The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 610


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So, here comes the problem.

Limjo, understand?

He understands.

Actually, he understands when he hit from the very beginning.

Skien is an Adventurer, but is he a normal Adventurer?


He can singlehanded [Slaughterer Faction].

He can singlehanded destroy nearly half of the Knights of the Kingdom.

He can tame Adol’s Black Dragon.

He also got the favor of Dragon Devil, Moon Devil’s attention, and the Royal Family’s attention. He became a prominent character of the kingdom, and he has become a nobleman that countless nobles flock to.

This kind of him is destined to be an extraordinary existence, and his background can’t conceal his brilliance and excellence.

In this way, he can get the admiration of the Her Highness the Princess, which seems to be as it should be by rights.

And what about yourself?

Duke Family’s Young Master?

Is this identity comparable to the peerless Princess who was born in the orthodox Royal Family or even known as the Hero of Modern Age?

Better than innate talent?

I only reached Level 70 when I was in my 20s. How does it compare with the Princess who was already Level 70 at the age of seventeen?

Compared to strength?

Perhaps, my level is higher than that of Her Highness the Princess, but Level only represents the basic ability is relatively good, and there is even a gap in growth. The growth obtained by raising several levels may not be enough Her Highness the Princess promoted a level of growth. Therefore, your basic abilities are probably not as good as that of Her Highness the Princess, right?

In addition to the other party’s also Holy Sword, the terrifying Unique Skill mentioned in also rumor, and the Skill Points obtained when leveling up are also more than oneself, resulting in the acquired Skill not only more than oneself Rich, the Skill Level is even higher than his own. Combined, it is impossible for him to be better than the Her Highness the Princess.

I can’t match the Her Highness the Princess in every aspect, but I want to get the Kingdom’s Most Precious Object. How could he not succeed in the same status and status as the honored one?

Could it be that he only allowed him to succeed?

It does not exist.

in a nutshell, in front of the Her Highness the Princess, in fact, there is not much difference between himself and Skien.

But Skien is more brilliant than himself, more innate talent, more energetic, and more extraordinary. Then can’t you choose him by the who’s Her Highness the Princess?

His background is better than Skien, and the conditions are better than Skien. In the end, he still loses to Skien. What qualifications do you have to despise him?

———— —“The Loser”.

This statement was deeply carved into Limjo’s heart, causing a terrifying wound on it.

Of course, compared to this title, Skien’s other words made Limjo unacceptable.

“Just like you, don’t want to get Lucy’s heart forever.”

This is the most real damage.

Limjo broke out.

“I don’t accept it! I don’t accept it——!”

The cold and deadly Magic Power burst into flames during Limjo’s roar and turned into a terrifying storm that swept the audience.

Skien looked at him condescendingly at the place closest to Limjo, the hood on his head was finally blown off by the cold Magic Power, revealing the face of Skien that Limjo knew and hated.

Only, that face is full of peace that Limjo has never seen before.

That calmness is more than sarcasm and ridicule.

Because, that’s the calmness that comes when you feel bored.

“Is incompetent furious? Ma, is also a standard villain model.”

Skien is very boring.

“Unfortunately, you should leave, Young Master.”

The words are over, Skien no longer gives Limjo time to react or respond, and stretches out a hand in Limjo’s direction.

“[Bestow ·Exterminate].”

This is the most lethal and highest level feature of Bestowal Magic.

Only upgrade [Magic • Bestowal] to Level 9, then you can use this feature and use this Bestowal Magic.

As it should be by rights, there is only one result for things bestowed with this characteristic.

That is as literally said—“Destroy”.

“Stop it!!!”

High Priest, who was in a fierce battle with Yurin, noticed this scene and couldn’t help but called out.

Unfortunately, that is useless at all.


A group of shining Magic Power enveloped Limjo’s body and hit his whole body.

Limjo’s roar stopped abruptly in this situation.

He disappeared.

As if it had never appeared before, it disappeared without a trace.

Of course, his disappearance does not only refer to his whereabouts, but his existence itself is eliminated from this world.

This used to be in front of Skien pretend politeness and compliance, secretly thinking about dealing with Skien, but there is no way to take Skien, but to bear it again and again, and eventually he was taken into such a place and degenerated into neither human nor The Sterlingham Family Young Master of the ghost monster finally got his due.


Having witnessed all of this with my own eyes, the anger in High Priest’s heart rose completely.

the next moment, Heaven and Earth mutation.

“hōng lóng lóng …!”

