The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 705


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Actually, Schiffne himself knew that although he suffered a great loss this time, he was unable to pursue it.

After all, after all, everything is to blame on yourself.

It’s also because of this. Although Schiffne suffered the biggest loss in history, she was not at all against Skien.

However, Schiffne still feels unwilling.

No way.

Skien is confused, and Schiffne himself could it be. Wasn’t he crying without tears?

The rainstorm came too suddenly and too quickly. Even the past few days she herself would be in a daze from time to time. She couldn’t believe it. She had already grasped the admiration and worship of all men and women in Omni Pertensen, even the king of a country. He, who dismissed all kinds of Grand Heroes, was cheated by a little fellow who had not known him for a few days.

What’s more terrible is that this man is still the fiancé of his favorite little sister.

Schiffne really wanted to cry without tears. He wanted to get angry but couldn’t. He wanted to admit his fate but didn’t want to. In the end, he could only worry day by day. Up to now, I still can’t think of a reason.

Tonight, Schiffne was surprised to see Skien appearing in his room, but he didn’t have any ideas.

Anyway, he has also been understood. As an actual victim, could it be not okay to make a fire?

As a result, Skien really didn’t give her such a chance.

You said you suffered a big loss, could it be? Did we really make a big deal?

Then you dare to let us restore our memory and think of everything in this?

What? Can’t?

Then you said, we can’t even think about it, so we can only tonic for backaches and backaches every day, but you want to throw an established fact directly and let us explain that cheating people is not so bad.

Perhaps, if you are someone else, knowing that you have got such a big bargain, you will definitely be ecstatic, but Skien had no intention of having anything to do with this Charm Devil, and he is not easy to be fooled, and sometimes even extremely Straight guys don’t give face when they look at the other’s looks. In this case, anyone who is reasonable will have nothing to say.

Of course, it is normal for women to be unreasonable.

Skien is actually betting that Schiffne is not hating herself for hating him and losing his mind, desperate for revenge.

In this case, the other party may also be reasonable.

Sure enough…

“Okay, count me as bad luck.” Schiffne sighed, pointed at Skien, and said: “Then can you go out now?”

Apparently, Schiffne chose not to pursue it.

For this matter, although Schiffne feels very complicated, he does not have any hatred.

Skien is not an ordinary man. She already has 95 points in her heart, second only to Ai, plus Ai’s fiancé, a person who interests her, still has potential far beyond Mithras. Mystery Hero, all kinds of peculiarities, are enhancing Schiffne’s tolerance.

If you change to someone who is not interested in Schiffne at all, she would have tortured him and turned into a scum. How could it be possible to tell you something?

Not to mention, Skien’s body also has a big secret, involving your own mother. In any case, this person cannot move.

For various reasons, Schiffne’s mood was so complicated that he couldn’t raise any hatred at all, and he could only recognize it.

But this time, Skien refused to comply.

“You have to tell me at least, what’s the situation, right?” Skien looked at Schiffne directly, and said, “What is the reason for this?”

hearing Skien’s words, Schiffne pursing the lips.

Finally, she started to speak helplessly.


So, Schiffne told Skien the whole story.

It seems like I accidentally heard the conversation between him and Gray, and then developed a playful heart, and thus fell into Skien’s dream, but because of an accident, power was imprisoned, which led to all the following things.

Only, Schiffne not at all tells Skien about red Baoyu.

The matter is very important and involves a lot. Before discussing with Sera, Schiffne was absolutely afraid to leak the news, so as not to attract God Race and human race counterattacks.

That and Hero’s reappearance are serious matters that cannot be compared.

Hero reappears. At best, it can only break the peace and cause the three races to go to war.

And if this matter is exposed, even Supreme God may be drawn out.

Considering this, Schiffne dared not mention the existence of red Baoyu. He only said that it was an accident, but did not say what the accident was.

When Schiffne fell into a dream again later, she tried to find out and find out the cause of the accident as a reason, but she came up with the argument that the car overturned again.

As for the Triple Kill in reality last night, Schiffne still concealed the red Baoyu factor. He only said that he wanted to “connect” Skien with his Unique Skill to find out the truth in it, but the car overturned.

After listening to this, Skien himself found it absurd.

“You did so much to me without my knowledge?”

Skien’s mentality is a little broken.

Schiffne is a bit embarrassed.

“I just figured out what’s going on…”

Who knew that the car would be overturned so badly, and overturned again and again?

Schiffne himself was very broken.

