The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 704


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In this moment, Skien’s first inner thought was very simple.

“Didn’t expect dignified Charm Devil is such a person!”

Skien looked towards Schiffne’s eyes have changed.

It became like looking at a female driver.

He really wants to know what the dream of this Lord Charm Devil, who everyone is desperate for drooling, is doing.

That is definitely not a serious dream…!

Skien’s eyes are already narrowed.

While Schiffne didn’t know all this, he was still dreaming there.

“Don’t do this…”

“I…I am the Elder Sister of your future daughter-in-law…”

“Do you know what will happen if I move?”

“wū wū…I…I am Charm Devil…”


Schiffne kept muttering like this, slowly even his cheeks became red, fiery’s enchanting loving body was also twisting there, even the fine sweat began to appear on his forehead, causing breathing Hurried up.

Skien watched this scene and wiped off the sweat that he didn’t know when.

“This Witch, a dream can stab people to death, it is simply a curse.”

Skien felt that he couldn’t listen to this anymore.

Listen further, I will definitely be fucked to death.

More importantly, in the words “I am the Elder Sister of your future daughter-in-law” in Witch’s mouth, there is so much information that Skien feels careful thoughts, extreme fear.

In order to avoid hearing too many things that shouldn’t be heard, and finally ushered in the end of being silenced, Skien quickly began to do business.

Specifically, Skien began to ask all kinds of questions to Schiffne who was in a dream while the feature of “Dream Talk” was still in effect.

Only, with Skien’s question, he is not well.

For example…

“You said, why have you been in the wrong state recently?”

This question, Schiffne’s answer is like this.

“Who let that bastard toss me so desperately…”

Well, Skien feels more and more that he will be silenced.

However, the question continues.

“Who is that bastard?”

“Who else can it be? Of course it is the Hero of that damn…”

“…what happened to him?”

“He…he keeps tossing me…even if I beg for mercy…he still refuses to let me go…”

“…How did he toss you?”

“He tossed me in his dream, and last night…”

“…Why doesn’t he remember anything?”

“Of course I can’t let him remember, otherwise, where do I put my face…?”


In this way, Skien asked the one by one question, and he got the one by one answer that frightened him and even at a loss.

Finally, Skien finally came to a conclusion.

He, got on Charm Devil.

Without even his own knowledge, Charm Devil, who is known as the three realms first, captured all beings, and made countless people obsessed and crazy about it, eats cleanly without leaving a trace of meat.

And this heaven-shaking, earth-shattering incident just confirmed Skien’s bold guess.

“…This must be something wrong.”

Skien was cold and sweaty.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to admit it, but that this fact is too unscientific.

This is Charm Devil!

One of the Six Great Devils, Transcendent Level exists. Even Goddess of Life and Goddess of Nature are not rivals. It is known as the three realms number one beauty with all the charm of the world!

After Skien came to Demon World, what I heard the most was how this Allure Demon caused so many Grand Heroes to fall down, and how to make the world’s sentient beings kneel and lick crazily. As a result, they still dismissed it and took care of themselves. I’ve seen any man directly.

Such a person was pushed unconsciously by himself?

Dare to do this in a dream!

Also, there is no reason for this, right?

A Devil, how can you let yourself toss?

Won’t she resist?

Won’t she resist?

Or did she have a crush on herself?

Yes… But I have only met her a few times, and within a few days of getting to know her, can this trick people into bed?


Skien could only scratch his head desperately, and was irritated by the amount of terrifying information.

In the end, Skien even began to wonder if this was a scene that Schiffne deliberately made to tease himself.

So, Skien felt that something must be wrong.

“No, I have to ask carefully.”

Skien gritted his teeth, ready to continue questioning Schiffne.

However, just as Skien turned his gaze and looked towards Schiffne’s direction, the eye-catching scene made him sweat more.


I saw that Schiffne didn’t know when he opened his eyes and remained silent, but stared at Skien closely, his eyes were very cold.

Skien’s heart burst, looking at Schiffne like this, he only felt his back numb.

The two people stared at each other, without words for a long time.

After a while, Skien began to back away.

“That…went to the wrong room…sorry…”

After Skien said such words hesitantly, he immediately decided to go off the hook.

However, Schiffne threw a fluttering word over.

“If you dare to go, I will immediately announce to the entire Charm Devil city that you sneaked into my room in the middle of the night.”

Skien froze there immediately.