All the lifelessness of Heaven and Earth on this side suddenly became extremely berserk, and gathered in the direction of High Priest.

High Priest held up the crystal ball high, gathering all the dead energy around him.


“My years of hard work was destroyed, no matter who you are, I want you to die!”

High Priest’s hoarse and unpleasant voice became extremely sharp.

So there was a tremor on the ground.


A hand broke through the ground and stretched out.

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!” “bang!” “bang!”…

Follow closely from behind, one hand after another broke through the ground and appeared on the ground.

The hands all showed a rotten, blackish state, not like human hands, but like ghost hands.

It’s actually the same.

Along with the trembling of the earth, the hands of each one broke through the ground one after another, digging up the earth and rocks, raising dust and sand, digging out the mud, so that the Master of the hands drilled out of the ground one after another and appeared in here.

That is the one by one dead, one after another, or the army created by the necromancer Magician of the necromancer — Necromancer Legion.

Skien saw the dead people he saw in the basement before. Also Urey and Thorner’s silhouettes are inside.

Not only the dead spirits of people, but even the dead spirits of monsters are among them.

An army of necromancers was given to summon by High Priest in this way, and appeared below this sky.

“So much?”

Skien was surprised.

There are too many undead beings out of High Priest summon.

So there are tens of thousands? Still hundreds of thousands?

Apart from the maddened army of evil spirits that he had seen in Kosmos, it was the first time for Skien to see such a huge Legion.

In such a Legion, some of them are also very old.

Looking at this scene and looking at the angry High Priest, Skien’s mind was divine light flashed.

“Could it be, you are actually the Magician who was crusade against by Goddess of Life Anima thousands of years ago?”

Skien came up with such an idea like a blessed soul and asked aloud.

hearing this, opening like High Priest gnashing teeth.

“Yes! It’s me!”

High Priest was angry and admitted his identity as taboo by the world.

“At the beginning, in order to gain immortality, in order to become the unparalleled king of this World, I spent a hundred years of painstaking cultivation of the Necromancer Magic, successfully transformed myself into an undying creature, and in order to collect death energy and create my own army , I used Necromancer Magic to capture several countries, turning the lives of those countries into my Necromancer Legion.”

What High Priest like this produces is an army of terrifying necromancers with as many as several millions.

With this great army, she fought continent, saw the city destroy the city, saw the country destroy the country, in the land at that time, she was unparalleled.

But what she did, who was so energetic at the time, completely angered Goddess of Life Anima, and let this one of the God Race’s apexes come personally, thunderbolt make a move, and put it on a strong crusade.

Subsequently, the Necromancer Magic became a taboo, and the Necromancer Magician also became a taboo existence, and was lost.

Who ever thought that High Priest not at all died.

“Goddess of Life wiped out my physical body and wiped out nearly 90% of my army, but at that time I had successfully transformed into an undying creature. Even if the physical body died, the soul survived.”

High Priest said with hatred.

“In order to reshape the undying physical body, it not only requires a lot of death, but also a very long time. That’s why I have been hiding in the dark, not dare to reappear.”

This High Priest has been struggling on whilst at death’s door for a whole thousand years.

It was not until two thousand years ago that High Priest successfully shaped a new physical body and was resurrected.

And this time, in order not to attract the fearful existence of Goddess of Life Anima, High Priest dare not use the Necromancer Magic to conquer the continent.

She realized that no matter how much Legion, no matter how lifeless, facing the Transcendent Level that really stands on top of Omni Pertensen like Three Great Goddesses and Six Great Devils, it is meaningless.

Not to mention, at that time, also Supreme God and Demon King were terrifying existence.

High Priest realized that just undying can never become the master of the world.

For this, High Priest began to pursue strength.

In other words, she wants to break through the limit of life and become the existence of Transcendent Level, and even the existence of outside specifications like Supreme God and Demon King.

That is a very whimsical thing.

But High Priest has time research.

In this way, High Priest spent thousands of years, and finally developed a large Profound Truth of Necromancer Magic.

That is — — [Death Spiritual Body].

“Since life has a limit, what about non-life?”

High Priest proposed such a hypothesis.

“I have already transformed into an undying creature. If I can go further and transform into another existence that is different from any kind of life today, will it be possible to naturally ignore the limits of life and reach the level of transcend? Up?”

Based on this hypothesis, High Priest created the existence of [Death Spiritual Body].

This kind of existence is precisely different from the existence of any kind of life in this world.

A kind of existence that can naturally ignore the limit of life, make people break through the limit of life, and reach Transcendent Level.

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