The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 706


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Happy times are always short.

Like the previous three days, one night will pass unconsciously.

For these three days, Skien basically woke up after dawn.

But this time, Skien woke up before dawn.

No, it should be said that this night, Skien has never slept in the true sense.

Then he was beaten by some Charm Devil ruthless.

“I killed you bastard!”

Schiffne’s face was exhausted, but angrily, he supported his weak body, grabbed the pillow, and slammed it into Skien’s body like don’t fear for one’s life.

“You…you murdered your husband…!?”

Skien was also almost exhausted, barely blocking the pillow that was constantly smashing in, and almost didn’t flash back because of his excessive movements.

Looking at Skien like this, Schiffne is not only without show mercy, but even more angry.

“Why is it so clear that it is good? Is it enough to stop it?”

Feeling his body becoming exhausted again, Schiffne really wanted to kill Skien with one bite.

“I…I can’t help it?”

Skien also knows that he is at a loss, his face is embarrassed, and because of his backache again, he is baring the teeth.

Yes, Skien again and again and again is empty.

There is no reason for it, only because it is playing off.

“I finally know why I worked like that unconsciously a few days ago.” Skien vomited: “It’s not that I don’t want to stop, but I can’t stop at all.”

That’s how it is.

No way, who can make the opponent not someone else, the precisely beautiful Charm Devil, who can be called the number one in three realms?

Not only looks, but this Witch’s figure, the delicateness of the skin, the softness of the lovable body, and the maturity and sexy from the inside out all make people want to stop.

This is a real Fairy, the demon girl who can make a man willingly die on his belly.

That kind of extreme enjoyment, now that Skien thinks about it, there is a trend of even more evil flames, just wanting to struggle selflessly until exhaustion, and that everything will die.

But Schiffne doesn’t think this is compliment at all.

“You…you give me out!” Schiffne could only raise his hand tremblingly, pointed at the door, and yelled furiously: “From now on, you are not allowed to touch me!”

Obviously, Schiffne has exploded in anger.

“Are you really angry?” Skien blinked and said with a dry smile: “Well, I know I was wrong, right?”

Originally, when she was so tempted and wanted to try her best, Schiffne didn’t show much resistance, and Skien thought that Witch didn’t object to him doing this to her.

Who ever thought, afterwards, Schiffne’s reaction was so great.

Skien like this doesn’t even know that Schiffne’s anger is mostly due to helpless.

Nothing else, because she couldn’t resist the strength of Skien.

You know, this time is not the same as before. Schiffne’s power is not imprisoned, so it is possible to refuse Skien’s messing up.

As a result, when Skien rushed forward, Schiffne didn’t even make any resistance. This was where she was really angry.

In other words, she was not angry with Skien, but herself.

Although, she also knew that she didn’t want to resist, but really couldn’t resist.

After all, as I said before, after having such a relationship, Skien can’t avoid being interfered by Schiffne’s power, but Schiffne can’t refuse Skien’s intimacy.

This is the limitation of her Unique Skill. It is destined to be Schiffne in front of Skien, and there is no longer the ability to resist.

This is why Schiffne couldn’t refuse Skien.

It can be precisely because it is very clear about this kind of thing that Schiffne can only become sulky, use the topic to express his anger.

Skien didn’t know about it, and thought he was really tossing too hard, which made Schiffne angry.

Schiffne will not explain this, only secretly gritted his teeth.

“I didn’t crack a joke with you.” Schiffne flustered and exasperated said: “From now on, you are not allowed to be hard on me. Have you heard?”

Schiffne is really afraid of the feeling of being unable to resist and being manipulated by all kinds of shame.


Skien saw Schiffne’s heartfelt resistance, and as he said this, he was full of dismay.

“Of course.” Schiffne didn’t care about this, looked at Skien very solemnly, and couldn’t help but said: “I hope you can understand that our relationship is caused by mistakes, not mutual consent.”

Schiffne’s words made Skien frowned and fell silent.

Seeing such Skien, Schiffne’s attitude softened.

“I know, you just couldn’t help it last night. It wasn’t because you had any strong feelings for me that you threw me down?” Schiffne said: “You are a man, I can understand your impulse, but you You should think about it carefully, why did you avoid me like that before.”

Skien woke up as Schiffne said so.

