The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 703


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Then there was another day without any waves.

After returning home from Schiffne, Skien reluctantly returned to the room that scared him a little and stayed.

During the period, Liele did not come back to make an appointment with Skien just like yesterday, only came to give a supplement.

In this regard, Skien lowered her head all the way and didn’t even look at Lielle, so she didn’t know what expression she put on this matter.

No way, Skien doesn’t want to be hurt.

However, Lielle told Skien one thing.

That is, she has ordered the Shalin tribe to settle in Charm Devil, and the arrangements have been made.

Now, the people of the Sandscale tribe have begun to migrate to Charm Devil, and Shagina and Toriel expressed her gratitude to Skien, saying that she would never forget everything that Skien brought to them.

Skien naturally wouldn’t take this matter seriously. After Toriel took care of the Sandscale people, he shut himself in the room and never went out.

So far, Skien has done everything he needs to do, and I don’t know if there is any chance that someone from the Sandscale will meet again.

And tomorrow, Skien and Schiffne will go to the center city led by Moon Devil and leave Charm Devil city.

Perhaps, after today, Skien may not have the opportunity to return to this Charm Devil city.

Fortunately, Skien doesn’t have any acquaintances in Charm Devil. After arranging things for the Sandscale tribe, he can leave without worry.

Just like that, the last night in Charm Devil came.

Only, Skien is destined to be unable to rest well this night.

“I have to take the initiative.”

Skien thought about it for a day.

Today, after repeated thinking, Skien had a very bold guess.

“My body has a problem, and Schiffne’s body has a problem. If this matter has nothing to do with that Charm Devil, who will believe it?”

One time can be accidental, two times can be accidental accidents, but three times in a row, Skien no longer believes it is accidental.

Combined with the condition of your body and the anomaly that appeared in the Schiffne body, Skien’s bold guess is really heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

At least, Skien himself couldn’t believe his guess.

If he is a junior, then also might completely deny this, the question is he is not.

So, even if it is unbelievable and unbelievable, Skien has to establish this guess.

In view of this, in order to confirm his guess, Skien felt that he had to do a flower thief.

“I have to feel into the room of Schiffne that fellow to find out.”

Skien made this decision.

Schiffne would never have imagined that he had touched into Skien’s room for three consecutive nights, was done all kinds of indescribable things, and planted a big somersault, and finally gave up today, but Skien was against Come over and plan to touch her room.

If this is understood by others, then Skien is afraid that it will be chased by the entire Demon Race and even the Charm Devil admirers of the rest of the race, and it will truly be an enemy of the whole world.

Of course, if this were the case, Skien would not feel timid yet.

The key is that the flower he wants to pick is not a wild flower on the roadside, but a genuine thorny rose.

A Devil started a fire, even for the current Skien, it would be so empty.

But Skien is also ready to fight.

“A Rasha is enough to make me confused. If there is another Schiffne, would I really have been prostituted forever?”

This is absolutely unbearable!

So, Skien stuffed all the supplements on the table into his stomach, filled the body with blood, and pulled out the Holy Sword.


Skien unlocked the seal on Holy Sword, and also removed all three seals at once.

In the face of a genuine Devil like Schiffne, Skien dare not care.

Although [Within Fate’s Sensation]’s super concealment ability is unquestionable, if the opponent is Devil, Skien feels that he still has to use Holy Sword’s power.

With the effect of Holy Sword “Full Skill Level +1 0”, Skien’s [Within Fate’s Sensation] will definitely be at least several times stronger.

In this way, Skien is confident not to be discovered by Schiffne.

The only thing to worry about is whether the divine fluctuations on Holy Sword are so strong, will it make Schiffne feel something instead.

But Skien also discovered that as his level reached the Legendary level, Skien became more and more in control of Holy Sword’s power, and could even control Holy Sword’s power to converge its divine fluctuations.

“Maybe, soon, I won’t need to seal Holy Sword anymore.”

Anyway, my identity has been exposed, and I am more and more able to control Holy Sword’s power. I don’t need to worry about its sacred fluctuations being detected. What does it matter whether it is sealed?

At the beginning, the reason why Skien added a seal to Holy Sword was to prevent Holy Sword from being noticed by observant and conscientious persons. If you don’t have to worry about this anymore, then Skien will naturally not add any more seals.

“It is estimated that when I reach the limit level, I will be able to manipulate Holy Sword’s power freely.”

“And when I reach the breakthrough limit level and reach the Transcendent Level, then Holy Sword will be completely transformed.”

“By then, with my Holy Sword more powerful than Mithras’s Holy Sword, I don’t need to worry about anyone, right?”

Mithras can directly promote to and Goddess of Fate Lidas at the same level as Level 1 after transcend, so he can only be stronger.

Maybe, if you are impossible to reach the level of Demon King and Supreme God, you should still be able to be the third in the world.

No, after the death of the Demon King and the disappearance of Supreme God, Skien will be the strongest not just in name only, but also in reality.

In that way, Skien is the perfection.

“I have boundless prospects, why should I be afraid of a Charm Devil?”

Skien comforted himself so.

Immediately, Skien controlled the sacred fluctuations on the Holy Sword and activated the concealment ability of [Within Fate’s Sensation]. The whole person turned into a ghost-like silent black shadow and swept out of the window.

After a while, the dark shadow moved towards the room where Schiffne was located approached.


Facts have proved that Skien’s caution is right.

As the lord of Charm Devil, the de facto Master of Charm Devil city, the most apex of existence in this Charm Devil fort, at night, Schiffne’s room is surrounded by heavy protection.

Although, the top floor of Charm Devil Fort usually does not allow anyone to come up, but after all, it is the residence of Charm Devil, and it is not without any protective measures.

For example, many of Magic’s barriers, traps and alarms are only turned on at night, protecting the entire top floor of Charm Devil Fort. Anyone who hasn’t given permission will break in here, and the result will be It is conceivable.

also, although no messy people are allowed to come here, there are many Magic creatures such as Golem, Gargoyle, Magic soldiers, Knight armor, etc., patrolling in an orderly manner.

With these protections, even if there is a chance that someone touches the Charm Devil fort and enters the top floor, it will not be able to approach the room where Schiffne is.

If you break through, when the opponent finds Schiffne, Schiffne is afraid that he will wake up early, and want to clean up a little thief, it is so easy that it can’t be easier.

Fortunately, Skien is very human. With [Beyond Fate’s Sensation]’s perception ability, he can discover any traps and protections with no difficulty, and then use the Teleportation ability breakthrough barrier of [Beyond Fate’s Sight] and patrolling Magic creatures. You can enter Schiffne’s room unconsciously.

must say, Holy Sword’s Skill enforcement effect is still very impressive. Except for the [Samsara Fate] Special Skill without Level, the rest of Skien’s Fate Skills have been strengthened by Holy Sword’s enforcement by more than one thing, and finally it’s true. It was with no difficulty who came to Schiffne’s room.


As a breeze blows, Skien’s form floats into Schiffne’s room from the window position like a feather.

The situation is surprisingly the same as the situation Schiffne had touched into Skien’s room the other day.

Shortly afterwards, Skien met Schiffne very smoothly.


I saw that His Highness Charm Devil, known as the three realms number one beauty, was lying on his bed, leaning on his side, sleeping very sweetly.


Skien slapped his claws on the spot.

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