Skien rubbed his brows.

He doesn’t know how to express his feelings anymore.

If you want to use one word to describe it, it can only be that word — “pit”.

If possible, Skien even wants to find someone to redress.

“I really don’t know anything, but I was surprised that I had a relationship with the most impossible person in this world.”

So, Skien still feels very unreal.

Seeing this, Schiffne also remained silent for a long time.

After a long time, Schiffne gave up quietly.

“Forget it, it’s useless to continue to deceive yourself.”

Speaking this way, Schiffne stretched out a slender and beautiful jade finger and tapped it on Skien’s forehead.

the next moment, with a little light shining on the brows, Skien’s blurred memory finally flooded into his mind.

Pictures sprang up in Skien’s mind.

There is a scene of being in the sea of ​​flowers in that dreamland, disregarding Schiffne’s exclamation, he just tore her clothes to pieces.

There are endless tossings, even if Schiffne begs for mercy, he is unwilling to stop.

also last night, between half asleep and half awake, I threw Schiffne down on my bed.

The images returned one after another, making Skien finally feel that his memory became clearer and more realistic.

When Skien opened his eyes again, he was already looking at Schiffne with embarrassment.

Schiffne did not look towards Skien, pretending to be calm, but her cheeks were slightly red, which proved that her mood was not so peaceful.

“Believe what I said now, right?”

Schiffne’s tone became resentful again.

“I believe it.” Skien could only touch his nose, and finally said angrily: “But I can’t really blame me?”

“I know.” Schiffne faintly said: “If you really want to blame you, do you think you can have all your hands and feet?”

Skien shivered suddenly.

The implication is that if I almost died even if not, I have to lose a hand or two, right?

damn, really worthy of Devil, brutal.

“Then…then you said, why do you become unfathomable mystery imprisoned when you enter my dream or want to do and so on to me?”

Skien quickly changed the subject.

“…I don’t know.” Schiffne silent for a while, then calmly said with a full face: “Do you have any clues?”

“Clue…” Skien frowned.

“That’s right.” Now Schiffne looked at Skien, looking said solemnly: “For example, do you feel that you have encountered a special situation that caused something to be added within the body?”

“This…” Skien at a loss.

What special situation did you encounter that caused something to be added within the body?

Such an encounter, it is really impossible to say that it did not.

After coming to this World, I encountered a lot of situations that I couldn’t explain, and there were also many very special experiences.

So, Skien struggled.

Schiffne seems to see this.

“Well, if you can’t think of it, don’t think about it.” Schiffne said nonchalantly: “Anyway, you, the Hero, are enough for Mystery. It’s not surprising that there are one or two Mystery things.”

I just don’t know what that’s all will be implicated behind these things.

Skien himself also knows his condition.

“I know there are a lot of mysteries in my body, and there are some mysteries that I am seeking to solve.” Skien sighed, “If you don’t believe me, the natural enemy of Demon Race, you can wait. I will solve all the secrets sooner or later.”

Skien made this decision.

Looking at Skien like this, Schiffne’s eyes are glittering.

Then she said so almost subconsciously.

“I didn’t say I didn’t believe you, it was all yours.”

As soon as this remark came out, the audience fell silent.

Skien didn’t expect Schiffne to say such a thing, with a stunned expression on his face.

Schiffne himself also reacted, wishing to find a hole in the spot.

The head down, flushed with shame and anger, really made Skien’s heart throb.

Skien couldn’t help swallowing, then, the ghost said something badly.

“Well, I was not awake before…”

What does this sentence mean, Schiffne impossible is not clear.

“You…what do you want to do?” Schiffne picked up the pillow, moved back subconsciously, and continued: “I have been tossed by you three times, this time I really can’t do it!”

The horrified look on his face, not only didn’t let Skien dispel the evil thoughts in his heart, but instead encouraged it.

“I’m sober this time, I will definitely get enough.”

Skien was a little free and approached Schiffne directly.

Two people went in one and the other retreated, just like the scene when Skien was taken into the room by Schiffne before.

Only, the character of two people has been completely changed.

Before, Schiffne deliberately teased Skien, teasing Skien so much, and dare not touch her.

Now, since even the established facts are there, Skien naturally no longer controls himself.

All the anger accumulated over the past period has caused Skien to lose control tonight.

So the wolf rushed forward, causing the little sheep to exclaim again, and was immediately suppressed.

Finally, this night, Skien and Schiffne still didn’t get a good rest.

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