“I don’t want to fall into your charm like other people, forget where I stand, what I should do, and even the people around me. I only have you and become humble. Lapdog, so I avoid you.”

Skien said so, and somehow understood what Schiffne wanted to say.

Actually, what Schiffne wants to say is very simple.

“To be honest, I appreciate you like that.”

Schiffne told the truth for the first time in front of Skien.

“I’m very hateful. The guys who treat me with diligence as soon as they see me, even give everything to me, and they only pester me desperately. Such people, for me, are definitely this The most boring existence in the world.”

The kind of fall with no difficulty, the dedication to do it on its own way, not all women like it.

Schiffne is like that. I just feel that those guys who can’t walk when they see themselves have no perseverance at all, and no persistence. They put all their minds in a woman’s body, completely ignoring themselves and others, then Only obedient puppets and puppets.

So, for those who have their own ideas and principles, and thus actively avoid their own Skien, Schiffne will give such high scores.

But last night, Skien was a bit out of control.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t suddenly throw himself down without saying a word.

Although Schiffne himself has some responsibilities, he said the ambiguous words that shouldn’t be said in that scene, resulting in the self-control of Skien, who has already gained himself, is no longer as strong as before, but Skien can’t help but keep tossing behind. , Is the proof of deep impulse.

“You have already got me. You are the first man in my life, and I will probably be the last. So, I don’t want you to become my most hateful kind of boring person. Can you understand? “

Schiffne is really somewhat worried about this.

This time, she and Skien’s matter, the truth is just an accident by accident.

Fortunately, the target was Skien, someone who Schiffne originally admired a little bit. With various factors, Schiffne finally accepted this fact.

And if Skien has become like those boring people, then Schiffne really doesn’t know what to do.

In view of this, Schiffne will feel flustered and exasperated, and it may not be a warning against this.

Skien could feel Schiffne’s thoughts, and his frowned brows gradually loosened.

“Okay.” Skien sighed, this time sincerely said to Schiffne: “This time, I was indeed impulsive.”

“As long as you can understand.” Schiffne complexion calmed down.

However, Skien has changed the topic.

“That’s what I said, but if you are not allowed to touch you in the future, I can’t agree with you.”

Skien’s words, let Schiffne slightly startled.

Skien sat up, staring straight at Schiffne, and asked.

“Do you want to terminate this relationship with me?”

Skien asked this question word by word.

This made Schiffne feel tight and speechless.

Do you want to terminate this relationship?

Should be necessary?

After all, the relationship between her and Skien was an accident by accident. Shouldn’t this relationship be terminated?

“If I said yes, what would you do?”

Schiffne did not answer, but instead asked calmly back.

Skien’s reply is like this.

“If it’s another woman, I definitely disagree. After all, I don’t want to be a man who doesn’t admit it.” Skien said directly: “But if it’s you, I will accept it.”


Skien will accept.

“I don’t want to be considered by you as having an accidental relationship, just grabbing this man who stalked you.” Skien stared at Schiffne, faintly said with a smile: “This is your best hateful, right?”

hearing this, Schiffne raised his eyes and looked directly at Skien.

Skien looked up at each other, not backing away.

The two people looked at each other for a long time.

After that, Schiffne smiled.

“Yes, this is my most hateful.”

The expression on Schiffne’s face reverted to the same happy smile as it was a few days ago.

She could tell that Skien was serious about what he said just now.

Once she chooses to terminate the relationship, Skien will definitely accept without the slightest hesitation.

But this relieved Schiffne.

At least, this man didn’t become what she imagined, because when he got her, he was immersed in the land of warmth and tenderness she brought and couldn’t get out, so desperately the kind of boring person.

Skien was also laughed, but instead of continuing the topic just now, he got up from baring the teeth, twisted his pantothenic waist, and put on his clothes.

Schiffne watched this scene and pulled the quilt to hide his infinitely beautiful fiery lovable body, leaving only a pair of naked shoulders outside.

Skien just spoke.

“I’ll go back and lie down again.” Skien helpless said: “Call me when the set off.”

Leaving this, Skien left with a sore back.

Schiffne also felt that he had to take a good rest.

“What a donkey.”

Schiffne murmured, then lay down.

Before closing her eyes, Schiffne felt that she should think about how she should get along with Skien in the future.

“Maybe, I can…”

With a dim thought, Schiffne’s mouth curled, and he slowly fell asleep.

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