The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 708


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When Skien walked out of Charm Devil and saw a crowd of legendary experts gathered in the square in front of the door, he raised the brows slightly.

The eyes of a group of legendary experts also gathered on Skien’s body, looking at this human, one after another, their eyes glittering.

“You are here.”

Only Gray, towards Skien’s friendly nodded.

Looking at Sean, seeing Skien seemed a little surprised.

“Are you the one who violated the ban last time?”

Sean seemed surprised that he didn’t expect Skien to appear here.

Skien glanced at him with a faint smile, ignoring this guy who had some fate with him, and instead focused on the body of Xi Sai.

Sisai noticed Skien’s vision.

Because, he is also observing Skien.

Immediately, Sisai arrived in front of Skien.

“You are the one who has recently spread in the city of Charm Devil, and is very popular with His Highness Charm Devil. You are suspected to be the human of Hero who reproduced in the rumor?” Xi Sai said quite meaningfully: “Long admired the name Now, Skien Bezthoth Count Qing.”

hearing this, Skien squinted and smiled.

“You are the Spirit Race patriarch that Lielle mentioned, who is only quite satisfactory among the cadres, and barely okay, Xisai?”

Skien’s this remark is already a bit provocative.

No, it’s not like, but provocation.

At least, everyone present heard it.

“Do they have enmity?”

Hart looked towards Gray in surprise.

“Not sure.”

Gray shook the head.


Sean yelled at Skien.

Sisai’s eyes glittering a few times, said remaining calm and collected: “It seems that you are a bit hostile to me, Sir Bezthoth.”

Skien waved his hand and shook his head for Sisai’s words.

“I can’t talk about hostility.” Skien said with a smile: “It’s only weird that the people led by Charm Devil don’t have a very good vision. It can be judged to be quite satisfactory, barely OK?”

Suddenly, Xi Sai’s pupils couldn’t help shrinking slightly, and even the Xien complexion beside him changed slightly.

A sentence appeared in the hearts of the two brothers at the same time.

(He found out?)

No, impossible.

My two brothers have already used the special item given above, even the max level [Appraisal] Skill should not be able to see anything for a while.

Master Parion also said that in Demon World, apart from Moon Devil Sera, even the other Devils are impossible to see through the reality of their two brothers?

Could it be because of his own special?

By the way, he is Hero.

Holy Sword has a very powerful power, part of the effect is to be able to enforce Hero’s Skill Level.

Then, this Hero is very likely to have [Appraisal] Skills that exceed the max level.

thought until here, the brothers Sisay and Sean both sweated their foreheads, and the warning sign rose sharply in their hearts.

Sisai even pretended to be calm and looked towards Skien.

“Thanks for the compliment, but compared with the top cadres, I do have many shortcomings.”

Sisai’s this remark is not so much a dead duck with a hard beak, but rather a test of Skien’s reality.

Skien only lost interest after watching such a Western game after a while.

“What do you say, what can I prove as an outsider?”

Skien turned his head away and continued to yawn. The strength just now seemed to have turned into laziness.

Sisai’s heart was unconsciously relaxed, but he felt great pressure again, and exchanged glances with Sean beside him, and finally fell silent.

Hart and Gray watched this scene, seemingly wondering what’s going on, their faces filled with confusion.

Everyone stopped talking at the same time, causing a rather depressing silence on the scene.

Fortunately, this repressive silence, not at all, can last.

“Master Schiffne!”

At the gate of Charm Devil Fort, the pair of rock giant brothers suddenly moved, one-knee kneels toward the gate.

In the door, under Lielle’s attendant, Schiffne, like the Skien just now, walked out while yawning.

only, unlike Skien, who is a little casual and sloppy, Schiffne’s lazy appearance is like an ancient imperial concubine who is drunk, showing amazing beauty.

“Master Schiffne!”

“Master Schiffne!”

Looking at Schiffne like this, Hart, Sisai, and even Sean were a little sluggish, and some lost self-control shouted excitedly.

“Your Highness…”

Gray couldn’t help but staring at Schiffne, in the eyes full of drunkenness.

This Highness Charm Devil suddenly became the most dazzling existence in the entire Heaven and Earth, dazzling, stunningly beautiful, and making people fall in love.

Even Skien scolded Fairy in the heart, who didn’t know the number of times, and immediately turned his head and didn’t go to see her.

Schiffne shot a traceless look at Skien. Seeing Skien turning his head to look at the sky, he felt angry and funny in his heart.

