s celestial body suddenly glided out of the starlight, like a stream of light, while exuding the radiance that dissipated the entire darkness, while rushing toward the direction of High Priest and Limjo.

“Celestial Body Magic …!?”

High Priest is worthy of being a magician survived in the world for thousands of years. I saw the Magic played by Skien and immediately recognized him.

But because of recognizing this Magic, High Priest turned pale with fright again.

“How can the kind of Magic that hardly anyone learns in this era…!?”

High Priest is constantly changing its complexion, while quickly grabbing Limjo, who has lost his senses on the side, lifts the crystal ball high, and turns the death around the body into one by one, a groaning face in pain, ushering in the coming celestial body.

The fierce battle between Celestial Body Magic and Necro Magic is unfolding in this a side World.

The dazzling celestial body collided with the infiltrating human face, and instantly became entangled.

The celestial body exudes a bright starlight, revealing light bands, trying to blast the human face.

The human face was blasted apart, but it would condense and form in an instant, while howling in pain, while opening his mouth, trying to swallow the celestial body and deprive it of its vitality.

The celestial body’s spilt light band immediately surrounds the body, blasting the face again and again, keeping the face away.

The human face is like a devil who is not afraid of death, repeating the process of condensing, exploding, howling, and charging, which fully demonstrates the strangeness and terrifying of the necromantic Magic.

Originally, in the face of the Celestial Body Magic used by Skien squandering the largest Magic Power, even the most Advanced Magic would collapse on the first encounter, and it would not last long.

However, High Priest’s [terrifying public] is a very special Magic. The more dead, the greater the formidable power. Under High Priest’s extremely distressed profligacy, the endless dead energy accumulated over thousands of years is released. After coming out, this Magic’s powerful ability also climbed to an astonishing level. For a while, it was actually deadlocked with Skien’s [Starry Arrays].

Skien is fortunate. Although somewhat surprised, he doesn’t lose his sense of measure.

High Priest cannot accept this result.

“[Terrifying public] can’t get past the Celestial Body Magic…?”

High Priest’s face is ugly.

With the accumulation of thousands of years, she couldn’t even fight a modern Magician using Lost Magic, which made her unacceptable.

Under the unbalanced mentality, High Priest wanted to drive the corpse dragon and let the corpse dragon blast away the Celestial Body Magic with dragon breath.

Although, after death, the dragon breath of the corpse dragon no longer has the power of breakthrough all defenses, but after its dragon breath is transformed into dead breath, if it joins the battle, it will definitely bring great effects to [terrifying public] The big increase overwhelmed the Celestial Body Magic.

However, High Priest is destined to fail.

Yurin has long been fighting with the corpse dragon, and has also unilaterally crushed the corpse dragon.


In midair, the scorching breath of the dark great dragon easily breaks through the dead breath, hitting the body of the corpse dragon, causing the corpse dragon to be burnt and howling in pain.


Yurin became more excited as he fought, looking at the corpse dragon in the eyes full of disgust and tyrannical, the dragon wings shocked, and immediately swooped down again, knocking down the corpse dragon with one claw, causing the smoking corpse dragon to fall down. on the ground.


Yurin stepped on the rotting dragon body of the corpse dragon, as if treating a dirty creature, roaring, while spraying dragon breath, burning the corpse dragon under his feet.

Poor legendary-level necromantic dragon, just being ravaged by fiercely.


There was a twist on High Priest’s thin face.

Just then…


A form suddenly appeared in front of High Priest, making its eyes shrank.

“merely this.”

After a faint ridicule, the golden light brilliant sword light suddenly appeared.


The tearing sound resounded throughout the audience.

One arm flew on the sky, and was chopped off by the shining Holy Sword.

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