In his heart, he yelled out–“It’s dead”.

At the moment, Skien can only turn around slowly, looking at Schiffne who is still lying there, coldly looking at his own Schiffne, showing a smile that is uglier than crying.

“You…how did you wake up? Your Highness Charm Devil?”

Skien cautiously asked.

Schiffne gave a sneer.

“You may be hiding well, even I didn’t notice that any aura invaded me, but you have used Magic on me, I could it be that in addition I couldn’t notice that I was caught Has the Magic status been used?”

Actually, Schiffne should have been awakened when Skien had just used the Bestowal Magic of Dream Talk.

The reason why I didn’t wake up immediately is because Skien’s Holy Sword also improved Magic Skill Level, which made the effect of Bestowal Magic got much stronger.

Plus, what Skien uses is not an offensive Magic, or even a Magic with negative effects. It is just an Elementary Magic that makes people sleepy. Schiffne in a bad condition carelessly said for a while.

But Schiffne was Devil after all, and was finally awakened smoothly.

Moreover, I also noticed what I just revealed.

“Are you understood?”

Schiffne sits up and says such a line faintly.

In that way, it seems to be referring to a small thing too small, anomaly serene.

Skien chuckled and stopped talking.

He knew that at this time, not saying anything was the right choice.

Sure enough, Schiffne didn’t directly freak out, but smiled sweetly at the default Skien.

“Do you think it’s very profitable? Charm Devil, who has all the charm of the world, is planted in your hands?”

hearing this, Skien was first subconsciously nodded, and then shook his head frantically.

Schiffne finally disappeared from Serene, gnashing teeth watching Skien.

“My Schiffne has never suffered such a loss. Since you are already understood, what do you want to do?”

Schiffne looks like he can’t wait to bite off a piece of meat from Skien’s body.

But Skien also not to be trifled with.

“What should I do?” Skien retorted, “It’s not you who I insist on. Although I don’t know the specific situation, according to what you said before, it seems that the main responsibility lies with your body, right? “

“You…!” Schiffne’s eyes widened.

But Skien is also very wronged and innocent.

“If you say that I did it, then I will recognize it, but I am confused and can’t even remember what happened. I didn’t even enjoy the process. All that was left for me was a sore back , Who should I talk to to reason?”

Skien is more confident as he speaks.

In fact, that’s what he thinks.

Schiffne said that he made a profit, and Skien did feel so, but after another thought, he felt that it was not right.

How did you make it?

I did what was supposed to be the most blissful thing in the world, but didn’t even feel the slightest feeling. Only a “remnant body” that was in urgent need of nourishment was left to him. How could he earn this?

Furthermore, he really don’t know what the specific process is, only knowing that he seems to have pushed this Charm Devil in a dream and in reality.

But, why did she push her in a dream, so that she could not say anything, but also caused her back pain every day?

could it be dreams can become reality?

How did you do it?

also, how did this Witch get into his own dream, and how did he fall into a bewildered push by himself, Skien also didn’t know.

To tell the truth, he is still half-believing now, and he can’t fully believe that all this is true.

I can only say that Skien is really confused, and Schiffne’s memory is blurred too much, coupled with completely ignorance of the cause, ignorance of how this event developed into this step, so that he I must give an explanation, it is too difficult for him to be fat.


“You restore my memory.”

Skien made a request.

“If I am sure that I did all this, I will give you an explanation, okay?”

As soon as these words came out, Schiffne was dumbfounded.

Restore memory?

This is not impossible.

With Schiffne’s current relationship with Skien, she can “connect” Skien at any time, passing on to him the things that were obscured by interference.

But… Doesn’t this remind him of how he was tossed by him! ?


“No way!”

Schiffne without a second thought, directly refused.

Suddenly, Skien was on fire.

“You have to blame me again, and don’t remind me of all this, do you think it makes sense?”

Skien’s tone started to become overbearing.

“Or did you really do something that couldn’t see people, and didn’t dare to remind me, so that the wicked person sued first and planned to calm me before speaking?”

Skien seriously suspected this.

This makes Schiffne a bit if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off.

Speaking of shame, what she did was really shameful.

could it be to tell Skien that I at first only wanted to seduce him and see if he is really so indifferent to him, did he overturn?

As for the next two times, I want to take away his body stuff, which is even more shameful.

Thinking of it like this, Schiffne suddenly realized it too.

Myself, just to sue the wicked first.

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