However, Schiffne didn’t talk to Skien, and didn’t even care how many people were on the court. He only asked Liale lazily.

“Can it be departed?”

Schiffne is not even interested in talking to other people.

“Anytime, Lord Schiffne.”

Lielle responded immediately.

“Okay.” Schiffne nodded, said: “Then let’s go.”

“Yes.” Lielle answered and took something out of her arms.

That is a pen.

A pen that looks like a pen made of crystal.

After taking out this pen, Lielle began to draw on the ground.

“What is this?”

Skien naturally noticed this scene, and asked with interest.

Seeing this, Sisay and Sean tentatively don’t say, Hart and Gray are going to explain to Skien.

But just before the two people spoke out, Schiffne, who had just ignored anyone’s greeting, was the first to speak.

“It is a very rare Magic Metal that is only available in Demon World. After a number of Magic Item masters with the highest level of accomplishments, the master uses more than a dozen special Magic, combined with other precious materials, and finally has A high-level Magic Item can be successfully manufactured with a success rate of one percent.”

Schiffne Shi Shiran said.

When Schiffne spoke, both Hart and Gray closed their mouths, looking towards Skien’s vision was rather complicated.

Not to mention Hart and Gray, even Sisai and Sean are like this.

Schiffne, who is not a false expression to anyone, even to all the men present, did not immediately respond after Skien asked him a question?

On this point, everyone can see the difference between Schiffne’s attitude towards Skien and others.

Skien didn’t realize this, watching the huge pattern gradually formed by Lielle with a crystal pen, he still uttered curiously.

“So rare advanced Magic Item? What is its function?”

Skien has already noticed something good in the huge pattern that Lielle drew.

For Skien, who has learned the versatility of Magic such as Bestowal Magic, and has understood various magic characteristics, he can see some profound mystery from this pattern.

I’m afraid, the patterns drawn by this crystal pen are very useful.

Sure enough…

“Its function is very simple, it is teleportation.” Schiffne pointed to the pattern under his feet, and said: “As long as you stand inside and activate it with enough, then it can instantly construct a path to any destination. Transmission Passage, let us reach the destination as quickly as possible.”

“This…” Skien stunned said: “Space transfer item?”

In this world, is also this kind of item?

When Skien was surprised, Schiffne denied it.

“It’s not a space transfer item, it’s only transmission. The constructed Transmission Passage will wrap us around and shuttle at an amazing speed. The principle is similar to the Dao Idol between Demon World and Human World, only the latter. It is used to connect a fixed place between two fixed worlds. This can be used to set the destination that needs to be reached anytime and anywhere, but it can only be used in Demon World.”

The reason why it can only be used in Demon World is because the Transmission Passage built by the crystal pen resonates with some kind of mineral veins underground, with the help of its power.

That kind of mineral vein is only available in Demon World, so this crystal pen only works in Demon World.

“Using it, it only takes an hour or so, and we will be able to reach the central city led by Moon Devil.” Schiffne said: “Usually, our six sisters gather quickly and even hold meetings in this way, so , Each of the six territories has such a crystal pen.”

When I heard this, Skien was surprised.

Although it is not the imagined space transfer item, it may be possible to reach the Moon Devil collar from Charm Devil within an hour, which is also amazing.

Be aware that Demon World is larger than Human World and Divine Realm combined, and has a wide range of coverage. Even if Teleportation is constantly used to hurry, Skien is impossible to lead from Charm Devil to Moon Devil within an hour.

Even if Reisha is here, use the space transferability to hurry, that is impossible.

If it’s riding Yurin, it will take several days and nights to drive as fast as possible without eating, drinking or sleeping.

Now that a crystal pen can be completed in an hour, it is naturally amazing.

Of course…

“This Magic Item has very demanding requirements for Magic Power. The farther it needs to be, the more Magic Power it needs.”

Schiffne explained so.

“Generally speaking, if you want to teleport from Charm Devil City to Central City, the Magic Power that needs to be consumed, even if I wait for Demon Race’s many experts, can’t be satisfied. It must be a Legendary Great Magician. Magic Item usually replaces the violent consumption of Magic Power by consuming expensive Magic Crystal. Even I don’t want to bear the consumption of Magic Power on that scale.”

hearing these words, Skien immediately became interested.

“Well, how about letting me come this time?”

Skien wants to try it. With his Magic Power, how much does it take to meet the transmission conditions.


Schiffne slightly startled, looked towards Skien.

The same is true for other people.

With such a huge consumption, it is too late for others to avoid it, but is this human Hero still carrying it?

The head is quite iron…

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